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audrey’s 5th birthday invitations


    My baby is turning 5. What?!

    She’s just the best. She brings a girly flair to our family with her constant songs and dancing, she makes us all laugh and maaaybe has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Possibly her mommy and brothers, too.

    The kids and I talk about our favorites all the time – favorite colors, favorite food, favorite memory. They all know that my favorite animal is a dolphin (I have been known to cry when I see sea life. I don’t know what it is, they are just so magical and majestic. Sea World is a teary place for me).


    So when Audrey told me she wanted to have a dolphin party for her 5th birthday, there may have been a few secret happy tears. She knows her mama loves them and so she likes them too. See? She’s just the best. (Well, except when she’s not.)

    Since I’m kinda into designing things, I had fun creating this invitation for her upcoming party. There probably won’t be a lot of decorations or fancy party food since we’re having it at an indoor pool, but I love making invitations and couldn’t help myself with the dolphin theme.

    One little trick I wanted to share with you is how I add the glitter details. The secret? Glitter glue. This one, to be exact.


    I used a free dolphin graphic and glitter digital paper to add to the invitation. The cards are printed on thick matte photo paper from home on this printer.


    Then I filled in the outlines with the glitter glue.


    And filled in the 5 as well.



    The glue dries in about 30 minutes and does not flake off like regular glitter, so it works well for these types of projects.


    I also added a few gold dots to a diy envelope liner (plain paper cut to fit).



    Didn’t they turn out cute?!


    We can’t wait to celebrate our dolphin-loving girl.





    13 thoughts on “audrey’s 5th birthday invitations”

    1. I’ve never commented much on your blog, but I’ve been reading since Audrey was born. I was home on maternity leave and you were blogging all about her and her flower headbands, and everything else about your growing family and business. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already!!!! Happy almost Birthday Audrey!

    2. Gorgeous invite! You design the most creative kids birthday invitations. Do you ever sell a PDF of your invites that individuals can customize for their own parties? My children are having a swim party and a Seahawks party this year and I just love both of your invites that you created for those themes.

    3. Love these! great design! Wondering if you’d share your favorite papers to use for invitations????? I just got a printer like yours and am wondering what cardstocks work well.

    4. You created such an artistic and custom invite for your daughter. What a blessed little one to have such a caring mom. Great job! This theme would be a lot of fun to brainstorm on party favors and food.

    5. Gorgeous invitation! You design the most beautiful invites. Do you ever sell a PDF of your designs so that people can customized them for their own needs and print them themselves? My daughter is having an indoor swim party and those invites would be perfect. My son is going to have a Seahawks party and I would love send out invites similar to the ones you made for your son’s birthday.

      1. Sounds like our kids have very similar interests! I haven’t found a great way to sell pdf invitations that can be customized, so I’ve stayed away from that market. I’d love to, but it just hasn’t happened :)

    6. Emily,
      adorable, I did a swim party last year at the aquatic center for my daughter. she loved it. my friend made a cake that looked like your invites and we got rock candy suckers. she also had a mermaid swim suit. The kids are going to have so much fun!

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