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the best dishes for picnics, camping + outdoor entertaining

    This post is sponsored by Crate and Barrel

    Crate and Barrel has long been our go-to for all things kitchen, dining and entertaining related. We registered for our wedding 14 years ago and still use our original dishes, flatware, kitchen gadgets and more. The quality is great and the designs are classic – two big reasons we keep coming back again and again.

    When I was outfitting our teensy Airstream kitchen (here’s a full tour if you’d like to see it) for our road trip, there were a few items on my list and I knew Crate and Barrel would be just the place to find them.

    bestdishestitleOne of our needs were everyday dishes that were super durable, low profile and classic. I had one drawer available for storing 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates and 8 bowls.

    dishesThese white melamine dishes are perfect. They are glossy on one side, which makes washing easy (no terrible stains!), they are matte on the back, which keeps them from slipping around. They stack easily for storage and fit like a glove in our drawer.

    picnicI have a thing for white dishes. Remember my pretty kitchen back home? All of our everyday dishes are out in the open on display on the shelves and since they are white, they don’t feel too cluttered. White dishes are easy to decorate with and they make a great canvas for pretty food, too. I’m a fan.

    cherriesAnother essential for our traveling kitchen were these clear acrylic glasses. I bought one for each of us, they stack up nicely, are thick and work great for camping/picnicing/outdoor entertaining.  We also grabbed two of these acrylic stemless wine glasses.

    pistachiosSee that cute little metal cup in the cherry bowl? I’ve been wanting them for forever. I bought a stack to bring with us in the trailer and they are the cutest multi-purpose cups.

    picniccloseWe’ve used them for holding cherry pits and pistachio shells, filling with ranch for veggies and peanut butter for dipping apples in and, of course, as the perfect container for corralling legos.

    squareAll trip long we’ve had breakfast, lunch and dinner – inside and out – on these great dishes.

    kids-dishesAnd once we’re back home, I’m sure they will stay on steady rotation for everyday snacks and outdoor entertaining.

    So if you’re searching for the best dishes for picnics, camping and outdoor bbq’s, may I recommend:


    dinner plate | salad plate | bowl | condiment cup | acrylic cup | stemless wine glass

    If you’re looking for something fancier than melamine, Crate and Barrel is a great resource for classic white porcelain dinnerware. These are our everyday dishes at home, my sisters both have these, and I also love the organic texture of these dishes (see the full collection of dinnerware here).

    6 thoughts on “the best dishes for picnics, camping + outdoor entertaining”

    1. Love this post! I have a thing for dishes, so I have the white pfaltzgraff dishes that we received when we got married (I’ve been married 21 years) and so they have moved out of regular rotation and onto our open shelving for extra’s when we have lots of company (my husband is one of ten children). And I have navy, peacock and lime fiesta wear that we use on a daily basis that is kept in a cupboard so the kitchen isn’t so chaotic (color wise). I have two sets of china, one’s up high in the open shelving so you only see the bottom and it has a lovely ripped edge for display but is never used (service for 24), and our winter china in the glass cabinet in the dining room that is used all winter long for events. And then miscellaneous dishes that I have on walls in various places. I also have the melamine (all white) dish set I bought when our twins were small stored in the basement in case I need them again one day! It sounds obnoxious, but we live in a 100 year old home and they kind of go with the house! I love both your home set and your camping set! I love all your posts!

    2. I love these. But, I just learned you are to never microwave melamine. It isn’t microwave safe. Which kinda ruins it for me. Bummer.. . . . . they are so pretty.

    3. That’s good to know. We have the aspen ones too…registered for them when we got married 10 years ago and I love them!!! I knew I wanted white dishes and it is the one decorating decision I’ve never regretted!!!

    4. Melamine dishes are a great option, especially with young kids! I upgraded a few years ago to white porcelain dishes in my RV as my kids got a bit older. I like that I can bring them in to the house to use as extra dishes for parties as well.

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