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I went to hobby lobby for the first time and you’ll be shocked with what I came home with

Okay, I lied.  You probably won’t be shocked.

I really did experience the goodness of Hobby Lobby for the first time last week {they are a new addition to the Pacific Northwest}. I was partially in heaven {the knobs! The craft supplies!} and partially overwhelmed by how many random trinkets/picture frames/yard art that could be crammed into one store.  Most of all, it was good to finally know what y’all are talking about when you say you found {fill-in-the-blank} at hobby lobby. Now I get it. They have a little bit of everything.

As I was unloading my cart onto the counter to purchase, I laughed at myself: every single thing was neutral. Out of a store full of color and pattern, I only chose the color-less items.


At least I know what I like!


This little ampersand was my favorite purchase. I’m thinking I’ll glitter it. Or not.


The hairbows were a great find too … in my dreams I would be from the south where my little girl would wear humongous bows everyday. Kids up here don’t really do that, but I’m going with it anyway. I’m sure I could make these, but at $2.99, you can’t beat the price.


The selection of knobs was impressive. I’m pretty sure they are the same ones we all love at Anthropologie {but a fraction of the price}. I was actually needing some for the laundry room makeover and could have gone crazy with color. Instead I chose the gingham and brass. They may be too country, or they may be perfect. Hopefully progress will continue this week on the cabinets and I’ll share photos soon.

All in all, I’m a fan of Hobby Lobby. They are opening a store much closer to me, so I’m sure I’ll venture in again soon. And probably walk out with more of my beloved neutrals.

Do you find you stick to a color scheme when you shop? If so, please share!

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  1. Emily…so happy you found Hobby Lobby! FYI did you know about their 40% off coupon that you can pull up on your phone and when you check out they just look for Confirmation # and give you a discount on one item only. Hobbylobby.com/coupon Love your blog!!!!

  2. Yes Emily! Rock the southern bow like nobody’s business! It’s so sweet. I’m from Louisiana, the joke is, “The bigger the bow, the better the momma!” $2.99 can’t be beat, I’m headed to Hobby Lobby today. :)

  3. I have a Hobby Lobby 1/2 mile from my house…which could be very dangerous for some. I’ve learned to use a coupon and shop their sales…otherwise you really could spend tons of money!

    Anything teal/turquoise will almost always find it’s way into my cart.

  4. Oh man, I think I went to the Hobby Lobby in Lynnwood 3 times in one week during Christmas! Unfortunately it’s only 10 minutes from my work so it’s easy to go over there on my lunch break. I used to read blog posts from people who went to Hobby Lobby and I thought, how can one store be so great? After we got it here I now understand :).

  5. Im from Houston, TX…..Hobby Lobby is where I live-SO much so that I get gift cards there on special occasions. :) Best is that they have a 40% coupon going on ALL the time on their website. I am a frequent so I literally buy one thing, then go back and buy the rest re-using my coupon off my phone.

  6. Shocking…I tell you! :). To thine own self be true! I gravitate towards the sherbert colors myself…yes Hobby Lobby is as you described it–a bit overwhelming but definitely a place where you can pretty much find “it” all. Just think how blessed we are….an entire store devoted to arts and crafts the size of a small hamlet!

  7. We love big bows in the south!! Maybe you just need to bring the trend to the northwest! They don’t know what they’re missing! :)
    Others have probably already mentioned their sales, but they are seriously the best and you can always get a 40% coupon from their website right on your phone while youre waiting in line!

  8. My niece will be excited to see this blog post. She is a graphic artist at the Hobby Lobby warehouse in Oklahoma City, coming up with the next best thing we all cannot live without.
    I have been shopping at Hobby Lobby since it was only one store in the middle of Oklahoma City, that was loaded with crafts and crafty ideas. You had to dig to find what you were looking for.

    Norman OK

  9. I am a Hobby Lobby addict and had actually just gotten back from there when your email popped in my box… haha!! I check out the knob isle every time I’m there and stock up when they are half price for my painted furniture projects. They have awesome seasonal selections, as well, and put Christmas out in July, which gives you plenty time to start Christmas projects and to stock up on decorations. I purchased mostly black metal items today (they were half off) and only one was white, one rustic red and the rest black. I also bought a bunch of stencils, paint brushes and unfinished wooden plaques for my paint workshops at my studio. I’m from Alabama and all 3 of my girls wore large hair bows in their hair when they were young, even when we lived in Montana!

  10. I absolutely love Hobby Lobby. I can’t believe you’ve never been to Hobby Lobby. My hubby hates going there with me, he says I have to look and touch everything in the store….. : ) I haven’t been in a while and I need to go and get some supplies for some crafts I have in mind. Oh and keep your eyes open for the sales they run quite often…..

  11. I thought you were joking that you had never been to Hob Lob……..then I kept reading. Well! Well! Let me tell you……..you are in for a treat. I get myself in trouble in there all the time. I wait for an item when it is 50% off which is most likely in a week and I if not on sale and I am not patient to wait I use my iphone to show them the 40% coupon.
    I am impressed that you did not buy more on your first trip. Atta girl!!

  12. Ooh, child, welcome to Hobby Lobby! Go ahead ad download their app, so you always have a coupon in your pocket. I’ve been going for years, but never noticed knobs being there. I’ll be searching my store soon!

  13. OMG – love Hobby Lobby!!! Moved to San Diego area a year ago, and we don’t have one here. They have the best prices and items. Missing my Hobby Lobby!!!

  14. I love all your ideas and your style by the way. Have you seen the “Laundry Dresser” on Pinterest? I am sure you have, but if not it might be something to consider for your laundry room. I am obsessed with wanting one. Please keep sending all the great ideas!! And yes, my little Southern girl wears the bows in her hair. :)

  15. i LOVE me some hobby lobby. word of advice: NEVER PAY FULL PRICE on decor items and the such (and even seasonal items). they rotate 50% off sales on everything from mirrors, to wall art, to picture frames. also, sign up for their email and get a 40% off coupon for regular priced items that aren’t on sale.

    i agree, the bows are the best! also, their season items are good for school parties and teachers gifts.

  16. my husband has joked that i have an unlimited budget at hobbey lobbey because as a company, they are standing up for their values despite how much it is costing them. I love their selection and glad you discovered it. And yes, down here in SC i’m all about giant bows in my daughter’s hair and smocked dresses every sunday. I’ve got to order my son a little seersucker suit for easter to match a dress for you. There is no end to the sweetness in decorating our children down here. Gotta love the deep south.

  17. Love you finds! The first time I went I got totally overwhelmed by EVERYTHING! To me it was like walking into a combined Joanns and Michaels! I ended up calling a friend to calm me down! The next time I wanted to go said friend kindly came with me!!

  18. Hi Emily,

    I get totally lost when I am in Hobby Lobby! Love that store! I will be going this weekend to pick me up some dress forms/mannequins for my booth. They are burlap covered… which saves me time so I do not have to cover them anymore.
    I had my first venture at Hobby Lobby about 5 years ago when living in MO.
    Then I so missed out when I came back to CA.
    Now we have one here and I have to really try to tell myself that I do not need to go to Hobby Lobby! Lol.

    I love the soothing music they play. Recognizing every tune is actually a worship song. Got to love it.

    Oooops I am drifting off.
    Well, yes, of course do I tend to always come home with the same colors.
    No color. Just neutral here.
    It has to be black, a dark wood furniture to match with my neutrals.

    For some reason when I need a new lipstick I always find out at home that I already have one in that color range…
    and when it comes to my closet…. finally finally I decided to stay away from the whites.
    More color there! But it took me about 15 years!

    Well, I love your ampersand and the knobs.

    Have a lovely week!

  19. Funny about the bows – I live in South Florida, but I was born and bred a northener. I have been ranting about those huge bows that little girls wear (so big you can hardly see the child) and never thought about it being a Southern thing! Hahaha!

  20. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting about HL coming this way! I looked it up (I also live in the area of WA you do) and am STOKED about the new one opening up! SO much closer than that other one. I originally fell in love with HL when my husband was stationed in North Dakota and have missed it ever since. Now it seems I won’t have to! Thanks for sharing the good news with another enthusiastic fan! :)

  21. So jealous! We don’t have that store in NYC but I’ve heard wonderful things about them around the blogosphere. There’s one further out in NJ and after this post I’m seriously tempted to hop in a Zip Car and make the trek. Definitely seems worth it!

  22. I love Hobby Lobby! I try to schedule my trips home to Colorado to have at least one day with time to go wonder around since I don’t have them in Southern California. They’re closed on Sundays because they’re a Christian owned company – another reason to support HL!

  23. I would love to come hang out with you! And go shopping with you! :) You seem so real, fun, and down-to-earth. Not to mention I love your Christian values and appreciate how you weave them into many of your posts. I greatly appreciate it! I adore your style and appreciate your wisdom.
    Many thanks!

  24. I love Hobby Lobby! Have to keep my trips down to 1-2 a month or else I spend way too much. I alos have to keep a list of items I’m looking for otherwise I would bring home the whole store.

  25. I would love a Hobby Lobby near us–I always hear about the great things people find there! Now to see all those neat knobs and other goodies I am really jealous. They do have them in Florida, but the closest is a few hours away. On a side note, I love your comment about little southern girls and their big bow. We live in a “southern” area of Florida (I know that sounds funny–typically in Florida the further north you go the more “southern” you get) and we LOVE our big bows, and I have 3 little girls so we get lots of use out of them :)
    Happy Day!

  26. Be sure to always pull up the weekly coupon on your cell phone when you shop Hobby Lobby. Most weeks it is 40% off a single item. And, you can go back everyday of the week if you like and use the coupon over and over.
    Happy Shopping!

  27. Your comment about bows made me laugh! I’ve lived in the South my entire life and grew up wearing bows that were bigger than my head! I doubt it will ever go out of style here…even infants wear big bows! Hope your sweet girl enjoys hers :)

  28. How sad you’ve never been to Hobby Lobby!
    I live in OKC, home of Hobby Lobby and it’s AMAZING! If you download their free app you can always get a 40% off coupon.
    Their sales are every other week pretty much. So, if you’re really wanting some fabric, wait until the next week and more than likely it’ll be on sale, if not you always have your coupon! :)

  29. I go through color phases when shopping. Sometimes I’ll come home with 12 green things – the next time I go out, it might be coral. Or mustard. Last time it was various shades of red and oatmeal. Weird, huh?

  30. I just went to Hobby Lobby yesterday for the first time in over a year and came home with the same ampersand. Can you please, please show what you do with it? I have been searching for an ampersnd ever since I saw a frame you have with one stuck on it, so it was definitely a purchase inspired by your blog.

  31. Hobby Lobby always has great sales. If you really want something… just wait and it will go on sale. They also have great coupons. You can usually get a “40% off one item” coupon from their website. :)

  32. I always have color in my basket. I was just there Monday, and I bought a pink basket for the girls crayons, and skein of gray yarn, and a skein of yellow and white yarn for a baby blanket.

    PS, hit the clearance section in the back every time you go, They always have great little things.

  33. I find Hobby Lobby to be a little overwhelming at times. I do love o pop in every once in while and I normally come out with colorless items too. Can’t beat their knobs and if you ever need patterned paper, they have a great selection. That’s funny about the big bows. I knew it was big here in the South, but I didn’t realize it was absent in other parts of the country. Audrey can be a trend setter!

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