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Friday Favorites

    Happy Friday! This week flew by … the kids went back to school, piano and basketball started back up, and I finally took down Christmas which led to furniture rearranging (my favorite).

    rug | couch | lamp | coffee table (similar) | x pillow | plaid pillow | leather pillow | curtains

    Let’s talk about all the good things happening around the internet this week.

    +  I’m sure you heard … but did you hear?! Our collective bff is pregnant with #5. I asked Ryan what he would say if I wanted another baby and you should have seen his face. #notgoingtohappen #imokaywiththat

    +  Audrey’s mostly over wearing cute hair bows and headbands and yet I still can’t get enough of this shop’s adorable options. I want every single one.

    +  We made marinated flank steak with chimichurri from my current cookbook obsession for Christmas Eve dinner and it was delish! Who knew coffee grounds in a marinade would be so amazing.

    +  I left feeling so inspired and free after reading this post from my friend Tsh. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to let our jobs/hobbies/volunteer activities/passions grow and change with us.

    +  My newest pair of jeans that I can’t stop wearing. Here’s a non-distressed version if that’s more your thing.

    +  Remember that sweater/wrap/vest thing I was wearing in the last coffee chat that I couldn’t find the link to? Well, I found it.

    +  Today is the last day to register for my online penmanship class. It’s $49 (regularly$79) and you’ll get a set of notebooks for free! 

    +  Just for laughs.

    Have a great weekend, my friends!

    35 thoughts on “Friday Favorites”

      1. That is a speaker in the wall. I did paint the walls in here and over that speaker, but it still shows. Our plan is to do a full makeover of this room in the near future and I’ll add wood planks to all the walls to give them some architectural detail. That should take care of the random speaker :)

          1. That’s a great suggestion. I think the curtain rod is as extended as it can be, but I’m going to go check it out and see if it will work.

    1. Thanks for the link to your sweater/wrap/vest thing! I looked for it when you first posted but couldn’t find it. I just bought it.

    2. Thanks for these links! I love that they are links from a variety of sources/topics…style, inspiration, creativity. I’m ordering the sweater wrap right now!

    3. Hi Emily! Love your site…always enjoy your tips and style! About your very cool Home Depot rug (which I was shocked to see where it was from, I never thought of looking there)…..anyway, is it soft? It looks on the thin side, how well would you think it would hold up (in comparison to a pottery barn jute rug – Im debating while one to get right now). Your the best!!

    4. So I would like to hear some ladies opinions on why buying “distressed” or already ripped jeans is so popular again right now? It’s just not on my radar and I’d love to hear from some of you as to why??? Thanks!

    5. Hi Emily and Happy New Year! I know I’m going to upset the apple cart here, but I honestly am very concerned about how nonchalant people are about having more and more children.

      The average birthrate these days has shot up to 5. Meanwhile, it’s by the same generation priding itself on being the most environmentally aware and careful. Of the list of many things anyone can do to help protect the future of the planet and future generations, a high birthrate is not one of them. In fact, it is frankly the most detrimental of all.

      There are limited resources on our beloved planet and over-population is already a problem no one seems willing to discuss. Does anyone really consider the type of life being handed off to their heirs? Isn’t it time we start having this delicate yet all imperative conversation?

    6. Ha! I kept getting distracted while reading your post because I was checking out the links as I went along! 😜 Thanks for sharing the baby news – I hadn’t heard yet. 😃 That shop with the hair bows is absolutely adorable! And I got that cookbook for Christmas after the first time you mentioned it; you give excellent book recommendations! Thanks!

    7. Thanks so much for the link to the jeans! I ordered the non-distressed version because they didn’t have the other pair in my size and the non-distressed are on sale for $25!! Can’t wait to get them.

    8. Hi Emily! What size rug did you buy? I’m not sure the 8.6 x 11.6 is large enough… Thanks for the heads up on the jeans. I just ordered a couple of pairs! Happy New Year.

    9. Love this post! Need those jeans and the wrap sweater. Going to try the cookbook too.
      Thanks Emily! Happy Friday and happy weekend.

    10. Thank you so much for introducing Halfbaked Harvest to me. I just bought her cookbook after trying at least 6 of her recipes from her blog. Our Christmas was a Halfbaked Harvest Christmas…cinnamon rolls, butternut squash lasagna, artichoke dip, Rudolph’s Rockin’ Jingle Punch, Million Dollar Spaghetti…all turned out FABULOUS!

      1. Go on the website & do the jean size finder survey thing & it should fix you right up! I just ordered them in the dark indigo wash & they shipped today….can’t wait to get them!

      2. I usually wear a size 26 in jeans, but they didn’t have any in the store so I tried on the size 24 and while a teeny bit snug, they surprisingly fit. I would suggest sizing down.

    11. I’m not a commenter, but just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog!
      I come here because:
      *The content is real; not contrived or forced.
      *The graphic aspect is easy to navigate and not full of advertisements. I know they are necessary for some, but they read as clutter. 😬
      *You are relatable on a human level. I’m working to be my best self too!
      *Your writing style is easy to read and digest as I often read it while taking a short break at work. 😉
      Thanks for the daily read!
      ~Cara from Iowa

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