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Good stuff at IKEA

    The kids had half-days last week and I had the brilliant plan on Thursday to take them all with me to meet up with my mom at IKEA.

    Here’s something I’m learning: I don’t have preschoolers anymore.

    I used to meet my mom at IKEA regularly when the kids were little – especially when the older two were in school and I was looking for things to occupy my time with two little ones at home. They would either go into the playland area or stay with us and snack on IKEA letter crackers while my mom and I shopped. It was always slightly stressful with those wonky carts, but mostly an enjoyable way to pass the afternoon.

    So I thought I was pretty clever to take the kids along with me to pick up a few things and spend some time with my mom while we were at it.

    Well, now I know that shopping at IKEA on a half-day of school is not the ideal way to spend your time if you are a 13, 12 or 10-year-old boy. Audrey didn’t mind so much, but she’s little and can still fit in a cart. The boys had to walk their own feet through the miles of the ikea maze and wait for us ladies to look at and touch everything. The kids were fine … but next time I’ll leave them at home :)

    While shopping, I found a few things (see what I bought at the end of the post) and spent the rest of my time snapping photos of things I liked. I’m on a purging kick right now, so I wasn’t super tempted to buy a bunch of stuff, but if you’re headed to IKEA any time soon, I’ve done some picking out of cute things for you.

    We’ll start with this pretty green vase. I maybe should have bought this one.


    These metal side tables were intriguing. My 10-year-old son wanted that shorter coffee table version for a lego table and it actually would be a great option since it has a lip around the edge.


    I was very happy to see a new black and white stripe blanket option. This one almost made it into my cart … but we all know I do not need another black and white striped throw blanket in my life.


    This thin blanket did come home with me. I am thinking I’ll cut it up and make a pillow out of it … or keep it as a throw. I haven’t decided yet. The color is so good.


    Need a perfect pot for little plants or candy or your daughter’s hair bows or dog treats or anything else you can think of that needs a home? These are a great size, stackable and chic.


    Christmas is coming and these gold stars are really pretty. And there is that pot with a great artificial tree in it. Line three of those up on your table and you have a great centerpiece for the holidays.


    I’m partial to real greenery, but these next few medium-sized artificial plants caught my eye. I had just read a post from Young House Love about their very convincing faux front porch potted trees and all three seem like great options if you need fairly realistic plants for front porch pots.



    FEJKA BOXWOOD $59.99

    This next one is the most indestructable indoor houseplant ever. If you have a low-light situation or forget to water your plants, this one is perfect.

    ZZ PLANT $9.99

    We have this mirror in our entry (see it here in the old house) and I might call it the best buy at IKEA. It’s big, has a simple, yet substantial frame and is less than $50.


    This little light is very cool. I wish they pulled that caution sticker off there … but just imagine how modern it would look without it. And the beloved black and white cord is forever my favorite.

    FADO LAMP $19.99

    These pendants are fun.



    You’ve likely seen this line of lights – they have a pendant, floor lamp, table lamp and sconce version and everyone is great.

    RANARP SCONCE $19.99

    This little hourglass is a great decorative object for a bookshelf or coffee table.


    And add this glass dome to your shopping list, too. It comes in two sizes.


    These hooks are not particularly heavy, but very cute looking. We have a similar iron hook in our boys’ room to hang sweatshirts and it is so useful.


    The kids were getting very tired of walking and shopping by the time we hit the bedding section.

    Mason camped out right next to the bedding that is actually on his bed (see it here).


    This cutie clock is fun for styling a bedside table (it’s similar to the one on my step-stool-turned-nightstand seen here).

    DEKAD CLOCK $6.99

    I’m partial to anything with graphic lettering or numbering and I nearly bought these candles. I’m assuming they are used for Advent, but I like them just for fun, too.


    And – at last! – we made it to the checkout … and better yet, the $1 ice cream cones.

    Curious to see what made it into my big blue ikea bag?

    I went with the intention to buy pull down shades for the kids’ windows. I did buy them, but they are not right and will be returned.

    The rest of the stuff was just random grabs.

    Straws, because my children find drinking out of straws so much more enjoyable than not.

    A large sifter, because I only have a tiny one and I’ve been meaning to get a bigger one for baking for a long time.

    Child-sized wood hangers, because I have a little project in mind for how to embellish them.

    Striped rug, to turn into a pillow for Christmas (like this).

    That blue blanket.

    A roll of white paper, for my creative kids and possibly for Christmas wrapping.

    Bag clips, to keep open bags fresh.

    And we can’t leave IKEA without their letter biscuits and those raspberry filled cookies.

    It was a productive trip, and after we overcame the mild dissatisfaction with spending an afternoon off of school out shopping, we ended up having a great time, indulging in Swedish meatballs and walking out with a long list of cute things to get next time.

    32 thoughts on “Good stuff at IKEA”

    1. Absolutely love your finds ❤️
      We have the same mirror and I am wondering how you hung it up on your wall – the weight is making me a bit nervous about hanging it…..

    2. Thank you! I love your suggestions especially your sons idea of using the JORID tray table for lego! In the yellow it is perfect for my living room and my girls small world set-ups and yes Lego!
      Please stop using straws.. single-use plastics just send up in the ocean & straws are one of the most frequent things we find washed up on our beaches. My 2yo loved them but I have faced down the tantrums and we’ll never use one again.

    3. OK – I am totally laughing cause half of what you shared above are things that I was checking out or had in my hand while I was there last week! Ha! Great minds. I love the price point for sure. The carts make my body hurt cause they have a mind of their own and I can never get them to follow the yellow brick road so to speak. Glad you survived the trip!

    4. I love seeing all the pretties from Ikea but what really caught my attention was your mention of feeling the need to purge lately. I find myself being completely overwhelmed with my house and I was just wondering what methods you might be using. As I look at all the stuff we have and know that Christmas is just around the corner sometimes I can hardly breathe, LOL!

    5. If it weren’t for my pathetic tendency towards impulse buys, I’d make the trek to IKEA a lot more often. :) I wonder if you would consider buying paper instead of plastic straws for your kids, to be kinder on the environment. The paper kind are more and more common now and usually super-cute!

    6. This was fun! Thanks for taking us along. It was great hearing your suggestions and comments on the use of the different items and I loved the rug-into-pillow tutorial. There is an IKEA about and hour and an half away, definitely a fun day trip.

    7. Oh what I wouldn’t do to live closer to an Ikea!! We live on an Island and the trip is just too long to make in a day…but I have pinned a few of your picks for the next time we are on the mainland. Thanks!

    8. Thank you for taking us with you to IKEA! 😜 how fun! I love your picks. My son had Monday off for teacher education and I almost went to IKEA but we spent a lot of time at the park. Such a nice day!

      I need to head over there for that striped blanket and I have had my eye on that mirror for a while now. I think it’s time. Lol

      1. You light the first candle on the first Sunday of Advent, then on the second you light, number 1 and 2, third Sunday, 1,2, and 3 on the last Sunday before Christmas you light all 4 candles.

        1. Definitely, thanks. Our church has Advent candles too but they are plain, pilar candles, three white and one pink. I’ve never seen numbered ones before :)

      2. They’re used to mark the Sundays of Advent leading up to Christmas! The ones at my church don’t have numbers on them, but I really like the cute numbered ones :)

    9. Yes to the straws! Those are always in our house! And funny, but I almost bought the same windowpane blanket to use for pillow covers!

    10. Don’t forget tealights (Glima) and tapers (Jubla) for days – they are the only ones we buy (cheap, never drip, etc.), so we just stock up anytime we wander in to keep the trips to a minimum. That new one is so much nicer than the old one!

    11. Great finds, I really like the NYMO drum shades!
      As for the straws…I would suggest purchasing reusable stainless straws, they are great and not going in the trash! I purchased mine from Amazon

    12. Thanks so much for this post…it is merchandise over-load for me when I go. Of course I think I have to touch and feel everything and usually walk out with only picture frames and maybe a candle. Am going to look for your suggestions next time I go…especially your ZZ plant.

    13. I would love to go by myself. There are 2 IKEAs in the SF Bay Area, but both are an hour drive each way (traffic, ugh). They are going to build one at some point in the town next to mine, which I’m not wild about. It won’t be an “event” to go there! Plus, we always stop at Fenton’s Creamery on the way home. I like the blue blanket you picked up and that would definitely work in my family room. I have a gray one that is like it, thin and perfect for watching tv and feeling cozy when it’s still warm out.

    14. I so understand about taking kids there when they’re older! It used to be a great place to spend an afternoon … now they aren’t as amused or distractable. Recently my daughter just brought her homework and set up at one of the desk displays in a model apartment. Ha! You made some great finds there – thanks for sharing them! I must need to make another trip soon. :)

    15. Noooooo what was wrong with the pull down shades? They are on the top of my list when I finally haul myself to IKEA. My kids are now old enough that they never want to go with but always want me to bring cinnamon rolls home. Ha!

      1. I dont think there is anything wrong with them … just not exactly what we had in mind. With kids, we need something a little more substantial. My mom has the pull down shades in her airstream and they are perfect.

    16. Kim - The TomKat Studio

      Great finds, Emily! Adding the striped blanket and number candles to my list! I put that mirror in black over the kids’ vanity and it was perfect!

    17. I’m Ikea obsessed! I bought the striped blanket last week! I have the Zebra plant, my son has the same striped bedding as your son and you definitely should’ve bought that green vase. I’ll have to make another trip out for it and maybe one of those lipped tables. My son only goes for the meatballs and to roll himself up in a rug so I cannot find him. Thanks for sharing!

    18. I need to go to IKEA with you! I always get so overwhelmed with all that they have there. I love how you narrowed it down for me. Thanks!

    19. Well, my kids have a half day today, it’s raining, and my (sometimes difficult to please) 5 year old recently listed ikea as one of his favorite places, so I’m pretty sure you just figured out our afternoon plans for us!!

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