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    While away this past weekend, I was introduced to a new company and instantly fell in love.

    Helping women live with purpose and dignity simply by purchasing a beautifully crafted scarf? Yes, please.

    I just adore companies like fashionABLE and Noonday that help us help others.

    I bought myself a scarf and will wear it proudly.

    But I couldn’t stop there …

    I bought one for you, too.

    One of the best things about these scarfs are the handwritten tags attached. This makes me feel like our money is not just going to an organization, but actually impacting individuals.

    If you would like to win this saba scarf, here’s what to do:

    * purchase a scarf from fashionABLE {click here}

    * sign up for the fashionABLE newsletter

    * like fashionABLE on facebook

    I’ll choose a random winner and post on the jdc facebook page friday October 19th.

    ** This giveaway is now closed. But feel free to still check out the FashionABLE site! **

    335 thoughts on “fashionABLE”

    1. These are beautiful….I started my Christmas shopping early and picked the plum colored one up for my niece. Thought this would be the perfect gift for her with an even greater message!

    2. I “liked” them on Facebook… Hope I win! But even if I don’t, I may just purchase one anyone. So beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    3. Thank you for sharing about such a beautiful company. I am buying these for my family for Christmas. I am proud to support such a fantastic cause and such precious women.

    4. Wow! What a great find! Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful company! “Liked” them on FB…going to purchase soon I think!

    5. What a great cause! And good for you for using your platform as a blogger to spread the word about such worthy causes. Thank you!

    6. Beautiful scarf! I love that I am able to help and support what this beautiful company is doing. I purchased one of these for myself in Plum. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

    7. I have a friend that works for a company called Community Cloth- a women refugee led company in Houston. I love companies like this – thanks for bringing this one to light! :) I just signed up for the newsletter.

    8. Signed up for newsletter and liked them on fbk. Love the scarf, and especially he tags! Planning on these for cmas gifts for my Neighbors!

    9. I applaud you Emily for using your blog to support women in third world countries. I too have a heart for women. In the Democratic Republic of Congo there is a place called “Elikiya Center” (Hope) that teaches widows and handicapped people trades such as sewing and making soap to support themselves. I once saw a picture of a women carrying an old singer sewing machine on her head as she proudly headed back to her village. She now had a trade in which to support herself. Typically this is an area where the average income is a dollar a day at best. There is also a new group that is teaching young girls in Kinshasa to learn cooking, beauty school techniques and sewing as an alternative to selling themselves for sex. And there is a group of people here in the US that is looking for old sewing machines that can be turned into treadle machines which will be sent to Africa. I love it when people are able to reach out help people find a better way of life!

    10. I bought a scarf, in fact, two–one to give to my little sister for Xmas–and HOPEFULLY my girls don’t steal out from underneath me! Then I liked them on Facebook AND signed up for their newsletter. What a darling and amazingly AWESOME organization to empower women! Thank you for sharing!!

    11. What an amazing opportunity for these women. I plan on suppporting this business, and spreading the word. Thank You for sharing.

    12. These scarves are beautiful and will make great Christmas gifts! My college girls are going to love these in their stockings as well as the concept behind them! I hope to win one for me ;-).

    13. I love learning about companies/organizations like fashionABLE! Everyday choices I make (even those as a simple consumer) can impact others! Thank you for sharing!

    14. Thank you! I just bought my Mom a scarf for her birthday. I know she will love it, especially because of the stories behind it.

    15. Hi! I am so inlove with this giveaway! It’s so lovely!!
      I subscribed to the FashionABLE newsletter and now am here leaving a comment and hoping you might enter me in the drawing.
      I’d be ever so much obliged. :)

    16. Love this!! My daughters bought me one of their scarves for Mother’s day…..and bought themselves one for additional support for this great group!

    17. I have to thank you for sharing this with us. Im so touched by what these
      Women are doing. The scarves look absolutely gorgeous and I bought one
      For my daughter for Christmas. She will love it.
      Anything to keep these young women off the streets.
      Thank you again.

    18. Great cause & it’s a WIN WIN situation. You help others, & able to get another beautiful investment….the scarf. Great gift for the holidays, my daughter loves the grey & yellow.

    19. Thank you for bringing this company to my attention…love the concept! I signed up for their newsletter. Great idea for Christmas.

    20. I liked them on Facebook, subscribed to their newsletter, and am doing more research in trying to volunteer. As a Social Work student, I feel it is really important to get involved in things like this, and I’m going to bring it up to my social work club a the University I attend.

    21. LOVE it! We lived in Kenya for 4 years so I’ve seen firsthand just how great these organizations are for women and others to sustain a decent income. Teaching to fish…

    22. love this… my desire this year is to give Christmas gifts that have a purpose… have a feeling every single lady on my list will be receiving one of these!!

    23. Signed up for their newsletter; not only a wonderful non-profit but also a topic we all-too-often overlook. Thanks for shedding light onto these beautiful women in our world.

    24. I love the idea that fashionABLE gives, and loved it even more after I went on their website and facebook page to learn more about them. I felt God working in my heart once I heard the song ‘Beautiful Things’ in the video…that song has been on my mind lately, and now I know exactly why : )

    25. As a Mary Kay Consultant this cause is close to my heart. Mary Kay Ash started her company to Enrich Women’s Lives and consultants are charged to continue that legacy. I will be sure to let all my girl friends know about this website. Thank you.

    26. Liked them on FB, what a wonderful company, a friend here in New Orleans has one called Rural Revolution with the same principle, fabulous jewelry and purses!

    27. It is so encouraging to see these women with a job that not only provides for them but shares their amazing gifts with the world. What a precious thing!

    28. Thanks for the introduction to this beautiful company! I think I will be purchasing some Christmas gifts from this website!

    29. Ohhhhh I have an addiction to scarves – have well over a dozen in my closet already! I have a birthday coming up in November so I will be sure to put one of these on my wish list. Fingers crossed! I also liked them on Facebook. Thanks for letting us know about this great organization!

    30. Beautiful scarves! I adore the handwritten tags — what a wondrous touch. It’d make a great statement in a frame on a wall where I’d pass by everyday, doncha think? I signed up for their newsletter and liked them on fb. Thanks for the awareness!

    31. Thank you for posting about this company – the scarves are lovely, I want to get one for each of my daughters! I signed up for the newsletter, and left a comment on your facebook – thanks!!

    32. Found out about these two weeks ago and have about five women in mind I would love to buy these for! Liked them on Facebook!

    33. I liked it on facebook and made a tweet about it! This is a great company. Growing up my nanny was from Ethopia and she told me so many stories of her country. I have wanted to visit there for many years and I hope to go soon. But this story/company really touched my heart and I love the idea. I will be purchasing a scarf or two or three soon!!

    34. Loving all these new companies that are empowering and providing opportunity for girls/women to provide for themselves…all the glory to GOD!
      I liked them on FB :)

    35. Liked them on FB! What a great company–love them like I love Noonday (My bridesmaids all wore Noonday earrings in our wedding last year).

    36. WOW!! Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful company to my attention. I LOVE everything about them from the personalization of the scarf to the style itself. Can’t wait to browse the entire website!

    37. What beautiful scarves! I liked them on Facebook and signed up for their newsletter. I think I know what I’m saving up for next!

    38. What an amazing cause! I truly believe in supporting things that give back so I’ve liked their Facebook page & signed up for their newsletter. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to add something FashionABLE to my wardrobe! I’d be thrilled if I won

    39. Love this organization. How empowering! I’ll definitely keep this website bookmarked for Christmas gifts! I signed up for the newsletter.

    40. Thank you so much for sharing about this amazing company! I can’t wait to purchase scarves for the lovely women in my life (mom, mother-in-law, etc.). I liked on fb and signed up for the newsletter. Thanks for the opportunity to win a free scarf!

    41. I liked them on Facebook and posted their story to my wall. Going to definitely check them out to order gifts for Christmas! I’m going to pin them as we’ll, so I don’t forget!

    42. My friend recently traveled to Ethiopia to adopt and visited fashionABLE. She brought me back a scarf that I love! I am so glad to see that you are bringing more publicity to this very worthy ministry!

    43. I signed up for the newsletter, and I WILL be purchasing these for my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas (Shhh! Don’t tell!) and of course, would love to win one for myself! I pinnned it as well, so my friends will know about it.Thanks Emily, for sharing with us.What an amazing company, and amazing women. I am honored to support them. Blessings!

    44. I’ve signed up for their newsletter and also ‘Liked’ them on facebook, & what a wonderful company and an absolutely beautiful collection, how were you able to choose just one?!

    45. FashionAble is a Wonderful cause. The scarfs are darling. willI purchase one for my Mama. These lovely scarfs are going to make great christmas gifts. Emily, thanks for everything you do! I love been subcribed to your blog. It makes my email worth checking!!!

    46. signed up for the newsletter. what a beautiful scarf! love how lightweight it is and also that this company is giving women a way out of desperate situations.

    47. I liked their Facebook page. I would love to win this scarf! I have been saying that I am in need of new scarves this winter. The purpose behind this one just makes it all the greater!

    48. Thanks for sharing this great website and cause! I liked them on facebook and plan on buying a scarf for me and at least one more as a gift. Beautiful scarves and beautiful ladies!

    49. What lovely scarves, and what an important mission. I liked them on Facebook, and thank you for introducing a great organization …

    50. What a great company with such an awesome story! I liked them on facebook! I look forward to purchasing from them in the future!

    51. I love that buying these beautiful scarves supports women in this way! I liked fashionable on FB but it took a little for me to figure out it needed to be “live fashionable” to get the right site.

    52. Thank you for blogging about this website! I liked them on facebook and will be purchasing several scarves for Christmas gifts. I’d love to win one for myself :)

    53. I just “liked” on Facebook. As a new mom of a baby girl I am reminded of how blessed we are to have what we have and live where we live. My heart goes out to these women and their families and I will hold them in my prayers. Thank you for sharing!

    54. After visiting the site I liked them on Facebook – not a hard thing to do after reading their story. So thankful for you and other’s sharing ways to make a difference in the lives of others.

    55. Love the idea of helping others by what we purchase! What a wonderful feeling! Signed up for the newsletter and liked on Facebook. Beautiful work!

    56. I signed up for their newsletter and will definitely plan on following them to purchase gifts this Christmas… but I would love to win one! ;)

    57. “liked” on Facebook and will probably be ordering some scarves for Christmas presents :) My daughter interned for MochaClub and Fashionable in Nashville this past summer :)

    58. I love that each comes with a beautiful name/face. Only when we begin seeing that EACH product we buy, no matter where we buy it nor its size or monetary value, has a beautiful face and hands. They have aspirations and hopes and dreams. Only with this realization can we truly change the world. Thank you so much for promoting such a worthy cause.

    59. Found them in Jen Hatmaker’s book “7”. Love them and Noonday. Am planning to use them for my Christmas shopping this year for many of the wonderful women in my life. Liked them on facebook. You look great in that scarf by way. And love your Noonday necklace in your picture on the blog! I put that one on my Christmas list :)

    60. Oh what a brilliant business model. I want one for the TAG ALONE. (and of course the scarf is delicious.) Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.


    61. WOW! What a beautiful company for such an important cause. So inspiring. I will be buying these for my sisters for Christmas. I would love to win one for myself :). {I liked them on facebook}.

    62. Thank you for “introducing” me to fashionABLE! Our heartbeats the same & can’t wait to purchase one or give one away!!! =)

    63. I liked them on Facebook, and added a scarf to my Christmas wish list (now it’s up to my husband!). Beautiful scarves, and such a wonderful idea! Thanks for the giveaway.

    64. What an amazing company and an awesome giveaway! I would never have known about fashionABLE had it not been for this post, so thank you for sharing! I Liked fashionABLE on Facebook, followed them on Twitter and signed up for their newsletter! Now, I’m about to browse the site so I can decide which scarf I want to purchase soon! :)

    65. I just liked and shared this on FB. Looks like a really awesome company and is worth supporting! I love the hand written tags.

    66. Liked them on FB and will have to order several for Christmas gifts. They are truly beautiful I love supporting women’s programs.

    67. I liked fashionABLE on Facebook and signed up for their newsletter. These scarves will be under my Christmas tree this year for my mom and sister. They will LOVE them. Thanks for connecting us all, Emily, to this amazing non-profit!

    68. The website is incredible, I didn’t know there were so many gorgeous colors and patterns, it was so hard to choose!

      The inspiration and dedication these people have for this cause is absolutely remarkable…it makes me want to do more to help those in need.

      Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!

    69. THANK YOU for posting this link! I love giving Christmas gifts that have a story and help someone so this is perfect – just in time for the holidays. :-)

    70. Thank you SO much for sharing this cause. It excites me to know we can other women in need! Speaking of have you heard of freedom 4/24? It helps fight against human trafficing in Thailand and Kenya so far. But another great cause that you can be a part of in your local community:))

    71. I liked FashionAble on Facebook and look forward to browsing through all their beautiful creations. Thanks for sharing!

    72. I liked them on facebook – have you heard of WORN or 31Bits? They are similar organizations – I got my bridesmaids’ jewelry from 31Bits. It is so empowering to be a part of something that makes such an impact on women’s futures!

    73. Liked on Facebook!

      SO impressed by what they’re doing. We support Kiva, the microlending agency, for the same reasons – empowering people to rise out of poverty and make a new life for themselves. Thank you for writing about fashionABLE! I’m a fan now.

    74. Thank you so much for bringing our attention to this wonderful, sustainable business, fashion ABLE! Their scarves are lovely and their mission- simply amazing! Reading the story of Abeba was really touching and knowing that by purchasing a scarf we can help with the transformative cycle is such a great feeling! I have ordered a few to get some of my Christmas shopping done! My mother, sister and mother in law will love this gift! We are trying to give gifts that have meaning and this one does the trick!

    75. What a great way to help people who really need it…by supporting them to empower themselves. I purchased the beautiful Feleku scarf in Olice Black – such a pretty color. I am really looking forward to wearing it. Thanks so much for this post and bringing this wonderful organization to our attention.

    76. This is such an amazing cause! I tend to buy a lot of my scarves at sustainable living stores. FashionABLE takes it one step further by not just providing jobs, but also rehabilitating and continuing to train more and more women. Looks like a great place to Christmas shop to me! Thanks for telling us about them!

    77. Love this! Everything about it…. BRILLIANT!
      I have fanned them on Facebook {Tairalyn Ciulla}.

      Wow – I will no doubt be posting about this on the Little Miss Mama Page <3


    78. I liked fashionABLE on FB. I LOVE their scarves so if I don’t win, I plan to buy at least one. They’d make great Christmas gifts!

    79. Gorgeous scarves– beautiful, powerful stories. Thanks for featuring fashionAble. I’ve liked them on Fb and plan to get my sisters and mom these for Christmas gifts!

    80. I just love scarves and being able to help women make changes in their lives and sustain themselves and their families in the process is an added incentive! thank you so much for sharing this – i have posted and liked on facebook and enjoying looking at all the lovely scarves to choose from….

    81. Liked on FB!!! Thank you for posting! My heart goes out to these women and the personally handwritten tags warms the heart. Such beautiful scarves made with hands of love. So many colors and styles, and so many choices! I def will be letting others know of this wonderful site!

    82. I love that they are helping these women. We have a local store who only sells products from women who live in small countries and gives back to them.

      I like you on facebook! xoxo

      Thanks for sharing this!

    83. What a truly beautiful scarf. You are so right about how unique this is…going to the people rather than a large company. I would be proud to wear such a beautiful scarf.

    84. I just liked fashionABLE on Facebook. Someone once gave me a scarf from them, and I love it! I like the Saba scarf in denim or the Mulu in cranberry.

    85. These scarves are beautiful and I love that the $ helps people too! Empowering women in poorer countries DOES changes lives for generations to come. I know where I will be doing some holiday shopping. Thank You

    86. Signed up for the fashionABLE newsletter and liked them on FB. Thank you for making us aware of this organization. Excited to share it with others!

    87. I liked them on Facebook! These are beautiful. I have two sister-in-laws that are adopted from Ethiopia – what a great Christmas present this would be for them! I might have to buy some.

    88. I really like the handwritten tags! You’re right, it makes it so much more personal. I went ahead and “liked” them on FB and am anxious to learn more about them!

    89. I don’t know how you would be able to choose just one scarf! I liked them on FB and am now doing some online shopping :)

      Thanks for the introduction to a great company!

    90. I am currently reading a book set in Ethiopia, seeing this wonderful company seemed timely for me and I am thinking Christmas gifts!

    91. Thank you for introducing me to this company! I am so thankful I now know about it so I can support Ethiopian women in purchasing as many scarves as I can, and by sharing it with others.

    92. i love these seemingly new companies, new faces and outlets that we CAN help create dignified sustainable incomes for so many that live in poverty we can’t even imagine.
      thank you for the noonday shout out my friend
      you are a beautiful soul

    93. Thanks for the introduction to fashionABLE! What a fabulous company! Loving that Saba “denim” scarf, although they are all beautiful! I’m going to purchase a few for Christmas gifts!

    94. What a wonderful company, mission, and giveaway. Thank you for letting us know about them! I liked them of FB. Loving the navy and white striped Aleba, but alas it is sold out :( I am sure I can quickly find another favorite though with such beautiful colors and textures to choose from!

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