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my cousin’s wedding invitations

    My second littlest cousin is getting married this fall. We adore her fiance and can’t wait for their special wedding day.

    jen + brett

    {aren’t they the most darling couple?! Photos by the talented Stacy Jacobsen}

    Jen asked me to create her invitations and I was so pleased to do them for her. She wanted something vintage-y, fun, a little bit formal and the groom wanted to somehow incorporate a ‘tree with roots’ {love you, brett!}. Here is what we came up with:

    wedding invitation suite

    The package came in a navy envelope with cute wraparound labels.

    envelope front

    envelope back

    All of the invitation pieces were bundled with a striped wrap and tied with twine.

    invitation all tied up with twine

    invitation close up

    The tree with roots turned out really cute with their initials subtly added.

    rsvp card

    rsvp envelope

    We used envelopes in curry from Paper Source for the rsvp card. I love the pop of color.

    driving directions ferry schedule

    The wedding is at a gorgeous farm across the sound from Seattle, so we included a ferry schedule for local travelers.

    registry card

    And a dainty registry card.

    dot line

    I started jones design company 10 years ago doing custom invitations for brides, new babies, parties and holiday cards.  As our family has grown and I’ve entered this blogging world, my business has changed and custom design work has taken a back seat.

    I get questions every once in a while asking about design projects and it makes me sad to say no. Especially when I don’t have a list of great referrals to offer. I always suggest my friends Rae {} and Lindsay {}, but with one just having a baby and another expecting her first, I know they are both limited with how much work they can take on too.

    So I thought this might be a good chance to open up the comments to those of you who are stationery designers. If you have a business doing invitations, announcements, or other graphic design please leave a link to your website in the comments. Feel free to leave a little snippet about what you do or services you offer.

    If you are looking for custom design work, please check through the comments to see if someone fits your aesthetic. I hope it becomes a great resource.

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    1. I love the invitation suite you created! The color palette is rich and has plenty of “pop”! Great job!

      My passion is paper design. I create all kinds of custom invitations, but I have to say that weddings are my favorite. Planning a wedding is such an exciting time and I love to be part of it. An invitation sets the tone for an event and the possibilities are endless!

      I am very blessed to love what I do. I also love being a mother of four young girls and a wife to one tall handsome man. It’s a busy life we lead, but I always leave room to create! Here’s my website if you’d like to see my work:

      Thanks for the opportunity to share! Keep blogging, I really enjoy your site!

      Wendi Brooks

    2. First off, I am in LOVE with the invitations you made! Everything about them is perfect, the texture, color, fonts, I love it all. What a sweet, awesome, generous idea for the opportunity to chime in with our own ventures! I realize I’m late to this little party, but I just saw this post…

      I am beyond obsessed with party invitations myself. I love doing invites with interesting shapes-lingerie shower invites shaped like corsets, backed with lace fabric and of course topped with rhinestones. Anything beyond just the typical ink on paper is what inspires me the most. Here is my portfolio and site!

    3. Beautiful work!

      I own a handmade stationery/graphic design business that specializes in eco friendly paper goods. KatieDyd Designs features personalized stationery, wedding invitations and calling cards in addition to other paper goods. I love to do custom design work, and I can work with any budget. My website is and

      Thank you,
      Katie Schwarz
      KatieDyd Designs

    4. aprairiegirlincalifornia

      honestly. You made these? You are one in-sane lady=) insane in a crazy awesome way!!!! wow! I wanna get married all over again so You can design my invites!!! Baby ones I guess :) ♥ u!!!

    5. Absolutely incredible design work on the invitations!

      I have always loved unique, personalized gifts! That is what inspired me to begin creating custom birth announcement art in my Etsy shop, New Arrival Designs. My birth announcement art comes in four, unique designs with 18 font colors to select from. They make a fantastic gift for a new parent or a great addition to a child’s bedroom. New Arrival Designs are the perfect way to commemorate such a special day! Check out for more information!

      Jennifer F.
      New Arrival Designs

    6. Emily, I love these invite! I’m obsessed with the variety of fonts that you used!! I’d love to know the names of the fonts you used If it’s not too much trouble :).


    7. Hi Emily, Where do you order your paper and labels? I love them but everything I have found seems to be so expensive. I would like to order good quality for your printables. Thanks!

    8. Love your blog; I am so inspired by everything you do. Thank you! I own a sign shop business on Etsy. I make fun family name plaques that say “The Smith Family; Established 2010”. Great wedding gifts! I also do custom nursery designs. I can even take your wedding invites and turn them into personalized signs- all for around $35. Would love to have you over to my shop to take a peek.
      Or Facebook:!/profile.php?id=133881209993658&refid=0

      Thank you again for all you do.
      All the best,
      Vermillion Drive Design

    9. LOVE those cards! I am constantly looking for new inspiration in wedding or photography blogs (and yours!) I don’t do a lot of stationary and invites, but I would love to do more! In addition I do life drawing (can work off models or photos) as well as illustration, graphic design and packaging (in various styles) and industrial design (infact a girl i graduated with recommended your blog!). I’m always up for a new project!

    10. Can we talk paper? I usually use linen cardstock from the Paper Mill Store, which I love, but am always looking for other ideas…is it a secret, or will you share your favorite paper/sources? :)

    11. Hi Emily! I absolutely love your blog! Thanks for the opportunity to share our business and graphic design work. I am located in North Carolina and recently began Sealed Invitation and Design Studio. I specialize in custom wedding invitations, birth announcements, stationery, holiday cards, and much more! If anyone is looking for a custom look please check out


    12. Hi, I’m a 20 year old girl who started my own greeting card line this spring and it is going great! I’ve sold hundreds and hundreds of cards since May :) I love graphic designing and have been doing it as a full time job for quite some time. I use the Adobe Creative Suite CS5 and love {LOVE} the wedding set you posted on here. I’m just starting to design on my own and I would love to be referred to people, esp. weddings. I have my own iMac and would consider it a pleasure to email you some of my card designs if you would care to see them or answer any questions you may have. -Abby Troyer

    13. What a great idea! As a small business owner I prefer word-of-mouth and referrals to traditional advertising.

      I run Carolina Pear Paper Goods with my best friend. We are based out of North Carolina but we serve clients from other states as well. We got our start designing custom wedding invitations and programs for our friends and family, then our business grew to include birth announcements, graduation invitations, note cards and other stationery goods. No custom order is too small!

    14. LOVING the invites! But I just love your blog in general! ;p
      I make customized wedding invitations and anything else print-wise that the wedding may need. I absolutely love working one-on-one with all the amazing brides. I am based out of St. Louis but have work long distance with many customers {and actually just finished up with two brides in London}! Am putting the final touches on my website that will be up by the end of September:

      …until then, feel free to contact me via e-mail or find me on Facebook:

    15. where do you find cute postage stamps!? those are darling!! love your work!! how lucky your cousin is to have you!! :) have a great day!

    16. Another beautiful creation, Emily! Thank you again for sharing.

      I am a calligrapher in the Chicago area, but my website is not the most up-to-date (I have 3 small children). It’s one of my goals to get that revamped this fall. :) I find that with all the fun fonts out there, many brides/grooms have asked me to create a style that matches the font from their wedding invitation. I find that a lot of fun, but I have some standard styles too. I have created some invitations as well… Feel free to check it out.

      Congrats to your cousin and her fiancé! :)

    17. Wow – I love those! I can’t believe you printed those at home!! My problem has usually been that my ideas are more than my printer can stand. LOL. I’ve been doing small scale invitations and wedding stationery for friend’s showers and baby announcements for years. I like to do crazy unique things and love anything with a challenge! I have combined my two major craft drugs into one blog at which links to my Etsy shop and also to the Facebook page by the same name. More examples of my stationery work can be found at I’m trying to re-enter the “workforce” now that my daughter is over 2, so I’d be happy to see if my work is a good fit with folks!

    18. Beautiful invitations! I love the fonts, colors, and design. It all blends perfectly together. You have an incredible gift, thank you for sharing it with us.

    19. Obviously, I love everything you do, Em! (This fabulous lady helped design my wedding invitations and I still love them!) On another note, I would sort of like to steal your sweet cousin’s dress.. and boots… ok the whole outfit. Didn’t have time to fly through all the comments so maybe the source was already disclosed, but please do share! Just got back from a month at YL camp in Oregon and shared your blog with all the ladies there and taught a bunch of little girls how to make wreaths and flowers. Now that I am back I am excited to be a monthly member! You are doing great work!

    20. Oooh Farm Kitchen!! (I live in Poulsbo) Lovely! The invites are amazing! I hope we can see some sneak peeks of the wedding too. ;)

    21. Your designs are always classy and adorable! I have to ask – What are some good sources for digital prints/patterns for those just starting into graphic design? I’m teaching myself Illustrator just for personal enrichment, I guess, but I’m having a hard time getting a collection of background patterns. Etsy? Any other ideas? Thank you so much!!

    22. i have a question for you emily….. what type of printer do you use? i have started to design some stuff and can’t find a printer that doesn’t make me want to pull my hair out. any advice?

    23. Hi! Beautiful work, Emily! I own a stationery and invitation business called HollyDays ( We design fun party invitations and party goodies and specialize in children’s parties. Thank you for allowing us to provide this information as a resource to your readers.

      My right hand gal, Jen, came in just a couple weeks ago with one of your beautiful prints she had bought for her home and showed me your cute hand-addressed envelope. You do great work!


    24. Hi everyone!
      I’m just getting started in the wedding invitation world, however, I have done the invitations for my wedding and the invitations for friends and families. I usually create invitations that yell “handmade”, my designs are inspired by each individual bride and I never make the same invitation twice. Feel free to contact me: (I’m trying to get a website and an Etsy shop up and running at the moment.)

    25. Hi Emily!

      A friend sent me the link to your blog, and I just love it! {and the wedding invitations shown above} You are sweet to let other designers share their link. I do calligraphy, design custom invitations, logos, etc and would love for you to check out my site: or find me on facebook {a lot of my recent jobs are posted there}

      Thanks! I’ll be back reading your blog soon :)


    26. My husband and I were married 23 years ago, and I am thinking maybe we should do it again just so we could have such beautiful invitations!! They are fabulous & unique. I LOVE the tree with the initials. I love everything about them. Congratulations Jen & Brett!

    27. Hi! My name is Jennifer and I do calligraphy from my home studio (near San Antonio). I specialize in pointed pen calligraphy scripts, and love helping clients with their wedding plans, parties, and other memorable events. I’d love to have you drop by and visit my website!

    28. Thank you for the opportunity to share adorable invitations and our love of design!

      I create CUSTOM, HAND-DRAWN graphics– people that look like you and your kids!
      Invitations, note cards and blog headers–{full of fun and whimsy}
      Custom Wedding Suites
      Paper Elements to throw a Rocking Party {tags, stickers, placecards, etc!}
      Christmas Photo Cards…and lots of other goodies…

      Check it out at my website:

      or visit me….
      *Follow:: {}

      Thank you!

    29. Wow, these invitations are gorgeous! I love the color combo. While it hasn’t officially “launched,” my friend and I have a little stationery/print shop on Etsy, and we do custom designs as well. Our shop is here:
      …more designs will be added soon!

      We also designed my wedding invitations together:

      Thanks for the opportunity to share our shops on here, Emily! Xo, Katie

    30. I absolutely ADORE these invitations – color, font, style and all! I can only hope one day my wedding invitations are just as unique and beautiful. {maybe someday Em, I will be knocking on your door} :)

      Elizabeth, Tara & Patty- Having gone to six weddings this summer, I am grateful to see a registry list included. As a guest, the last thing I want is to bother the bride’s family members asking them for registry info. They have far more important things on their “to-do” list than answer numerous questions from your guest(s).

    31. I have been designing cards and invites on a very small scale for family and friends for the past year. I would love to be able to wedding invites but I can’t figure out where to print them. My at home printer won’t take anything thick enough to make a wedding invitation. I have heard of letterpress but I am not sure what that means or how it works. Any advice?

      1. I print most of my stuff at home. I have a great printer that takes heavy cardstockd {canon pixma ip8500 – which is unfortunately now discontinued}. Letterpress is an amazing form of printing that presses the ink into thick paper, creating a beautifully tactile card. If I could I would have everything letterpressed! But it can be costly and a bit more labor intensive, so I go with plain old flat printed.

    32. awesome post! love the invites Emily! you did a great job!
      you should do a post like this for web/blog design too! I have had the worst time trying to find one!

    33. Em- thank you SO much for sharing our beautiful invitations with everyone. I am so in love with them and I’m glad everyone else is too. You did such a great job and I can’t wait to see how these designs will make their way into the wedding.

      Elizabeth & Tara- The registry card was my idea, not Emily’s, and I can do what I want :)

    34. Hello Emily.. I’ve commented twice this morning, and I am afraid they are not going through…is this possible? Anyway I wanted to say how much I love the creative wedding invitation ! They really seem to reflect the personality and energy of this adorable, young couple. Second ly, I want to invite you to visit my web site. I design lovely greeting cards which you will find at that are sometimes sophisticated, sometimes whimsical, but always charming. Please take a look…I also design invitations, announcements, etc on request.
      Thank you for peeking into my design business…best regards…leona

    35. Emily, these are just lovely! I always love what you do… can’t get enough of your style and look forward to your posts. :) Thanks for opening the comments up to those of us that are also graphic designers. I currently specialize in childrens’ stationery, invitations, showers, and more, but will soon be branching out into the great world of weddings. I have been working with brides and am working on a couture bridal photoshoot next month. I get requests from brides (and mommies too) for custom work all the time so please feel to check out my shop at and thanks for always keeping me inspired!

    36. What I would love to know is how a person would get started designing beautiful invitations and announcements like these? I have always wanted to, not necessarily professioally, but does a person have to have a degree in graphic design to design professionally?

      1. No! I have no formal training in graphic design … I have just taught myself over time. I started by using Microsoft Publisher and now use Adobe Illustrator to design. My best advice is just to play around and make things for friends. The more you practice, the better {and faster} you’ll get at designing. Enjoy!

        1. Emily – I love your blog and the invitations are stunning. I’m so glad to hear you say that. I’ve been designing stationary for a couple years and just started out playing around only to find that I was pretty good at it. It is so much fun to create custom designs for clients. This creative outlet is my therapy! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing with us. You are such an inspiration!

          Check out some of my designs on facebook – Creations by Kristi

    37. Emily, these invitations are gorgeous! Love the colors. I also am a stationery designer, and specialize in letterpress stationery (although I also design for offset printing). I’m local to you (in Tacoma) and am a stay-at-home mom with my stationery business on the side. Thanks! Adrianne

    38. Your post was an answer to a little prayer today! At the moment my partner and I (both former school teachers) are working on updating our website, starting our etsy page and posting on facebook with our two youngest out of six kiddos playing under our feet. We started our business 3 kids and 7 years ago and have been so blessed! We specialized in personalized and hand crafted invites, Christmas cards, announcements, stationery, waterproof labels, banners, and pretty much anything we can figure out how to make. We make fun, coordinating and affordable (based on what we know we could spend on a party!) items for ladies just like us. Thanks for the chance to include our business… on your wonderful site! Love your blog and talent! Heather Sabo/Inviting You Designs

    39. There are so many things I love about these invitations. The fonts are perfect and reflect your cousins request for “vintage-y, fun, a little bit formal” and the colors are so perfect together. Finally…really cute “love” stamps! I’ll need to pick me up some of those soon!

      I stay home with my 19 month old daughter and run a very small side graphic design business through Etsy called pipe|up {}. Right now, it has mostly baby/adoption announcements, a few invitations and some typography art designs. Christmas/holiday photo cards will be making the rounds within the next few weeks. However, I love love love creating unique and custom invitations just like these. I WISH I had access to letterpress printing, but for now, I print through a lab who works mostly with professional photographers. My clients have always been pleased with the results and that is why I love what I do!

      My husband and I also have a family blog if you want to know a little bit more about me {}.

    40. BIG question!!!!! Where do you find all of the scrolly designs, the tree, etc.?! I want to be able to create my own little things – not for any business – but just for fun but I never know where to look (other than Microsoft Clip Art – BLECH!) Can you help? Anyone that is a designer can answer!!!!

        1. The scrolly designs used on this invitation was from the font {lady Rene – which I LOVE}. I buy some elements {try digital scrapbook sites}, draw some and adjust some to get just right.

          As for a printer, I print my designs at home on a Canon photo printer {pixma ip8500}. If you are looking to buy a printer, look for one that can print photos as they generally produce a better quality print, and one that will accept heavy paper. Hope that helps!

    41. Hi! These invitations are gorgeous! I love the color combination.

      I got to Eastlake, so I heard about your blog a while ago from several different people, and have been reading and ever since. I have made quite a few projects based on your tutorials, so thanks!

      After making wedding invitations for many friends (and myself), I decided to open up a shop on Etsy, Butler Paper & Print. I have some premade designs, but I do a lot of custom invitations as well. I really like helping people find a design that represents their style and who they are. So, stop by!

      Thanks so much for this opportunity to share!

    42. I am swooning over those invitations! I have a custom stationery business that I’ve recently started, and I specialize in wedding stationery!

      My website is, but right now there are only a few of my earlier projects up. My photographer is shooting my new work this Thursday, and there will be about fifteen new (and much cooler) projects.

      Thank you for always being an inspiration to me and to my work, and long live beautiful stationery! :)

      Jill Hartline

    43. Just LOVE these invitations! I especially love the curry envelopes! One of my favorite colors from Paper Source…I just love your blog and follow it daily. While I am busy raising my two lovely little ones and running my own design business, I don’t have as much time as I would like to blog!

      I LOVE what I do and my biggest joy is seeing my client’s face when they see the finished product! It also allows me the freedom to stay home and be a mommy which I also LOVE! :)

      Here is my website

      Come check it out! :)

    44. Absolutely gorgeous! And yes, etiquette dictates that one contact the bride’s parents to see where they are registered lest the guest feel she is only being invited for the gift itself ;)

    45. This awesome! I’m a graphic designer out of Little Rock, AR and just started an etsy shop! (jones design company is who i want to be when i get old )

      Please stop by!

      my blog is:

      I LOVE doing custom wedding invitations, invitations, announcements. And am always looking for ways to building my portfolio! Can’t wait for you to check it out! :-)

    46. They are beautiful! I love the colors. I am confused by the comment about the registry cards? I guess I don’t know ettiquette, but I thought that was appropriate? I appreciate knowing where the bride, mom-to-be, etc. is registered when getting the invites. What is the point of being registered if you don’t let the guests know? This comment is not in a flammatory tone! I’m honestly curious about this! Thanks for sharing the beautiful couple and invites with us!

      1. Hi Shona,
        According to any set of guidelines I’ve seen, including registry cards in your wedding invite is not proper. Registry cards are appropriate for shower invitations, though! But in your actual wedding invite, it’s expected that, should a guest wish to purchase something from your registry, they would find out through word of mouth (calling you, your groom, future-MIL or your parent) where you are registered. And with today’s websites, it’s allowable to post your registry information on a personal wedding website.

    47. Great job! I love the color scheme and the hand drawn elements. And what a generous invitation you’ve extended to fellow designers :)

      I currently stay at home with my two girlies and design as many custom invitations and parties as I can in my spare time. It’s a blast! You can see my current work/inspiration over at my blog: I just finished designing a wedding invite for a great couple involving vintage maps (to be revealed soon).

      Thanks for checking it out and keep up the good work Emily!


    48. Holy schmokes, Emily. those are so great! you have to post their wedding details post-wedding. sounds like it will be amazing.

    49. Being in the event planning business, I have to know all kinds of etiquette. I agree with Tara. Your invitations are beautiful! I love every detail you’ve put into them!

    50. These are beautiful, fun and unique to this couple. The colors and use of graphics together create a great design! My husband (graphic designer) and I (jewelry design) can offer our services to anyone interested in custom designs to be printed, including save teh dates-announcements and invitations. I also make jewelry and especially love creating custom, unique pieces for brides and their wedding party, ect. email me: for more pictures and info. Thank you!

      1. I actually printed these ones at home, cut them with my paper cutter and Jen + friends used a corner rounder to round each corner. Very DIY that turned out amazing!

    51. Great job on the invitations!! You definitely incorporated vintage-y, fun, a little formal, and “tree with roots” in a very creative and pretty way. :)
      They look like an extremely fun couple, and I can just tell their wedding will be amazing. Hoping to see pictures… ;)

        1. Thank you!! We’re having family pics done in a few weeks and that’s the look I’m going for. I have all boys so I wanted to be super girly in the pic with a bright colored dress with cowboy boots! :) Country Chic!

    52. I absolutely LOVE the design! You did a phenomenal job.
      I do have to make a comment as this is my absolute biggest pet peeve (even bigger than the hubster leaving dirty dishes on the counter when there’s a perfectly good, empty dishwasher under it…)– it is horribly against etiquette to include a registry card in your wedding invitation!! Emily Post would be rolling in her grave to see such gorgeous invitations marred by a request for gifts!!

      1. I know … including the registry info is not necessarily considered ‘etiquette’ and yet it is much more commonplace than ever before. The idea behind not including it is that it assumes that the guest will be buying the bride & groom a gift – which maybe is rude, but it is accurate. I think you could go both ways – let the guests figure out the registry on their own through word of mouth, or make it easy and include the card. Tacky, perhaps, but helpful too. This is why we added a small, separate card.

        Any thoughts anyone?

    53. Love your designs, always! I don’t claim to be a graphic designer, I’m an interior designer with a love of all things design. In the last 2 years I have been doing custom blog and card designs {baby showers, birth announcements, Christmas cards, birthday party invitations, you name it}. I don’t do letterpress even though I wish I did and for that matter, my designs are more on the casual side keeping me from doing things like wedding invitations. I haven’t updated my website since the holidays with new stuff, but everything I’ve done has been directly related to what people have asked for and my prices are still the same.

      My blog {} is updated frequently as well and will give anyone more of an insight as to who I am!

    54. wow – i love these!

      i love reading your blog. i am a graphic designer + photographer who used to work full time in the marketing world, but after i had my son, my dream of doing this full time on my own has finally come true. i am still getting everything up on the web, but i have my site and store started, as well as just starting into this whole blogging thing. but i do custom anything … graphic design anything!

      check it out!

      xo jenn

    55. These ARE lovely and unique – exactly what every bride hopes for!
      While I am not a designer, I have an independent online (and home studio) invitation and stationery business that I have been building since marrying into the military and moving all around the country with my 3 beautiful babies.

      I am in the process of rebuilding my online experience and should be launching my new site within the next couple of weeks. I strive to provide the most custom experience for my brides, work within their budgets and offer complimentary etiquette & design consulting. Plus, this year I added six new lines and sell everything from wedding invitations to holiday cards and social stationery – with a wide variety of price points. Here are some brands I carry: Wiley Valentine, SimplyPut, Dabney Lee Moderne, Haute Papier, Chloe B. by Crane & Co., Mindy Windy, Pipo Press, Carlson Craft, Boatman Geller, and Arzberger Stationers. I hope some of you come by for a visit! (and, if you want an announcement of when my new site launches, drop me a message and I will let you know).

    56. Great job on the invitation! I love that more brides (and people in general) are opting for designs that are truly original and representative of their personalities.

      I have been doing freelance graphic design for about 7 years now, and since I became a mom, I have been doing many more baby shower, baby announcement & birthday invitations. My style is clean & sophisticated with a touch of vintage. Just because a design is for a kid doesn’t mean it has to be cheesy! Check out my blog:


    57. Thanks for the chance to do a little promotion, Emily! I’m in Colorado and specialize in wedding invitations and birth announcements. I’d love to help your readers design something truly unique!

    58. I love these invitations! Way to go Emily! I am also a graphic designer and love what I do SO much. I work full time as an associate director of graphic designer in an in-house marketing/ communication department but my job before this was as an art director for a local publishing company. However, I LOVE invitations and have been making invitations for years for friends. Right now I’m working with 4 brides {all friends, of course :) } I would love to build on this business more and I need more of an online presents in this area, which both I’m currently working on. I would love to talk more about design!

    59. These are lovely! My own wedding colors were navy & yellow, so I have a special affinity for them –
      No babies here yet, so custom invitations are still my life :)

    60. These invitations and corresponding items are just perfect and ever so beautiful! I do graphic design work. I have a four year professional bachelor’s of Graphic Design and do some freelance work. I create custom blog headers and wedding invites too!

    61. The invitations are so perfect. Love the navy and yellow envelopes you chose too. I used to do custom invitations, but then we added two more babies to our family and that took precedence. Great idea for the comments to be a resource.

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