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4 steps to the perfect {make at home} latte

    For our anniversary, Ryan gave me the milk frother I had been wanting. Romantic? Maybe not. But I was thrilled. Each afternoon, I long for a sweet coffee treat and our new set up has not only indulged that craving but has also saved us lots of trips and money spent at our local starbucks.

    Here’s my latte-making routine:


    step-1-&-2 step-3-&-4


    1. I use the bosch tassimo single serve machine {a hand-me-down from Ryan’s parents!} with decaf espresso pods.  It takes seconds for a freshly brewed cup of espresso.

    2. All I need is just a splash of vanilla syrup and a heaping teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder for that subtly sweet afternoon pick-me-up.

    3. Pour milk into the frother and set to desired temperature. Press the button and it whirls the milk around heating it up and making it the most delicious creamy/airy milk

    4. Add milk to espresso/flavoring. If you’re fancy you can make little swirls and leaf shapes and hearts with your foam. I haven’t perfected this yet.



    Tassimo single-serve coffee brewer
    {there are many different single serve coffee makers on the market – or you can just use strongly brewed coffee}

    Gevalia decaffeinated espresso pods
    {be sure to use the pods specifically made for your machine}

    Breville milk frother
    {there are many different frothers on the market. I chose this based on reviews and am very happy with it. My one request would be for an even hotter setting. I like my lattes very, very hot}

    Vanilla syrup

    Cocoa powder
    {the only link I could find is for a pack of 10 – you probably won’t want that many – a little goes a long way. I love getting the flavor of chocolate without all the sweetness}

    16 thoughts on “4 steps to the perfect {make at home} latte”

    1. This looks amazing. And easy. :) I wanted to mention that I saw that cocoa available at Fred Meyer. I know they probably don’t have a link to share but that’s another place to find it.

      Thanks again for sharing this, have a great weekend.

    2. Tip from a long time barista: have the milk ready when the espresso is ready so you can add the milk immediately. The longer the espresso sits with out the milk the more bitter it will taste.

    3. You’re using Gevalia coffee! ! That’s from my hometown in Sweden, Gävle. I grew up with the smell of coffee that sometimes blow over the whole city. I didn’t know you could by Gevlia in USA.:-)

    4. I bought that exact frother and returned it after a few uses. I found it just didn’t make very good froth. Are you happy with yours?

      1. The first time I tried it I added the cocoa into the milk before frothing – it did not turn out foamy at all. So now I just froth first and add to espresso/cocoa mixture.

    5. Oops. I posted this question on your “Latte A Day” (older) post: Mind sharing where you got that initial mug?

    6. Love your latte making tips. I haven’t invested in a milk frother. I just heat my milk in the microwave and use a battery operated frother I found at World Market. Not as fancy but it does the trick. Have you tried Torani Sugar Free Salted Carmel Syrup? So Good! (Another World Market find.)

    7. Good morning, dear Emily
      The latte sounds wonderful! I will be right over. . .
      It was lovely to see you last week.
      Thank you for sharing your love for the Word from the Voice translation.
      It reaches right to the heart. You are a blessing!

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