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  1. Kate Gladstone

    There are a good many better-handwriting courses nowadays. What makes yours, in particular, the one to take?

    • emily

      Hi Kate!

      There are several great lettering and calligraphy courses and each one has their wonderful benefits. I am fully supportive of many other artists who teach online classes and love taking them whenever I get the chance!

      This penmanship class really focuses on handwriting (rather than lettering or calligraphy or chalk lettering – as many of the other courses focus on). We talk about these other aspects, but beginning with correct technique in handwriting is the best foundation to build upon if you’d like to get into lettering or calligraphy in the future.

  2. Janis

    You have two different statements on accessibility. Image 2 of 7 says at the bottom of the image: “Access all lessons online, anytime, no expiration”. However in the offer you state: “You will have unlimited access to the class for one year so you can always refer back to it as needed.” Can you explain this and tell me exactly what my access is when I purchase the course?

    Thank you! :)

  3. Heather

    Love the silhouette with you are beautiful and wonderful in it. See a different silhouette in the shop. Any chance you sell that one and I missed it?

  4. Sarah D.

    Hi Emily, I love the idea of taking this class with my two boys (who really need to work on their penmanship!). This would be a great summer activity for us, as the end of the school year is so crazy. If I sign up now, I realize I have access to the materials for a year, but will you also answer any questions we have for a year? Or is the support from you limited to a certain time frame? I guess I am confused as to why there is a certain date to register if the materials are available for a year. Thanks for answering!

    • emily

      Hi Sarah,
      We open registration for each of our classes quarterly to keep things streamlined, but access lasts for a year. And yes! I’m happy to answer any questions throughout that year. I hope you and your boys love it!

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