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Celebrating 100 days!

    You know how elementary school students always celebrate 100 days of school? I figured we should do a little celebrating, too, because yesterday marked 100 DAYS OF THE DAILY PAINTINGS!

    This sweet little guy is number 100.

    The plan is to keep going for the full year, so I have much more to go, but I’m pretty excited about making it to the 100 day mark.

    Here’s the whole collection from day 1 through 100.

    I have been posting these daily on instagram with captions. Most of the time there is a story behind the painting and so these act as a bit of a daily journal. It is such a fun little project.

    To celebrate 100 days, I’d love to give away a petite print to one of you!

    Simply leave a comment with your favorite from the first 100 days and I’ll choose a random winner next week.

    For an extra chance to win, pop over to Instagram and enter over there as well! I’ll choose one winner from the blog and one from Instagram.

    Good luck and thank you SO MUCH for all your kind words and encouragement these past few months as I have been practicing and sharing my art. You’re the best!

    319 thoughts on “Celebrating 100 days!”

    1. Blue bird please…. or branches in striped back and white vase, or flying blue bird… so many beautiful prints You really need to start selling your art. You are extremely talented!.

    2. So many pretty ones!! What a fun challenge. I like the bluebird and the bouquet of flowers. They remind that Spring is coming!

    3. Although there are many that I like, I’m super fond of that little bunny you just did. We have a wild bunny running around on our property that looks just like the one you painted in your picture! SO sweet…

    4. I really love them all! My favorites would be the pretzel, landscape, petite bouquet or the toothbrush and toothpaste – it would be so cute framed and displayed in a bathroom!

    5. It’s really hard to narrow it down to just one favorite! I think i will just give you my top 3: bunny, roller skate and airstream. Thanks for sharing!

    6. Hi Emily! I agree with all the others that it’s so hard to choose which one is my favorite! But I do love the bluebird, I’m a birdgirl! Thanks for sharing your talent and helping others develop theirs!

    7. These are all so lovely…! I love the floral ones… maybe the one wrapped i paper or the cherry blossom one. I also love that little landscape one, as well! It’s hard to pick just one. :)

    8. Agree with others – it’s hard to choose just one. But if I must – the bluebird, or the hyacinth blossom, or the large bouquet, or the bunny. Thank you for sharing your talents and inspiration

    9. The Airstream, the roller skate, the whale, the lighthouse – how can I choose only one?! These are fabulous and I love them all. Thank you for sharing this with us!!

    10. Hmmm…It would be a toss up between the blue bird (can never resist a bird) and the yellow flowers. They are all beautiful!

    11. Congratulations! What an inspiration you are. I love all of them. I’m partial to your snowy house but think the little bunny is my favorite! Thanks for sharing these beautiful little paintings that brighten my day. I’m looking to what you will paint the rest of the year.

    12. I love all your cute watercolour mini’s. They really made me want to pick up mine and give this a try. But from all these 100 paintings I just LOVE the Bunny, but also like the Dark Green book, the Green Pink book, the Blue Bag, and the Handcream. …Hmm I could start with my own handcream that is right in front of me, ^_^.
      Thank you so much for the inspiration and the change on winning one of your mini paintings.

    13. What a beautiful thing to keep this commitment you made! Such an inspiration. I love them all, but my favorite is the ranunculus bouquet! So lovely! Can’t wait to see what you paint next! Thanks for sharing these with us.

    14. Hi Emily..,
      I think my comment was not posted last night🤔❣️❣️
      What a sweet bunny! And the toothbrush and paste catch my eye! Haven’t started painting, but working trough Project 89❣️ Thanks for all the ways you inspire this grandma❣️

    15. I love all of your minis. I would frame so many of them, but your polka dot paper wrapped bouquet, the toothpaste and toothbrush, and the beautiful whale and some of my favorites! You’re definitely inspiring me to want to paint. Now I just need to set the time aside to actually do it!

    16. I like the watercolor look to pictures, so of course I like them all. If I had to choose it would be the animal and bird ones. I would probably say the bluebird, the fawn, or the bunny.

    17. Tough to choose because I love all the everyday items. The one of your journal is my favorite so far though! That bunny is pretty darn cute. Going to have to try my hand at that one soon!

    18. You have an amazing talent! I love all your drawings! I hope I win, I would love to share with my granddaughter <3

    19. Such a hard choice! I love them all…I guess the dressy heels, the scissors, or the birthday cake. They are all so special.

    20. They are all so adorable , I love seeing the new one for the day! I pick the bluebird, such a sweet little guy , I also adore the birthday cake . We celebrate birthdays for all ages in my house, it’s a wonderful reason to be happy and wish blessing for another year.

    21. Emily – I have pared down my blogs…just too many, but you remain and at the top of the list. Love your posts…looking forward to your book, and love that your recommendations are Christian themed (heart!) Your paintings have inspired me, as I am just getting ready to start practicing watercolors (have pared down my busy life also) :-) My favorite of yours is the single topiary print….I am in love with topiaries! But they are all beautiful! Many blessings to you and your family!

    22. I can’t choose between Bodie Island lighthouse & Lucky Charms!
      I also adored the Starbucks watercolor’s “First Date” story as well as the video of creation.

    23. The ginger jar! My kitchen is in blue and white, and this painting inspired my daughter (who is 12) to paint one of my teapots. Now it is framed and I would love a copy of the ginger jar, to hang them together💙

    24. Daisy Fuentes Dronen

      Gosh! So hard to pick! I have loved the bouquet you received from your editor (agent) 🤷🏻‍♀️ when you signed for your book contract the most!

    25. I like so many, but the bunny is my favorite! She looks llike the one my children used to have named Butterscotch. Butterscotch surprised us on the morning we we’re leaving no for vacation by having 5 babies!

    26. I would have to say the Maldon Sea Salt box that I would hang in my kitchen! But the bunny is so cute and I love the little bluebird as well!! So hard to choose from this beautiful collection! I really love them all!

    27. super cute paintings! too hard to choose just one favorite.
      I guess the stand mixer would be my favorite, but the fawn, the balloons, and the lucky charms box are all fantastic as well :)

    28. These really would be so cute as a set of notecards! I just love the blue alarm clock, though the white dress is a very close second! :-)

    29. They are all adorable! So hard to pick a favorite. I love all the flower ones but I think the little bluebird is my favorite.

    30. Yes, very hard to pick a favorite. The are all adorable. But I’d be happy to have the little house join my collection of house prints. Or maybe that fat little bird.

    31. All of your drawings are adorable it’s hard to pick a favorite! I love the little spotted fawn! The balloons & your snowy house are close seconds! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with us!!

    32. My favorite is the bluebird – it was my dear grandmother’s favorite bird. When I was a little girl, she had a tiny little porcelain bluebird on one of her kitchen shelves. It now sits in my bathroom cabinet so I think of her often. Whenever I see one out in my yard or anywhere outside, it feels like a warm hug from God assuring me I will see her again one day.

    33. I absolutely love the reindeer and bluebird. They both look so innocent, peaceful but yet sincere. Thanks for sharing you heart of
      artwork with us. These drawings are truly a blessing from the make of all, Christ! May God bless you on your future endeavors!

    34. It is fun to see what you choose each day! Thank you for the opportunity for your readers to share about a favorite! We live in a wooded area and we love spotting the fawns…such precious memories with my girls! We also taught them the song that inspired your sweet deer when they were little so all that to say my personal favorite is your darling fawn!

    35. They’re all so amazing! It would be hard to pick just one. I’m loving the tassel earrings and those blueberry pancakes. Such awesome work!

    36. I love them all!! I think I’ll choose “gift tag” as a favorite. I love the simplicity of it. It reminds me that we are called to Love… Love God and Love our neighbor with the very essense of God, who is Love, embodied in Christ. Love can be our gift to everyone we encounter. I see that in you. Thank you for your inspiration.

    37. Oh my goodness! How do you choose! I love them all especially, the flower ones. I guess it is the cherry blossom, hard to choose! It is a blessing to see you using the gift the Lord has given you and to bring HIM praise and glory!

    38. The lighthouse is one of my favorite because it is a happy place for our family vacations. And then I love the bluebird because I have a family of bluebirds who appear in my backyard every summer. But I love all your works of art – so talented!

    39. They are all so amazing! I love many of them but I’d have to say one of my favorites that I’d love to hang up somewhere would be the whale. Also just wanted to say I feel like we can see your improvement as you’ve gone along! The kitchen aid mixer is absolutely amazing and so is the detail in the roller skate (and other ones too!). It’s so fun to be able to see these so thank you for sharing!

    40. Hi they are all super cute! I’d love a little book of them all – or a pack of notecards! I adore the landscape and the cute bunny! But, quirkily, I’m going to choose the little with love tag. I’m so inspired by your project! I have been dong project 89 and loving it and now I am nearly finished, maybe I will go back and read the chapters again and make a little picture for each one!

    41. It’s so hard to choose ! I love all the flowers and the bunny but if I have to choose I’d pick the blue bird ! He just makes me happy. :)

    42. I love them all. It was a difficult choice to pick my favorites but I pick the paints and brush and also the lovely gift tag💕

    43. So hard to pick one!! They all are precious ❤️! I am always drawn to flowers- so the bouquet of flowers 💐. Exciting to see what God is doing with your gifts.

      1. Hi there! It is so difficult to choose! The pieces are all so lovely – the colours are beautiful and so can be displayed anywhere in the home. My bedroom is black and white (yes, really!) so I am naturally drawn to ‘pom pom slippers’. How nice it would look on my wall. I avidly follow you and cannot wait to see more of your creations. El

    44. I absolutely love them all, but have to go with the cherry blossom! Thank you for sharing this journey with us :)

    45. think the Fawn is my most favorite.But I love so many of them, The bunny is Adorable!, The fat Robin… I even like the ball cap.
      Very nice job and congrats on making your 100 days.
      XO April

    46. I love you art! I wish I could paint…but I can’t so I have to just live through yours ❤️
      I love any of your flower pictures

    47. I’m gonna have to say the deer is my favorite but they are all so special and unique. Such a talent you have, Emily! Thank you for sharing it with us <3

    48. winter citrus would be my pick simply because that is your painting that prompted my courage to try your water color challenge. I was very inspired after watched your short video on repeat. you are a gifted artist, writer and teacher! thanks so much for sharing your journey and encouragement.

    49. They are all lovely! I don’t know if I could pick a favourite, but If I won I’d probably pick the cupcake for my daughter or the petite bouquet for myself.😊

    50. All of your work is beautiful. The hilly landscape caught my eye as it reminds me of my son and daughter in laws vineyard in Paso Robles California. We live on the opposite side of the US in Georgia so our visits are limited. But seeing this made me smile and think how blessed he is to have such a beautiful “office”.

    51. I love, love the notebook. So bright & colorful. Also the airstream cuz we have one too & the rain boots. I wish I could paint like that!

    52. The softness of the watercolors made the bunny come to life… was as if he could jump right out of the paper and into my lap. Magical.

    53. “the mountain is out” has such a connection for me living in Washington State, majestic and regal. You are such an inspiration, thank you for sharing your passions. I gave a set of watercolor paints, brushes and paper to a friend who just had surgery. Long story short, your lighthouse inspired her too, as her close relative was an avid collector of lighthouses! Now I’m painting and anxiously await to see what you paint next.
      Maybe you should sell your prints?

    54. I loved the posts during the Seattle snowfall. The mini of “my snowy house” is so serene and peaceful. I love all the colors and shading. Thank you for sharing your gift of artistry with me. I look forward to seeing what each day brings with your mini-prints. 💚

    55. Love seeing what you come up with each day with your watercolors! My favorite so far is the whale. My family went on vacation each summer to Cape Cod. One year when I was in grade school my Dad bought me a blue mug with whales on it as a surprise and that was the start of a collection of all types of whales items and my love of the animal. I am in my fifties now and have gotten rid of most of my whales years ago but I still have my whale mug!

    56. Hard to choose! If I won, I’d choose the roller skate for my mom but for myself I’d probably pick the avocado or yellow flowers.

    57. They are all so darling! My favorites are the pretzel (reminds me of my nine years living in Germany), the whale (for my marine biology degree), and the bunny (I also grew up with pet rabbits). Your paintings are such an inspiration. :)

    58. You’ve inspired me to start painting! I’ve bought all my needed items and hope to begin this summer! I think all of your paintings are beautiful but I really love that little bunny! So adorable!!

    59. oh, you make me smile! the kitchen-aid mixer is so me! baking, baking, baking so much I wore out my old mixer and bought myself a shiny red “sporty” model kitchen-aid! what a beautiful collection of watercolors picture. I think because they are smaller they become quite endearing in their own sweet little way. what a great way to journal your year! keep going…I love them all.

    60. It is hard to pick just 1! I like the yellow sprig of wildflowers, your lighthouse, the bouquet, and the round bluebird. I love seeing the variety you have. You are very talented!

    61. It’s so difficult to choose a favorite, they’re all so lovely! I think I’m drawn more to the plants and florals, particularly the topiary. So pretty!

    62. Let me join everyone in saying I like them all, really. If I win, will you choose one for me among the whale, the pie, and the party hat?

    63. Hi Emily,
      EVERY one of your paintings is lovely. I love your style and the whimsy in your art. So many of your pieces speak to me…the earrings, your favorite lip gloss, the SHOES! But so far my favorite is your sweet painting of beautiful!
      Thank you for sharing your first 100. I am looking forward to the next…

    64. I love them all! But I think I like the bunny best by a little margin. He’s darling. I can just see his softness!

      1. Your snowy house and the bottlebrush trees are darling, too. This is not a second entry, just a continuation of my first comment. :)

    65. I am so inspired with your dedication to this project! Your works of art are beautiful!
      I love all of your prints but I am so drawn to one of the wrapped bouquets.

    66. Must I choose? Then the wrapped bouquet. I would like to hang that on my gallery wall, right next to the Jane Austen quote.

    67. I absolutely love all of your sweet small paintings…. Hope todo this soon… Guessmy Favorite would be the bunny!

      1. These are all so wonderful that it was hard to decide. My favorite is bluebird because bluebirds are such a wonderful sign that Spring is here.

    68. Oh, how to choose just one? I love Audry’s sweet little shoes. I’m inspired by your watercolors over the years.
      Thank you.

    69. I absolutely love all of them and look forward to seeing each new painting. If I had to pick one it would be the paints and brush.

    70. What a great project! I love them all, but favorites are the lighthouse, California and the olive tree. Can’t wait to see the rest!

    71. I love the bunny. Probably because I have 2 pet rabbits named Winston and FooFooCujo. But I do love the drawing. It captures the precious rabbit perfectly.

    72. Congratulations! I love them all and can’t wait to see how you keep going throughout the year. I have to say that Atlas is probably my favorite because I have a black lab, too.

    73. They’re all beautiful. I love that you have taken up this project.
      So many times when you are busy with a family you don’t take time for a hobby. You’ll always cherish these, but not as much as you will cherish your vacation in the airstream. And for that reason the airstream is my favorite.

    74. I love the little shoes with the flowers on top. Just so precious and painting simplicity made them all the more endearing.

    75. Choosing just one is difficult, but your beloved notebook is very representative of a hard journey I’m on with the Lord right now. Plus it’s a notebook I’d totally pick out for myself. Thank you for wanting to share! Xoxo.

    76. VERY hard to decide. Love the petite size and subjects. Think I’d choose the lighthouse since we just finished a home on the oregon coast. I have a large stretched canvas of your white pumpkin. I’d buy your little watercolors too if I could.

    77. They are all so sweetly painted and beautiful…but if I had to pick just one, it would be the honey jar because I have just the spot for it. ♡

    78. I admire your diligence to paint daily for 100 days! Way to go!
      I love your paintings of pancakes and balloons.

    79. Daily sketch | 3-19-19 | eucalyptus . You have captured the colour perfectly. Thank you for sharing your God-given gift.

    80. I like the time clock! It reminds me to make the most of every minute, because we never know when our last minute will be, whether young or old.

    81. Lesa Hobright-Turner

      The ‘paint and brush’ is my favorite followed by many seconds! Your 100 day project has inspired me to take your water color class and spend a little “me” time fostering my desire to learn more and work more with water colors! Thanks for being an inspiration!

    82. What a fun, sweet idea Emily! There are so many I like, but I think the turquoise stand mixer is my favorite! I look forward to seeing the sketches and showing them to my daughter; I purchased the Simplify Watercolor class for her and she has so much fun with it!

    83. Hi Emily–Thank you so much for the inspiration! I have none of your fabulous painting talent but have been following along with your daily prompts by writing a paragraph or so about each of your topics. It’s gotten me started writing after a long dry spell and I can’t thank you enough. My favorite painting is the beautiful book (1st row, far right) that reminds me of the creativity that can blossom in each of us. Can’t wait to continue this journey with you!

    84. I love seeing your dailies! They are all so cute, but I do love the cherry blossom. It reminds me of trips to my Grandmother’s house over spring break when I was little and we would take the Metro down to see the blossoms :)

    85. so many!! I like the fiddle leaf fern in the basket if I have to choose, but I like all the botanicals/outdoors ones. So wonderful – thanks for sharing!

    86. LOVE them all!! Its so hard to choose…I will go with bunny! Thank you for sharing your gift with us- these are all so truly beautiful!!

    87. I love the blueberry pancakes because it reminded me of when my Grandfather would make them for me and my sister <3

    88. Hooray! What an honor. I love the deer, the paints, the snowflake and all the flowers. That bunny is precious. I’m excited to see more!

    89. It’s so hard to choose because they are all so amazing. I love the blue and white ginger jar. I’ve tried painting one and it wasn’t easy for me. I also, love the bouquet of flowers.

    90. You are an inspiration for sure!! Thank you for sharing, you make the world a better place. I love them all, but the little deer is maybe my favorite.

    91. I must tell you, I have been smitten with this project from the get go. I can’t wait to see what you paint next! I would be so honored and happy to have one of my own! Please don’t stop!

    92. Hard to choose but since I love a good cup of Starbucks……the Starbucks cup is fun! Also the bouquet of flowers!

    93. Congratulations on reaching 100 days towards your goal! I love seeing all your watercolors but my favorite are your animals, especially the bunny and the fawn. Looking forward to seeing more as you create each day!

    94. I love the white and blue striped vase with eucalyptus leaves! And I have to mention the balloons. They’re so sweet and make me happy :D

    95. They all are lovely and make me smile each day to see what you have created. The whale, the mug, the paints and the Ricola are favs. Keep up the wonderful work!

    96. I always claim a can of glossy spray paint is the cheapest form of therapy but you’ve topped it! Scrolling through your work is pure magic and sure to brighten any day. The Kitchen Aid mixer is genius! I love how you elevated the everyday.

    97. My favorite is the mountain is out! We lived in Seattle
      for 4 years and every time I saw Mt. Rainier I was in awe! It never got old! Blessings to you Emily! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

    98. Dear Emily – Thanks for the chance to win one of your delightful prints! I really like a LOT of them, but if I had to pick just one, I would choose the ‘paints with brush’…❣️

    99. In order of favorites, bunny, canyon, fiddle leaf fig, deer, tulips. I’d keep going b/c they are all so pretty, but those are my top five favorites.

    100. Love love love these. All of them. if I had to pick, I guess I’d say any of the green potted plants or stems in vases.
      You are so talented and these would be beautiful all together as a book :)

    101. I really love them all! There’s something so sweet, pure, and lovely about each one. I would have to say I’m drawn towards the animals. The dog resembles our beloved pet. The fawn reminds me of the deer families that often cross the road in front of me as I run in my neighborhood. But with Easter around the corner I have to choose the bunny. It’s absolutely adorable and when I look at it, it makes me smile.

      Ps. Thanks for your book list yesterday. Church asked me to lead a summer book club and I’d been thinking through the ones I currently own and nothing was feeling right. But when I saw The Next Right Thing something immediately drew me to it. I loaded up the kids, headed to Books a Million and purchased it last night. I love it and have already told our women’s director it’s the book I would love to do!

    102. Omg, there are too many to pick from. But a few of my favorite are your bunny, the lighthouse, the olive tree and the yellow flowers. 😍

    103. I love them all as a collection! But my favorites are the bouquets, the Ballard Canyon landscape, and the deer. :) Thanks for sharing!

      1. So fun and beautiful! I love that you can find inspiration in everyday items. My favorite is the wrapped bouquet. Or the pancakes. Or the bluebird….too hard to choose.

    104. My favorite is the bunny because we have a wild bunny living under our garden shed. This doesn’t seem too unusual except we live in a very urban neighborhood. I Love all of your paintings, but ‘bunny’ speaks to my heart.

    105. Hi Emily,
      thanks for sharing all the “beauties”.
      I love the painting of the greenery(Rosemary-like)with the yellow bud!

      Thank you,

    106. Ah, such a hard decision! I have many favourites but one of my top ones is the paint and brush. The colours are fun and it fits the stage of life I’m in with two little ones and another on the way :).

    107. Goodness – very difficult decision! I’d have go to with your mini landscape of California. But that bunny is a close second.

    108. I absolutely love your paintings! Since I’m married to a dentist and so is my son, the “brush your teeth” is my favorite.

    109. Oh they’re all so pretty! I love the bunny or the kitchen aid mixer. Maybe the bunny is my final answer- it’s be cute for Easter!

    110. -So hard to choose one…but the cup of coffee from Davenport is a sweet reminder of meeting you when I was visiting from Portland a few weeks ago.

    111. You are so talented and kind, I would be happy with any one of them! I would have a hard time parting with them, but what a gift that would be from you :)

    112. I am having a hard time deciding as well. But my favorites are the cherry pie and the domino’s. They both remind me of my grandmothers.

      1. Such a hard choice! I love them all…I guess the dressy heels, the scissors, or the birthday cake. They are all so special.

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