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5 must-have kitchen gadgets


    The more time I spend preparing food for our big family, the more I appreciate the little things that make it easier. I’m not a fancy chef, so I don’t need much, but these 5 kitchen gadgets prove themselves over and over in our household.

    So here they are,

    my 5 must-have kitchen gadgets


    1.  Olive Oil Pour Spoutoliveoiltop

    Olive Oil is a staple in our kitchen. Instead of unscrewing the cap each time I need a drizzle, we replace the top piece with a pour spout. It doesn’t fit every bottle opening, so sometimes we’ll have a bottle of olive oil without a spout and I’m all ‘what?! I have to actually unscrew the lid?!‘. The convenience of a pour spout saves time (microseconds, but still) and keeps hands oil-free.

    If you want something a bit more stylish, try this gold one. Or for more function, this stainless OXO brand one acts as a stopper and a pourer.

    2. Cheese Slicer


    Any time I’m at my friend Dee’s house for a meal, I always ask for the job of slicing cheese. She has this amazing cheese slicer that cuts so perfectly. The cheese is thin, the slicer doesn’t catch, it is a true joy.

    Finally, I bought one for myself. Why this was not a thing in our kitchen before, I do not know.

    My kids are currently in to mozzarella cheese and rather than trying to slice it with a serrated knife (which also works, but definitely not like this little gadget), I now pull out the best cheese slicer of all.

    3. Fine Grater


    This grater makes a surprisingly often appearance during meal-prep time. I use it for hard cheeses like parmesan, but also for lemon/lime zest, garlic and nutmeg. It’s super sharp, compact and multi-purpose.

    4. Lime Squeezer


    Sure, you could squeeze a lime or lemon with your hands, but this enameled aluminum gadget does it so much better. We have the small size for limes (I’m a g+t with extra lime kind of girl) that also works with small lemons, but there are larger sizes for other citrus fruit.


    I did not know until recently that you are supposed to put the lime/lemon in cut-side down, then squeeze. All this time, I’ve been doing it all wrong.

    5. Very Large Cutting Board


    I wish you could tell from the photo how large this thing is (see it in action here). It’s huge. 18×24 inches, to be exact.

    Every night, I pull it out, grab my box from Hello Fresh (yep, still using and loving the meal service) and all the prep is done on this one board. Well, minus the raw meat. That goes on a different board. I can dice onions and push them to one side, chop asparagus and push it to another, mince garlic, zest a lemon, and still have room to cut veggies for a salad.

    We have a big single basin kitchen sink and this cutting board just barely fits – something to keep in mind if you have a double basin sink. Maybe a size smaller would be better for your kitchen.



    I can’t complete my must-have kitchen essentials without including the next two. They aren’t really gadgets, so I am not officially including them in the list, but they are most certainly must-haves and essentials.

    A Sharp Knife


    Ryan’s dad is an excellent cook and my uncle was a professional chef, so between to the two influences, we’ve inherited the appreciation of a good, sharp knife.

    My aunt and uncle bought us our Henckels knives for our wedding (a good paring, small serrated, bread and chef); Ryan just bought this one last christmas to add to our small collection. It’s for sure the one we use most often.

    (P.S. I just looked up the knife to grab the link and had no idea how expensive it was! It better be a dream to work with for that price. And actually, I really do prescribe to the idea that buying one quality item that lasts 13 years is better than a handful of lesser quality that need to be replaced often. It’s a great knife and I do recommend it.)

    FYI: per my father-in-law’s instruction, we do not put the knives in the sink or the dishwasher – they stay on the counter next to the sink waiting to be hand washed. I may have run my older knives through the dishwasher once or twice, but don’t tell Bob. Those were just short-term breaches in my knife-protection skills because I was too lazy to wash them by hand. #neveragain

    Non-stick Pans


    Again, not a gadget, but I use these pans everyday so I felt like I should include them.

    We use the small 8″ for poached eggs, the medium 10″ for quesadillas and scrambled eggs, the large 12″ for everything else. These cook evenly and the non-stick material doesn’t scratch off. Even still, we keep to non-metal spoons when using these.

    So there are my favorite kitchen gadgets. They make my time in the kitchen easier and extra efficient.

    Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget I missed? Please share!

    14 thoughts on “5 must-have kitchen gadgets”

    1. Kitchen tools is very important for preparing recipes. Some simple, basic kitchen tools you should have on hand to make prepping even the most complex meals easier, As like coffee frother, Electric Wine Bottle Opener, Kid Knives, Garlic Press, Stainless Steel Scraper and Pastry Cutter etc.

    2. I think a must have for every kitchen would be iron pans. They are non-stick, quickly cleaned, don’t leave teflon & co in your food (like regular non-stick pans), can take the heat of the kitchen, be used well in the oven and are extremely durable. (Just don’t drop them on your toes—that could hurt a bit)
      when you use iron pans instead of regular non-stick, you are actually enriching the food you cook with iron. Win-Win.

    3. I must get one of those juicers as much as I use fresh lemon juice. I agree with the big cutting board and Yes Yes Yes to good knives. I have mine professionally sharpen once a year and it makes a huge difference. A few years a go my parents bought us a Le Ceuset it is a delight to cook in. We gave one to our daughter for college graduation at her request.

    4. These are so great! We have the cheese slicer and a fine grater and I do agree, they are a must have! I will need to put the juicer on my wish list =)

    5. We are foodies and eat mostly at home. I would never pick, I’d be in your kitchen saying, “my husband says we can’t have plastic cutting boards even though they seem more sanitary because they dull our fancy knives” so we have wood and use really hotwater and soap even with meat, afterall thats how we claen our hands.

      In addition to our nonstick we love our regular all clad pans.

      I cannot live without my le crueset dutch oven or equally funny my crock pot.

    6. I HAVE to have a strawberry huller. I have one that’s like a mini serated melon baller and it’s amazing!! I also love my mini chopper. The kind you press down on from the top. I use it to chop my garlic and it does and great job.

    7. I need that cheese slicer! And I LOVE Wusthof knives. I won my first one – a serrated tomato knife and I’ve loved the brand ever since.

    8. One would think that a cheese slicer and fine grater would be the last necessities a cook would need. Since I acquired those 2 items (only a couple of years ago), I am in a state of bliss everytime I use them! I also wonder why it took me SO long to get them!
      I also love my fast acting, very sharp garlic press.

    9. Emily,

      Thanks for the heads up about SnapShop and the $10 off code. I just signed up. I am really looking forward to learning more about photography, especially since I’ll be launching my own blog soon.

    10. My favorite gadgets – ipad holder (I have the cupboard attachment), a good knife, a large cutting board that is small enough to fit in the dish washer, and a cast iron skillet. I have been using for over a year and love it. I have to buy my own groceries but we eat so much healthier.

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