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5 beauty picks under $15


    Looking for a few inexpensive beauty products to add to your routine?

    I am working on upping my beauty game – less in a vanity way and more in a hey, you’ve been in the intense caring for babies phase of motherhood for 10 years and it’s time to take a few moments on yourself now way.  I started with the bigger things like making doctor appointments and getting my haircut, and now I’m slowing adding a few new products to update my beauty routine.

    Probably like you, I value quality, but don’t spend a ton of money on beauty products. Back in the day before kiddos, I frequented the Nordstrom makeup ladies. Nowadays, I either grab a few things while running through Target or order on Amazon (thank you free prime shipping). So each of these 5 beauty picks are easy to find, affordable and tested by yours truly.

    ONE / Boots No7 Perfectly Bronzed Pearls
    give your skin a springtime glow with this subtle bronzing powder

    TWO / Esse Tuck Me In Your Tux nail polish
    clean, neutral nails are classic and my go-to

    THREE / Biosilk Silk Serum
    for shiny, silky hair (especially great for adding vibrancy back to your hair after winter)

    FOUR / Maybelline Baby Lips Balm in Peach Kiss
    swipe on this lip balm for fresh peachy color + moisturizer

    FIVE / Rusk Wired Flexible Styling Creme
    give flexible body and texture to your hair before or after styling


    Have you added any products to your beauty routine that you’ve loved? Please share!

    (image inspiration from Angie at

    29 thoughts on “5 beauty picks under $15”

    1. Love this! Cant wait to try the bronzer. Do you know if the color works for all color skin types? Plus I have to let you know that meeting you in Target was so wonderful. Driving home Margaret said “Mom she is really pretty”!! Thought that might make you smile

    2. Thanks for these! I think I’m going to order the bronzer!! :) I’m fair like you so I’ve always stayed away from bronzer but I love the idea of it-I’m scared of looking orangey and I’m not great with makeup so the contouring stuff is tricky for me. Do you use a brush with it? A sponge?

    3. Baby Lips in Berry Bomb is my go-to every day lip color. I LOVE. When I want a more saturated color I use Revlon Colorburst Lip Crayons.

    4. So…don’t laugh, but my new fab beauty product is Monistat. Yep, that’s right. One of my glam girl friends told me about it. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel to be specific. The silky smooth gel smoothes over imperfections and a little under some BB cream makes skin look flawless all day. It’s great for oily or dry skin. At $4 a tube- definitely a beauty bargain and it works just as well as Smashbox or Photo Finish Primers.

    5. I luv benefits it’s real mascara. It’s $24 but the best lengthening ome i’ve found that doesnt clump, and it really does last a while since u dont have to use gobs of it.

      The old red maybeline eyebrow pencils that come two to a pack for less than$4. The best ever! And i’ve used a ton. Two things that can make ur makeup even if thats all u have time to do – eyebrows and eyelashes.

      1. Michelle, I’ve been using those 2 pack Maybelline pencils I’ve been using for over
        20 years. They are a staple for sure!

    6. Ilike your make up philosophy and picks look good.I am always looking for fragrance free for health reasons.Any picks in the fragrance free natural ingredient catagory ?

    7. I love hearing everyone’s affordable beauty products! A few of my favorite include Revlon colorstay foundation, Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge, and Got2b powder’ful volumizing styling powder.

    8. I love the variety of your posts!

      I’m all for inexpensive skin care products, but I am alarmed by the ingredients in so many of them that I now understand are harmful, especially after understanding that we absorb up to 60% of what we put on her skin. There is one website where I found a quick reference for skin care ingredients and why they’re harmful (

      I’m 54 & an empty-nester (and dealing with menopausal skin issues), so maybe I’m irrelevant for the people who read your blog. In this season of life, I save my pennies for products that are without the harmful/potentially harmful chemicals, even though I love a good deal on soft lip & skincare.

      Any thoughts or experience with “healthy skincare?”

    9. I use the Biosilk silk serum in my hair before I blow dry. I bought the tiny two ounce bottle months ago & thought it was pricey, but it looks barely used. Love it!

    10. I love Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash – seems expensive, but you only use a little bit. Great for sloughing off dry skin, and you dont pollute with the “beads” like other washes have. I also love their Purity Made Simple cleanser. Other favorite cleanser is Clarinss Gentle Foaming Cleanser, which again, you dont have to use a lot of. For moisturizer, I really push for one that will benefit me with aging…I suggest Lancomes BIENFAIT MULTI-VITAL – SPF 30 CREAM. Again, you only need a little for super moisturized but not greasy skin. All of those you can get from Sephora online.

      An alternative is the Mario Badescu line at Ulta, but his line doesnt go up to SPF 30.

      Hope those help!

    11. Ooo, I love new beauty items and reasonable too! My daughter is 15 months and I just treated myself to a new Orla Kiely makeup bag (thank you Target!), the Maybelline Nudes palette (similar to the Naked palette but much less $$) and what turned out to be the best eyelash curler I’ve ever owned from Sally Hansen.

    12. I appreciate the fact that you always post reasonably price items. Most blogs feature items that I could never afford (without major guilt). I may have to add a few of these. Already a huge Rusk fan, and agree this stuff is great!

      Thanks Emily!

    13. I love these kinds of posts. :-D You deserve a bit of time to take care of yourself. One of my new favorite go-to’s are Covergirl’s Gloss Balms. It sounds like the same concept as the baby lips balms you mentioned. I signed up for ipsy a few months ago and am totally loving it. For $10 a month I get to try 5 new beauty products. I always look forward to that little bag. I’ve found some really great products because of it.

    14. Do you use the bronzed pearls to contour or do you just use it like a blush? I can never seem to get a natural look with bronzers when I contour but maybe this stuff will work?

      1. I just sort of brush the bronzer under my cheek bones and on the temples of my forehead. I’ve tried to play with contour/highlight (Maskara has a fabulous product + tutorials, but I can’t quite get it to look natural yet).

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