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18 lovely letterers to follow on Instagram

    18 Letterers to follow on Instagram / jones design company

    Instagram. The place where I keep up with family and friends, fellow bloggers, get fashion inspiration, drool over gorgeous homes and darling babies and admire talented photographers.

    Also, the place where I’m consistently in awe of lovely lettering.

    I follow quite a few letterers and calligraphers on instagram. Each one has her unique style and receives lots of double-taps from me.

    If you love pretty lettering, great quotes, beautifully styled photos and even a few in-process videos (which I watch on repeat), you’ll want to follow these 18 letterers on instagram.

    Here are a handful of my favorites, in no particular order.

    01 | @afabulousfeteafabulousfete

    02 | @jordanne__mariejordannemarie

    03 | @1canoe21canoe2

    04 | @lindsay_letterslindsayletters

    05 | @heidibraidsheidibraids

    06 | @inkwellpressinkwellpress

    07 | @janisanzalonejanisanzalone

    08 | @jennyhighsmithjennyhighsmith

    09| @designrootsdesignroots

    10 | @lhcalligraphylhcalligraphy

    11 | @mollyjacquesmollyjacques

    12 | @jenny_sanders_jennysanders

    13 | @jenngietzenjenngietzen

    14 | @10f1doodles1of1doodles

    15 | @valeriemckeehanvaleriemckeehan

    16 | @alizalatta

    17 | @emilymcdowell_

    18 | @thirstyheartsdesign

    Aren’t those just wonderful?! Every single one. And these are just tiny samples of the rest of the goodness you will find on their feeds. All are must-follows, in my humble opinion.

    Do you follow any letterers/calligraphers on Instagram that I missed? I’d love to hear your favorites!

    31 thoughts on “18 lovely letterers to follow on Instagram”

    1. Molly Suber Thorpe is amazing. She is found at I just devoured every word of her new book, “Modern Calligraphy.” Now I practice on everything! :)

    2. These are all wonderful. I sincerely think they are beautiful, or wacky, or interesting, but I’m surprised that I can’t make out the words of @fabulousfete. Perhaps I’m over-thinking and the top line is just design, but I rather doubt that. I assume the people to whom these envelopes are addressed can decipher the lettering because it is their name, so maybe it doesn’t matter if anyone else can. Thank you for the post, and a thank you to all those who’ve left a reply with suggestions of other letterers’ work.

    3. Hi Emily,
      such a great post! i love them all! i was checking out all of the accounts and I think you may have a typo with Lindsay Letters…pretty sure you meant @lindsay_letters

    4. Great recommendations! I also do hand lettering and love that this art form has come back with such force and relevance! @heyjudehandlettering Thank you for sharing~

    5. I would love to add Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls to this list. I have been a big fan of her work since she first began contributing to Martha Stewart Living magazine many years ago. Her website: Thank you, Emily, for compiling your list; I’m looking forward to checking it out!

    6. I do hand-lettering, too. My Instagram isn’t very good yet (still working on my photography skills, haha!), but I love hand-lettering and learning from others who do it, too. You can find my page @rwrdesigns (I have an Etsy shop, too). I also really love @bugaboobeardesigns. She is so talented and creative!


    7. I started following poppyandmintdesign. I could watch her videos over and over. There is something relaxing about watching someone else write so beautifully!

    8. You should replace the one from Design Roots with the corrected version that is now on her IG account. The original one has a spelling error. ;) Such beautiful lettering!

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