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valentines for your valentines


    Do you have a valentine?


    Or a friend who is extra sweet?


    Do your kids want to send something special to their best buddies?


    Introducing a collection of printable valentines perfect for your valentines.


    These valentines are printable files – simply download the pdf, print on your favorite card stock and trim along the dotted lines {provided in the file}.

    If you don’t have a printer at home or the office, any print shop {kinkos, office depot, etc.} can print the files for you. Each design is 3.5 x 5 and formatted with four cards per page. The file is yours to keep and you are welcome to print as many as you like.

    You will need Adobe reader in order to view the full pdf,
    which you can download for free {HERE}.


    Select your favorite design and purchase by using the ‘buy now’ button under each card.

    big heart

    big heart | $2.95


    i love you

    i love you | $2.95



    ampersand | $2.95



    loopy | $2.95



    brackets | $2.95


    scallop dots

    scallop dots | $2.95



    plaid | $2.95



    cherry | $2.95



    umbrella | $2.95


    Do you * l o v e * more than one? Purchase them all for $7.95


    How sweet.

    37 thoughts on “valentines for your valentines”

    1. These are too cute! I spread the word too. Is there any way you can change the striped on to say “we really do?” I have twin boys and was hoping to use it for their cards. Thanks! {P.S. I saw you and your fam at Fred Meyer yesterday, I wanted to say hello but I was on the phone.}

    2. just came across your site through’s blog. it is awesome that you are doing what you are doing, and continuing to glorify God! i am excited to start working on some of the tutorials =)!

    3. wow, i love these so much! you are so stinkin’ creative! I don’t know how you do it – keep up with the kiddos and still have brain cells left to come up with such cute stuff. I am just starting a blog and my 3 kids were home all day with a snow day, and I almost went in sane trying to be creative and play referee with them at the same time! I would seriously love any tips!

      Also, if you get a chance – would you be open to posting something on blog tips for us newbies? I just love the look of your site and of course I don’t want to launch mine yet until I have it just “so”. darn perfectionist in me – ugh. thanks in advance!

    4. hello friend! excited to buy these but waiting on my new cards {lost my wallet; bummer}… do you recommend the luxe(?) white paper you have used in the past? going to paper zone to replenish a few things and wondering what you suggest!?

      ps…I love supporting you! The whole of you — creatively authentic, basket-case and all — is just wonderful.

    5. Just in case no one has mentioned this in the last 5 mins, you have a great eye. The cards are adorable! I was going to use Shutterfly, but your cards are 100 times better.

      1. If you are working on a Mac, you will need to install Adobe Reader {that seems to be where the problems are coming from}. Without it, the graphics don’t show up quite right.

    6. I love, love, love these! They are super cute. There was a tiny glitch though. I bought the whole collections and the cards titled “brackets” came out smudgy…where it should say ‘be my valentine” is a red pixelated bar. :( All the other ones turned out great though.

    7. so cute! i must tell you…the other day i was working & we were super duper slow…i spent my time perusing your posts….you are so creative!! i love your what your posts & love your mommy heart. i think you balance all things well! you go girl!

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