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pleated projects week: pleated stationery

    Today’s pleated project was originally seen on the invitations I created for Audrey’s first birthday.

    first birthday invitations with gold pleated tissue paper

    I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial for, oh, two years, so I’m glad to finally keep my word.

    Would you like to learn how to make pleated stationery?


    Here’s what you’ll need:


    :: tissue paper
    :: card stock
    :: paper cutter
    :: corner punch
    :: coordinating thread

     Start by trimming a piece of card stock into your desired size. My favorite stationery is 5 x 7.


    Round the corners with a corner punch, if you wish.


    Cut a long strip of tissue paper {approximately 1.25″ wide}


    Hand fold little pleats in the tissue paper.


    Then stitch using a contrasting thread through the center of the pleat.


    There is no need to back stitch – just start at the top and go all the way off the edge of the paper.


    Trim the excess tissue paper.


     It makes for a unique way to decorate a plain piece of stationery.


    You can vary where you stitch {this time along the top on a folded note card} for a different look.


    Or maybe make a fancy bookmark for a reader in your life.



    Sewing pleats to paper is unexpected and adds a feminine touch in a subtle way.

    8 thoughts on “pleated projects week: pleated stationery”

    1. Um, CUTE! I love this! All your whimsy, pleated crafts are really inspiring me to get going on some of my own! Thanks, as always, for creating beautiful things!

    2. this is wonderful! thank you for the tutorial– do i need a specific kind of paper or sewing attachment to be able to use my sewing machine on it? i’ve have tried before to sew through card stock and it was a bit difficult.

      1. I just used my regular needle and my cardstock is quite heavy. I have heard you can use a leather needle for better sewing on paper, but I don’t have experience with it.

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