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18 Gifts on my wish list

    Truth be told, I really don’t need anything for Christmas.

    But if you really twist my arm and make me come up with a wish list, these are the things I would be more than happy to unwrap on Christmas morning.

    Maybe a few of these items will make it onto your Christmas wish list (or birthday, anniversary, etc.) or perhaps it will help you make those final gift purchases for the loved ones on your shopping list. Enjoy!

    Pajama Set | J.Crew Factory | Reg $79.50 Sale $39.50

    These are my favorite menswear-inspired pajamas. Also comes in light blue.

    Steamer | Amazon | $40.40

    The one legitimate thing I want this Christmas is a steamer. Isn’t that exciting?!

    Fingerless Gloves | Target | $4.99

    The rose color is so pretty, isn’t it? These would be a perfect stocking stuffer.

    Mock Neck Swing Sweater | Loft | $59.50

    I was in the Loft the other day and this sweater caught my eye. It fits great and is the perfect shade of green. Check the site for the current discount and code (they run sales regularly!).

    Small Cow Horn Hoops | Noonday | $28

    These are on regular rotation in my earring collection, so even though I already own them, I had to include them here. They are just the right amount of funky and classy and go with everything.

    Check Linen Tray | McGee & Co. | $18 and up

    Coated linen tray in adorable gingham and so easy to put around the house to use in a million ways.

    Matches | Urban Outfitters | $12

    I keep a jar of these in the guest bathroom and besides their functionality, they are packaged so perfectly.

    Sperry Rain Boot | Nordstrom | Reg $119.95 Sale $99.90

    My little sister (who is much more fashionable than I am) has a pair of these boots and I think I want to copy her.

    Double Wrap Watch | Target | $16.99

    Cute, dainty and a great brown color.

    Gold Mixing Bowls | Target | $24.99

    These would look so pretty up on our open shelves in the kitchen. I like that they have rubber bottoms to keep them from sliding around while stirring. And the gold is fresh and trendy.

    Marble Door Stop | cb2 | $29.95

    This is one thing that we actually do own and love so much I think you should get one too :) Or buy it for a friend for a housewarming gift. It is heavy, attractive and works like a charm.

    Winter Jewels Makeup Palette | Beautycounter | $58

    How pretty is this makeup palette?! You get 8 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner, 2 highlighters all in one set. I think I really do want this.

    Cozy Sweatshirt | Athleta | $108

    This looks like the perfect thing to throw on to go to barre class. Comes in three colors.

    Flowering Monogram Pouch | Anthropologie | $38

    A special little zipper pouch to toss in your purse or travel with.

    Halsted 20-Piece Flatware Set | Crate & Barrel | $149.95

    This is sort of a strange thing to add to my wish list, but I have been wanting to add more place settings for when we have guests over. This is the pattern we chose 14 years ago and still love it. It is simple and heavy and still looks great all these years later.

    Raspberry Sorbet lipgloss | Philosophy | $10.59

    I just found an old tube of this at the bottom of my bag and forgot how much I love it – the color, the shine and the taste :)

    Chevron Scarf | Gap | $29.95

    What a perfect neutral, cozy scarf for cold winter days. Wait for Gap items to go on sale, they always do.

    Half Baked Harvest Cookbook | Amazon | $18.95

    I ordered this for myself this fall and adore it. So far I have gifted it to my sister and one of my best friends, and they both loved it, too. The photos are gorgeous and recipes are delicious!

    There you go, my friends. 18 gifts I would be pleased to receive this year … and perhaps you would too.

    Anything special on your wish list this year?

    6 thoughts on “18 Gifts on my wish list”

    1. I just bought a pair of the Sperry linen rain boots in olive from the Sperry website and they were only $66 with tax and shipping! 🙌🏻 I can’t wait to wear them, they look so cute!

    2. Note to self (& your readers): do NOT try to steam the wrinkles out of your skirt while you are wearing it. I learned that one the hard way.

    3. I have the steamer and my daughter stole it because she loves it so much! And that cookbook – I recently began following her blog and love it. The cookbook is on my Amazon wishlist and literally, yesterday I stood in Barnes and Noble going through the book drooling. Your short review convinced me to go ahead and get it. Thanks! And finally, I was just telling someone that I have had a pair of what we used to call “duck boots” similar to the Sperry’s) for about 25 years and they have consistently performed well though every winter storm.

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