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12 books on my Summer Reading List

    One thing I’m very much looking forward to this summer is reading.

    I usually read a few books during the summer, so that isn’t necessarily new. But the older I get the more I enjoy the quiet of reading good book. And the older the kids get, the easier it is for me to take an hour or two to get lost in my book.

    For Mother’s Day, Ryan bought me two lounge chairs from Costco. They are not anything fancy, but they are my dream come true.

    I put them in the middle of the front yard where it is especially sunny in the afternoons. Every chance I get, I’ll find my way out to those lounge chairs for a few minutes of warmth, quiet and pure bliss.

    So this summer, you’ll likely find me lounging on my Costco chair out front with one of the following books.

    (Before we jump in, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the types of books I typically gravitate to: I like historical fiction most of all. Close behind it are books with multiple characters that start out separate and find their stories intermingling by the end. And since it’s summer, I also like a non-serious just for fun read every now and then.)

    Ready to see what’s on my reading list this summer?

    Here you go …

    Tailor Made

    I heard a podcast interview with Alex Seely and knew I needed to read her book and be under her teaching. Identity is a big theme in my life right now and so this book is perfect. I’m actually listening to the audio version because I do better hearing these types of books than reading. Also, Ms. Seely has the most amazing Australian accent and that makes everything better.

    The Forgotten Room

    This one is a book with three generations of women and a story line that brings them all together. Just my style.

    Summer Wives

    There are mixed reviews on Amazon, but this book was on the Modern Mrs. Darcy Summer Reading Guide and I trust Anne so I’m going for it.

    As Bright As Heaven

    I have read almost all of Susan Meissner’s books (have you read Secrets of A Charmed Life? It was my favorite book of 2015). This is her newest and I’m looking forward to it.

    Lies and Other Acts Of Love

    Kristy Woodson Harvey writes southern novels and does it so well. I loved the first two in her Peachtree Bluff series (Slightly South of Simple and The Secret To Southern Charm).

    The Last Painting of Sara de Vos

    To be fair, I would not have picked this based on the cover. But when I read the summary, I was all in. Another cross-generations story about a forged Dutch painting that has me excited to read it already.

    Garlic and Sapphires

    I read this when Audrey was a newborn (she is now 8) and remember loving it. It is a light read and I like food memoirs and the author wrote my favorite book of 2017 (Delicious!) so I’m going to read it again.

    Tell Me More

    Confession: I’ve already read this one, too. I read it in one day in February while I was sick in bed. There is so much wisdom and humor and things that make you think. I like Kelly Corrigan’s memoir writing style and will read it again and take notes this time :). Warning: there is some language.

    The Royal We

    I mean, what’s not to love about a fictitious romance between the heir to the British throne and the girl he meets at university? It sounds oh, so familiar and like a Hallmark movie. My sister read it and said it was a fun read, so I’m in.

    When Life Gives You Lululemons

    The title is what got me. How clever is it?! This one is a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada (an oldie but goodie and only $1.99 on kindle!) and Revenge Wears Prada (never read it, so maybe I should before reading this third in the series). Just a silly beach read.

    Cutting For Stone

    This one was on my summer reading list in 2015 and I never got to it. So I’ll try it again this summer.

    My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry

    Have you read A Man Called Ove? I listened to it on audio last year and loved it. This is a book by the same author. My oldest son has read it (I can’t remember if he liked it or not), but since I know we already have a paper copy, I figured I will give it a go. I’ve heard it is quirky and a little hard to get in to, but that the story is worth it. That is just how I felt about Ove, so I’m excited to start.

    All these good books makes me want to head outside on my chair and start reading!

    Happy summer, my friends. Let’s read some good books.

    What’s on your list this summer?

    31 thoughts on “12 books on my Summer Reading List”

    1. Tried to listen to the audiobook “When Life Gives You Lululemons” this past weekend. It gagged me. Couldn’t do it. Started “Girl Underwater” so far very interesting. Not sure where it’s going. My list also has for Cutting for Stone and My Grandmother Told me to tell you She’s sorry.

    2. Just finished “We Were the Lucky Ones”- really good historical fiction based on true stories! I’m going to buy “Cutting for Stone” for my kindle right now!

    3. I have read other books by Susan Meissner based on your recommendations! I started As Bright as Heaven earlier this week!

      Another book I recommend is Sugar by Kimberly Stuart. And all of her books actually!

    4. These books look good.
      I just read ‘The Silent Gift’ and it was so good. I picked it up at the library & couldn’t put it down.
      It fits under historical fiction and is highly emotional.

    5. I LOVED Cutting for Stone–truly an amazing book! And, ANYTHING that Ruth Reichl writes is worth reading. She is a fantastic memoirist. Garlic and Sapphires is part of a three part series.

        1. Same here! I read one of her books after seeing it here and then I was hooked! Same with Susan Meissner. I saw Fall of Marigolds here and read it and now I just wait for her new books to come out. As Bright as Heaven…oh my goodness. I confess I didnt know much about the Spanish Flu before this and how heartbreaking!! Such a good book.

    6. As Bright As Heaven – bring tissues! And I had a hard time getting into A Man Called Ove, too, so I’m ashamed to say I put it down and didn’t bother to finish it for my book club deadline, then I found out all the other gals loved it. So now I think I need to try it again. Worth it, do you think? Thanks for these suggestions. I love, love, love summer reading!

    7. Cutting For Stone is soooooo good. Have read it twice. Loved A Man Called Ove but My Grandmother… didn’t compare at all; I couldn’t even finish it. I would suggest Backman’s Beartown is better.

      1. That’s good to know. I am okay quitting a book if I don’t like it but its always a bummer to invest a bunch of time into reading the whole thing and then realizing it really wasn’t worth it.

    8. You are going to LOVE “As Bright As Heaven”. I absolutely devoured it! Thanks for the recommendations! :)

    9. Cutting for Stone is on my all time favorite books I have read list. SOOOOO good.
      Another author you would LOVE is Kate Morton. She writes historical fiction/mystery novels where there are lots of characters that mesh at the end. Our book club has read quite a few of her books over the years and we all love them. The Lake House, and The Forgotten Garden are two of my favorites.

      1. Oh you would LOVE Kate Morton if you haven’t already read anything by her, right up your alley, I actually get Susan Meissners books and hers mixed up together in my mind quite often! And I love that Ruth Reichel book, so so good!

    10. Loved “Garlic and Sapphires” too! You know two other food memoirs that were excellent? Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential and Marcus Samuelssen’s “Yes, Chef”.

      “Cutting for Stone” was also a favorite of mine many years back. I think you will really like it.

      Can’t wait to hear your reviews. :)

      1. I loved Cutting For Stone also….
        I need to go back and refresh my memory of what Secrets Of A Charmed Life was about.
        Right now I just got back from Amalfi and am reading My Brilliant Friend – very good so far.

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