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16 gifts to add to your wish list

    My younger sister was over a few weekends ago and asked what I wanted for Christmas. Which made me stop and think because I hadn’t even considered it.

    Ryan and I are notorious for buying ourselves things throughout the year and claiming, “this can be my christmas present!“. Gifts are not our love languages, so we don’t put in a lot of effort into surprising each other with special, unexpected things on Christmas morning. Therefore, creating a wish list is not necessarily something I do each year.

    But if I did make a list, this is what would be on it. And now that I’ve created it, I actually do wish for every one of these items.

    16 Gifts To Add To Your Wishlist

    (I have been collecting things on a private pinterest board for the past few weeks and I honestly didn’t realize until putting the collage together just how limited my color palette was. Grays, golds, copper, black and white forever.)

    I’ll quickly highlight each item. Click the image for the source.


    I wear an old pair of these pretty much every day and they’re looking tired. A new pair is in order.


    Emily Henderson is so good at what she does. Her new book has been sitting in my Amazon cart for over a month. It for sure makes the wish list.


    The patina. The texture. The soup-can shape. I want to fill each one with a maidenhair fern.


    Confession: I have this set of bowls already. I just had to include it on the list, though, because I must share the wonderfulness that they are. The shallow, wide bowls are just made for pretty salad presentation.


    Gloves that keep your hands warm and let you use your phone. Fa-aancy.


    I was at my older sister’s house for Thanksgiving and she has little trays around her house – on the coffee table holding books, a candle, a bowl of candy, in the kitchen holding salt and pepper and oils, in the bathroom with flowers and cotton balls. So many versatile uses for organizing and making clutter look less cluttered.


    Another confession: my cousin just brought me a bar of this soap as I was putting the post together! How did she read my mind?! It’s super cool and will look great in the guest bathroom with these prints.


    Have you tried Turkish bath towels? They have been on my must-try list for a while because I’m just not in love with terry cloth bath towels. Of all the things listed, I want these the most.


    Cake plates are great for displaying cakes, but I also like that they add height to the shelves in the kitchen. There is something so pretty about a collection of cake stands (like this).


    For my birthday this fall, Ryan wanted to get me a jewelry box. I searched and searched and wasn’t sure what to pick. I pick this one.


    Because a girl needs cool sneakers. Also, the word sneakers is funny.


    We have a few of these already and I am a fan. The copper is trendy and cool looking, but they actually are very practical in that they keep your drink very cold. I like the modern, straight shape of these.



    While doing some christmas shopping, I came across this marble 2-tier server and tried to find a reason to buy it for myself. It’s handsome and sleek and I want to use it for parties.



    Perhaps you know how I feel about monograms. The necklace is a wearable version of an L you might find on our L Wall.


    Classic and warm. Just right for winter.


    I currently use a diy leather keychain that I’m happy with, but this one just feels a bit fancier with the tassel and monogram tag and gold clasp.

    There you go, my friends. 16 gifts I would be pleased to receive this year … and perhaps you would too.

    Anything special on your wish list this year?


    13 thoughts on “16 gifts to add to your wish list”

    1. This may be a dumb question, but do you actually use the Turkish towels as bath towels? It sounds like that is what you’re implying, but they look too thin to be absorbent. Just wondering. I am in need of new bath towels.

    2. I find it funny that you think “sneakers” is funny! What do you Pacific Northwesterners call them?

      (I’m a Pennsylvanian via Maine, but born in New Jersey. Cuckoo!)

    3. I love those Turkish towels and I wish I had an excuse to spend the money on them! I saw some at Anthropologie that I really wanted too:) And about the word sneakers! Lol! Someone made fun of me for saying it and said I should call them “tennies” or the Canadian option, “runners.” xoxo I hope you get everything on your wish list! :)

    4. Oh my goodness, I just ordered those towels as my Christmas gift to myself! Until you said it like that I didn’t realize that I am “just not in love with terry cloth bath towels” Who knew! And I didn’t know there were other options! No wonder why I have been putting off buying towels! Thank you!

    5. Thank you so much for sharing your list. I love, love, love the gold bar initial necklace. So often us moms forget that we deserve treats as well because we are always giving, giving, giving. I personally don’t ever really think about what I want because I’m always thinking about what my boys need. Thanks for making me feel a little less selfish.

    6. The Target slippers. ?? I get a new pair every year for Christmas. That’s about as long as mine last, but you can’t beat the price!

    7. My family always needs help in what to get me, and call me selfish…. But I do like having something to unwrap myself on Christmas morning! Mamas put so much work into this holiday season, I like teaching my children the art of giving as well:) So I have a Pinterest board for them to go to which acts as my wish list.
      Have a great Christmas! ~Kim

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