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it’s a miracle … progress on the kids’ bathroom


    Friends. You may remember that I started a mini-makeover on the kids’ bathroom last spring. And then it stalled. For a year. Actually, a little over. But who’s counting.

    Well you’ll be happy to know that over the past two weekends we’ve made progress. Hallelujah! The funny thing is that it really is not a hard project to finish, it just hasn’t made it to the top of the priority list. Until last weekend.

    Here’s where I left off:

    Cabinets were painted, walls painted, knobs and pulls added, tile backsplash sort of removed, but mostly just destroyed sheetrock remained. That was the hold-up. I needed Ryan to help remove the damaged portion of the walls and replace to give a sturdy surface for the tile to go back up.

    steps for tiling bathroom backsplash / jones design company

    In just a matter of a few hours, he cut out the bad wallboard, replaced with wood (we could have used cement board, but it was not necessary for this project), then started putting up the tile. It’s an amateur job, for sure, so don’t go following our non-technical directions. All we know is that it’s an improvement on what was there previously.


    I got my hands in on the tiling and actually found it to be really fun. And it also gaveĀ me a whole new appreciation for tiling experts because getting it all straight and flush and perfect is no easy task.

    The tile sat for a week like this and my job yesterday was to grout it. Again, I’ve never done grout and even though it’s not necessarily hard, it’s harder than it looks!


    We debated between gray grout and white and ultimately decided white would hide our mistakes better and blend in with the wall rather than having it stand out. This was a great choice for this particular tiling job because it is far from perfect. The gray grout lines would have made the inconsistencies very obvious. Good thing to think about if you are tackling a tiling job in your home.


    Once the tiles were all wiped down, I was actually quite pleased with myself. Maybe up close it is not perfect, but it really does look great and gives the kids’ bathroom a clean, updated look.


    So just a few hours worth of diy-ing and the bathroom looks a million times better:

    Up next:

    • caulk tile
    • add white frame to the mirror
    • switch out light fixture
    • add art to the walls
    • install towel hooks

    We’re almost there! I’ll keep you posted on progress. I’m on a roll, so I’m hoping it will all be finished in a week or two.

    10 thoughts on “it’s a miracle … progress on the kids’ bathroom”

    1. Really loving this so far (and sure I will love the end result even more)! It’s simple and clean and so fresh. Is the decor and theme going to play off the wave wall?

      Keep up the momentum! I’m depending on it for a kick in my own arse – no, really, I saw the subject of the email/post in my inbox and immediately got to work on my spare bedroom before I even opened it :D

      Love and light!

    2. The tile makes such a difference! Good call. And I feel like the white frame around the mirror will make the whole room look great.

    3. You GO GIRL!!! You are on a Roll! It’s looking sooooo good! I just LOVE the waves still. Can’t wait to see it finished!

    4. Amanda (Helm) Medina

      We’ve done a facelift on our boys’ rooms to make room for baby boy #4 to graduate out of the crib in our closet someday soon. We just completed framing the builder grade mirror (err, the handyman did). Next up for us: painting the cabinets navy/gray, installing some leather/metal pulls, and new light bar. But I am so torn on the light fixtures. Narrowed it to four options. I want to see what you’re putting up!!

      1. I’ll switch mine out this week and share in an upcoming post. It’s just a basic one from the hardware store (not a place in our house where I’m willing to invest much money!) but I think it will be a nice upgrade.

    5. Looks great! I’m dying to see what you do to frame the mirror – we have the same builder-grade mirrors in two of our bathrooms and I can’t seem to be able to wrap my head around how to frame them out without the little bracket things showing.

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