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From the Redwood Forest …

    californiaWe made it to California – which Ryan affectionately calls The Motherland.

    When planning the trip, we didn’t allow for much time in California. Partially because we’ve seen a lot of it (Ryan and I met in college in Southern California), and partially because we figure we can drive down the west coast pretty easily any time.

    But there were a few stops we knew we wanted to hit on our way and the Redwood Forest was top of the list.

    treetopsI’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest amongst big trees all of my life. I wasn’t sure how impressed I would be with more big trees.

    And then I saw them in real life.


    redwoodforestThe trees are so big. So tall. You can’t see the tops of most of them and many grow side by side which make them appear even larger.

    ryaninthewoods masonstarwarsWe hiked the Boy Scout Trail in Jedidiah Smith State Park during the afternoon. The trail was practically empty which made us feel like we had the whole forest to ourselves.

    hikingThe trail was about 6 miles round-trip and pretty easy. We don’t do a lot of hiking in our normal life so I wasn’t sure how the kids would do on this length but it was just about right.

    There were bridges to cross:kidsbridgeBig mossy covered branches to walk under:

    greenA waterfall to climb up to:

    waterfallAnd crazy stumps:

    treestumpThe big attraction of the Boy Scout Trail is the Boy Scout Tree.
    boyscouttreeWe had to search to find it (you have to take a path off the main trail and climb a little hill up to it) and were so impressed with this giant of a tree. 

    familyboyscoutWe stopped to snack at the waterfall because nothing motivates children like snacks.

    endofhike(Let’s talk about my shoe choice for a moment. The lady at our camp site said the trails would be muddy and so I figured rubber boots would be a good option for the mud. I didn’t really think about what walking up hills and down hills for several miles in spacious rain boots would do to my toes. Next time, I’ll dirty my tennis shoes.)  

    On the way back to the trail head we distracted ourselves with silly cadence marching songs I used to sing as a kid.

    boyshikingAnd then Ryan added a few of his own from Fire Fighter Academy.

    ryanaudreymasonLet’s just say his songs were more entertaining :)

    audreyrunning crossinglogThe Redwood trees were breathtaking. Truly. Even for this I-see-big-evergreen-trees-everyday girl.

    treesIf you find yourself in the Redwood Forest area, the drive through the state park and the hike are so worthwhile.

    You can follow along with the day-to-day on instagram (@jonesdesigncompany).

    11 thoughts on “From the Redwood Forest …”

    1. We were in Northern CA last August and missed the Redwood Forest, after seeing your pictures it makes me want to go back!! It looks amazing!!

    2. You are really inspiring me to plan some fun trips for my family. Look forward to all of your posts! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    3. What a beautiful place. I haven’t been their but your pictures are awesome!! Thanks for sharing the hiking trip.

    4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a tourist. Stop making excuses for acting like one. ;) Your trip looks wonderful. I grew up in Ca and have visited some of the places you have been and will see. By far Yosemite is my favorite. Can’t wait to see pics of that gorgeous place!!! We drove the old way up and let me tell you, I was almost on the floor because of my fear of heights. And just a tad mad at my dad cause he didn’t warn me ahead of time and I was on the drop side of the car! :/ Happy trails!

    5. Thought you might enjoy the blog of another family that is having a similar adventure. They are from Kentucky, and are in Oregon right now. Wouldn’t it be funny if you crossed paths somewhere along the way? Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us.

    6. “… Because nothing motivates children like snacks.” Truer words were never written!

      Love following along on this road trip! So neat!

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