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Use your phone to take eye-catching photos

    Two summers ago, when our family took a long roadtrip, we packed 6 cameras:

    2 DSLR cameras – our good camera and the older one as a backup
    1 GoPro
    1 video camera
    2 phones (Ryan uses an android, I’m an iPhone girl).

    Why? Well, we knew the roadtrip would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and we didn’t want to miss a moment.

    On our first couple of outings we brought along the big fancy camera, hoping it would ensure we got the best photos possible.

    It didn’t take long, however, for us to realize that packing around the good camera was not our favorite. It felt bulky and a little risky (what if we dropped it? what if someone stole it?). And funny enough, even when we did have it with us, we found ourselves reaching for our phones to snap pictures instead of using the big camera. They are just so convenient!

    What really tipped us over the edge was that we were actually quite happy with the quality of the photos we were getting with our phones. We found we didn’t really need all those cameras we brought along. 

    ​​Out of the hundreds (maybe thousand?!) of pictures that we took on that 
    4 month adventure, only a few were shot using our ‘good’ camera, we never touched the video camera and we only pulled out the GoPro a handful of times. The rest were snapped on our phones with minimal editing using a few free editing apps.

    In my everyday use – at home, out and about, for the blog and instagram – I’m finding myself reaching less for my ‘good camera’ and more for the one that’s in my back pocket throughout the day.

    The best part is that those little devices originally intended for phone calls are actually quite exceptional at capturing photos. 

    Whether you are taking photos of your family, your travels, your home, products you’re selling or the food you’re making, you can get great pictures with just your phone and a few editing apps.

    In my newest online class, I can’t wait to show you how.

    Introducing, SIMPLIFIED PHOTOS.

    Take awesome photos and quickly edit straight from your phone! 


    • Set yourself up for photo success by selecting the right phone camera settings
    • Get the best lighting every time
    • Snap eye-catching photos using simple composition techniques
    • Style and photograph the popular flat lay shot (top down)
    • Perfect your indoor photos (hint: turn off all the lights!)
    • Take gorgeous outdoor photos
    • Use a free editing app to turn so-so photos into frame-worthy photos
    • Make your photos flawless with a magical editing app


    The class takes place online where you can watch the lessons from your computer or phone at your own pace.

    You will have unlimited access to the class so you can always refer back to it as needed.

    I teach using an iPhone, but if you have an Android, this class is for you, too!

    To celebrate this new class, get a free $5 itunes gift card when you register before Thursday August 16.

    CLICK HERE for all the details plus a sneak peek at the introduction to the class.

    Grab your phone and let’s get started!

    P.S. When you register, you can start the class right away. We’ll send your gift card in a separate email so keep an eye out for it.

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    1. A quick question…. How long will the entire class take. I saw that you said that there are 7 videos. How long is easy video? Thank you!

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