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before there was pinterest

    I will admit : I was leery about pinterest. It seemed like just another one of those social networking tools that took too much time for too little good. 

    But now that I’m a pinterest user, I completely change my mind.  While I can’t promise that it is a totally valuable way to spend your time, it is a really great resource for finding and storing ideas.

    Before there was pinterest {or, more accurately, before I used pinterest}, I had a file on my computer called ‘things I like’. If I came across a project I wanted to do or a room that I thought was too amazing to forget, I would save it there. The only problem was that I rarely named the source and now I have long forgotten where each image was found {which is a nice feature with pinterest}.

    Anyway, I was looking through that ‘things I like’ folder and there are some good images in there! So today is a photo-dump of sorts. I’m really sorry that so few of these have sources – if you know where they are from, feel free to leave the info in the comments.

    beware : lots of photos ahead :
    arch drive
    bedroom-dresser chairs octopus pring blue navy white brown_Max and Company-Phoebe Howard  bhg roombicycles via oh, hello friend
    casual chic shelter 3
    Country living white familyrm
    dot walls
    living room
    playroom via birch and bird
    studio 30
    style at home kitchen white nailhead trim barstools cararra marble subway tile backsplash hick pendant lights blue gold crown molding top cabinets dark wood floors
    the inglenook decor blog

    Be inspired today!

    52 thoughts on “before there was pinterest”

    1. The second picture of the black and white kitchen is EVERYWHERE! People are so drawn to it. I wonder if it is the perfect balance of black and white in a kitchen–almost like color blocking.

      The first time I saw it was in one of the major house magazines: House Beautiful?

    2. This is obviously way late…but I stumbled across this post and pic #4 looked awfully familiar! The interior woodwork and kitchen/baths were done by the company I’m currently working for (when not wedding planning and blogging)! There are pictures of the gorg kitchen on the website!

    3. I love the first picture! I’d love to know where that’s from, I have no idea what it’s for, but it just interests me soo much.

    4. so i love your blog! it is so inspiring and i wanted to let you know that picture #4 is from my neck of the woods….in watch hill, rhode island. it is a beautiful beach area in southern rhode island.

    5. I’m drooling over that space with the various file cabinets on the right and multiple vintage clipboards on the back wall. GORG. Also soooo inspired by that dark tile floor with light grout in the herringbone pattern.

    6. I love most all of those pictures and saved them to polyvore (what I use instead of pinterest)! Thanks for sharing.

    7. I’ve been following your blog for a few months now, and I just wanted to let you know that I definitely pinned many of your images to my pinterest page! Thank you for sharing.

    8. I LOVE the beauty is in the eye of the beholder print! I think that would be a great addition to my new bathroom, thanks for the inspiration!

    9. This is wonderful! Do you know the source of the 3rd picture? I love the way the shelf unit they have above the couch.

    10. I love you pictures! I have a notebook that I keep “things I love”. When redecorating my kitchen I didn’t know what I wanted so I went through tons of magazines and pulled out every picture of a kitchen that I liked. After a while I lined them all up and looked for common elements…which ended up being dark walls, stripes and white cabinets. So, that’s what I went for in my kitchen. I see a common element in your pictures…touches of black and symmetry in decor layouts. I enjoy finding out what your hidden desires are by finding a common thread in pictures. I just love all of yours!

    11. Emily- Is there anyway to follow you on Pinterest? I just recently became a Pinterest user and wasn’t sure if JDC had a board I could follow!

    12. The picture with the cupcake stand and the yellow walls and the chandelier is at a wine tasting room in Los Olivos, CA, called Sarloos and Sons. My husband went there last year for our honeymoon, and we are going back this weekend! What a small world! They do cupcake tastings with their wine tastings, and it’s kind of amazing.

      I found the image on Design Sponge:

      1. Small world on this one … the winery where the cupcake stand is is my good friend’s aunt & uncle’s. I really should go visit one of these days …

    13. love the wall of filing cabinets & lockers (and the “gallery” of clipboards at the end). Love the marriage of cute and useful :-)

    14. I have that second picture pinned on my pinterest :) Love the classy black and white kitchen with the bit of rustic country accents.

    15. The room with the cute beds and canopies is from Martha Stewart Living. I have that exact picture saved on my computer for when I have a home with a huge attic space, and a couple more little girls to use it. :0)

    16. I am so ENTIRELY inspired!!! And…I’ve refused Pinterest, myself until now. Maybe I’ll have to give it a look-see. :)

    17. I just joined Pinterest last week, and can’t stop “pinning.” I will admit, that you were one of the first people I started following. I’m so glad you were sucked in to the Pinterest world, because I love your ideas, and seeing what inspires your awesome creativity :).

    18. The second photo is Tommy Smythe’s kitchen (Sarah Richardson’s partner on Sarah 101 etc) and was featured in House and Home magazine! Incredible kitchen!

    19. Picture #21 with the school desk chairs looks like something from Restoration Hardware. I felt like I had seen this picture before so I check it out. I didn’t find this exact picture but I found the post I was thinking about…Ashley Campbell has chairs like that in her dining room and did a post a long time ago about them:

      I loved several of these pictures and even though their source may not be found I still pinned them on this post. Too many cute things to pass up!

    20. I believe that the photo with the white kids table, small stacked suitcases and hanging globes etc… if from the Land of Nod catlaog. I only know this because I am a catalog junkie:) Great collection of pictures. Some of these are definately getting pinned to my pinterest account!

    21. Lovely collection. I will use this inspiration to get me cleaning today – nothing can be anywhere close to this lovely until it’s a least tidy! ;)

    22. Until recently I had never come across a blog, or site that I loved everything they had on there… besides Pottery Barn! You have such a great eye for beautiful things!

    23. Wow! Just beautiful! So many of those rooms look like they would fit right into your lovely home. I especially love the one with the vintage school desk chairs and the lovely old table. I’ve been wanting to find a small vintage school desk to refinish for my daughter. I had one when I was a child, and your photo really reminded me of that. Great collection of images!

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