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Every mother loves a handwritten note

Mother’s Day is coming up and do you know what every mother loves?


A handwritten note from her child.

I created an online course called Simplified Penmanship because I truly believe handwriting is worth celebrating, practicing and encouraging. The response to the class has been far beyond my expectations. I knew that I enjoyed pretty penmanship and I hoped that you would, too. Sure enough, the course has received high praise.

One of my favorite bits of feedback has been from the mothers who signed up for the class to take with their son or daughter. I love this idea!

When I was in North Carolina in March for a blogger-get-together, my friend Emily told me that she had just finished watching a lesson the day before. All school-year long she had been pestering her 11 year old daughter to work on her penmanship, but you know how well pre-teens listen to their mother’s constant pestering …

So when she heard about the Simplified Penmanship class, she decided to take it with her daughter and let someone else (me!) teach the importance and technique of good handwriting. Now that’s some sneaky/brilliant parenting right there.

Last week, my sweet Audrey girl was home sick with the flu. I had things to do, so I set her up in my office with some paper and markers to (hopefully) occupy some time while I worked at my computer.

After a few minutes, I turned to see what she was creating and this is what I saw:

My cutie 6 year old practicing fancy lettering!

Apparently her big brother taught her how to make these letters. This brought such joy to my heart. Without realizing, my kids are following in my footsteps of appreciating pretty lettering :)

When creating the class, it didn’t occur to me that it would be great for adults and kids, but it is!

Here’s what I know about penmanship:


Ever get a letter in the mail and know exactly who it is from just from the handwriting? This is what I love about penmanship – everyone’s is different and part of who they are.

I found a letter in a box the other day and knew instantly that it was a poem Ryan’s grandfather, Pop, wrote for one of our kids. Pop passed away this year and having this piece of paper with his handwriting feels like such a treasure. It’s a little piece of him we get to keep and cherish.


Digital communication has overtaken the need for handwritten documents. This is not always a bad thing as texting and email and digitally signing is both efficient and convenient, but I don’t believe it could or should ever replace the beauty and joy of a real signature or handwritten note.

The fact that my second grader doesn’t get to learn cursive, but instead takes typing classes is bittersweet. Sure, he should learn to type, but I want him to learn his lettering, too!


So many of you have expressed that you wish you had better handwriting and if you did you would use it more often. I totally get it. Good news is, you can make it better. There are simple techniques and exercises you can do to correct bad form, change old habits and improve the quality of your penmanship (NOTE: none of it is hard, it just takes practice).


You’ve seen the gorgeously hand-lettered quotes and artwork all around the internet. It’s lovely. And it certainly makes you wish you could write like that.

lettering samples / jones design companyIf you want your penmanship to be better, if need help figuring out the best tricks, tools and techniques, if you’d love to learn how to make your own pretty lettering pieces, or if you’re looking for a good activity for you and your mom (or daughter) to do together, I’ve created a class just for you.

simplified penmanship - a workshop to help you improve your penmanship and develop your lettering style / jones design company

This online course not only encourages handwriting but, more importantly, teaches techniques to make your natural penmanship something you’re proud of (and therefore excited to use!).

Because most of us learn best by watching, this online class is a series of fifteen videos that walk you through projects and techniques to help improve your penmanship and develop your lettering style. You can watch and re-watch to learn new techniques and then pause the video to practice on your own. Printable paper and worksheets are included to help with practice.


* a full resource guide with favorite paper, pencil, pen and eraser options
* the five techniques that will instantly improve your handwriting
* simple methods for practicing control, consistency and line forming
* 13 examples of letter styles with worksheets to practice
* practical tips for effectively spacing, centering and writing on a straight line
* the best chalk art supplies and practices
* a brilliant method for transferring art to a chalkboard
* how to create fake calligraphy
* four creative ways to address envelopes
* start-to-finish lettering project


The class and all its content takes place online in a password protected classroom. Go at your own pace, moving from section to section as quickly or slowly as needed.

You will have unlimited access to the class  so you can always refer back to it as needed.

To help you get a feel for the class and to learn more about what we’ll be learning, here is the introduction for the class:


Are you (or your kiddos) ready to begin?!

Registration is open until Monday May 16th, so grab your spot now!


P.S. We’re on the road! Our trip began this weekend and we’re currently enjoying the beauty of the Oregon coast. While traveling, I’ll be checking in daily to answer student questions and I can’t wait to see the lovely lettering you create!

8 thoughts on “Every mother loves a handwritten note”

  1. There are a good many better-handwriting courses nowadays. What makes yours, in particular, the one to take?

    1. Hi Kate!

      There are several great lettering and calligraphy courses and each one has their wonderful benefits. I am fully supportive of many other artists who teach online classes and love taking them whenever I get the chance!

      This penmanship class really focuses on handwriting (rather than lettering or calligraphy or chalk lettering – as many of the other courses focus on). We talk about these other aspects, but beginning with correct technique in handwriting is the best foundation to build upon if you’d like to get into lettering or calligraphy in the future.

  2. You have two different statements on accessibility. Image 2 of 7 says at the bottom of the image: “Access all lessons online, anytime, no expiration”. However in the offer you state: “You will have unlimited access to the class for one year so you can always refer back to it as needed.” Can you explain this and tell me exactly what my access is when I purchase the course?

    Thank you! :)

  3. Love the silhouette with you are beautiful and wonderful in it. See a different silhouette in the shop. Any chance you sell that one and I missed it?

  4. Hi Emily, I love the idea of taking this class with my two boys (who really need to work on their penmanship!). This would be a great summer activity for us, as the end of the school year is so crazy. If I sign up now, I realize I have access to the materials for a year, but will you also answer any questions we have for a year? Or is the support from you limited to a certain time frame? I guess I am confused as to why there is a certain date to register if the materials are available for a year. Thanks for answering!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      We open registration for each of our classes quarterly to keep things streamlined, but access lasts for a year. And yes! I’m happy to answer any questions throughout that year. I hope you and your boys love it!

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