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the iphone case that changed my life

    I know that title makes a big deal out of a little thing. And while ‘changed my life’ might be a bit strong, this phone case is a small thing that has made a big difference in my everyday.

    iphonecase-closedFor over 10 years I carried a monstrous bag filled with all the mom-essentials. Diapers, wipes, snacks, random socks and hair clips, loose change, twelve pens, chapstick, pacifiers covered in little crumbs. You get the idea. On top of all of this was my heavy over-filled wallet with too many cards and receipts plus my phone and keys.

    closedcaseOnce the babies were not babies and carrying emergency if-I-give-you-this-fruit leather-will-you-please-stop-crying snacks and a change of clothes was no longer necessary, I never downsized my bag. I just kept using the same size and it filled up with junk I didn’t need or use on a daily basis.

    iphonecasestyledWhen I upgraded to this gigantic iphone 6, I wasn’t crazy about any of the case options. I like the way a phone feels better on its own, without a case. However, the size and slipperiness of this big phone combined with my clumsiness and constant juggling of many things made me question the desire to leave it un-cased. Surely this big phone would be dropped and break if I didn’t protect it.

    iphonecaseI had seen these wallet-type cases before and decided to give one a try. I wasn’t sure if I would like the bulkiness of it or if having to flip the cover open every time I wanted to use the phone would be annoying, but went ahead with ordering one anyway. I figured for $16.99 it was worth a shot.

    iphone-case-open-blankI’m a little over 3 months in to using this case and like I said up there in the title, it has changed my life. I mean, as much as a phone case can.

    Here’s why:

    Since switching to this case, I find I rarely bring a purse anywhere. All I typically need is my phone, my driver’s license and either my business or personal credit card, which fit nicely in the card slots. When I go places like Costco or the library, I either grab the card I need or take my purse where I keep my regular wallet with all the cards. For everything else – dropping off the kids at school, running through the starbucks drive thru, traveling to North Carolina (true story! I didn’t bring a purse!) – I just bring along my phone.

    I don’t know why this feels like such a big deal to me. Maybe it’s just nice to be free of all the junk that clutters up my purse. Part of it might be that it stops me from popping in to Target (oops, Emily! You don’t have your red card with you) which in turn saves our family a lot of unnecessary spending.

    I like that it protects the phone. It feels more substantial and the case gives a better grip than just the phone alone. I actually don’t mind flipping the cover open. I can still take photos with the case on. Other than having to glue down the fake leather on the little magnet flaps, it has held up really well.


    Most of all, it just makes me happy. Sometimes (actually, often) #itsthelittlethings

    I did a bit of searching before I purchased my case. I wanted saddle brown (this was the closest I could find) and I didn’t want a big logo embossed on the front. While searching, I found a bunch of other colors and patterns that would make great life-changing cases, in case you’re in the market (that bright geometric one is calling my name … ).

    Iphone Wallet Cases / jones design company

    1   |   2   |   3   |   4   |   5   |   6   |   7   |   8   |   9

    Tell me … are you a purse carrier? Or would a simple setup like this work for you?

    P.S. The case roundup graphic was made using Adobe Illustrator – as is every single other graphic you find here at jones design company. If you would like to learn how to create graphics for your blog, a business, scrapbooking, your own personal hobby … I’d love to teach you!

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    34 thoughts on “the iphone case that changed my life”

    1. I love the look of this case – minimal and beautiful! The online reviews said you can still talk on the phone with the front flap shut due to the little microphone cut out – did this work well for you? Also some of the reviews weren’t so favorable about the case interfering with picture quality – did you have any issues?

      Thanks for sharing your find with us!

    2. Super cute case! And I spied the gmail app in one of your pics- why had I never thought to use that app instead of the regular mail app? I downloaded it, and have been using it since you posted this last week. Total life changer! I love how it categorizes my mail just like the desktop version. Thanks for sharing, even though that particular thing was not the point of the post. =)

    3. I used one of these for several years. We’ve since changed to a cash only system and I went back to the wallet/purse. The benefits of using cash have me very happy to carry the purse.

    4. I received a similar phone case as a gift from my husband. I love it but, am at a loss on what to do with my car/house keys when I want to use it to go shopping. What do you do with your keys?

      1. I pretty much always have a pocket but the summer months may be different since I won’t be wearing jackets. You could get a keychain bracelet, maybe?

    5. Have I spied some Beautycounter products in your pics lately? I’ve used a few products but would love to see a post on what you use/like.

    6. Perfect timing for this post! I recently used my upgrade and jumped over from a droid to the iPhone 6 Plus. Finding a pretty yet functional case has proved to be quite the challenge. Either they are not very attractive but yet extremely durable or they’re really cute but don’t look like they will protect the phone. Does the phone simply snap into the wallet case and does it seem to feel secure? Some of the ones I’ve looked at the phone seems wobbly in the case like it might fall out because it doesn’t wrap around the phone. Any thoughts or suggestions?

      Thanks much!

    7. Is that by any chance Beautycounter Lip Conditioning Balm in your iPhone case pics? :) That is what I cannot live without….

    8. I think you may have just convinced me. :) I have been wanting to not carry a purse around for a while now, but couldn’t really think of a good alternative. Don’t know why I didn’t think to use one of these! Good idea.

    9. HI Emily!
      Did you know you can get an app like ‘Stocard’ (that one’s for android, you’d have to find an IOS one, I’m sure there is!) where you can scan your extra cards in to the app ie. library & Target, and then just use your phone and the app wherever you go! No need to ever have the purse with extra cards! It’s been so great for me!

    10. I found a wallet that has a zipper side that my phone easily slips into (my lip balm fits there, too!), and so although I take a purse with me if I’ll be gone for a while and am likely to need stuff for the kids, if I’m just running an errand or into a store, I just bring the wallet. SO freeing! That said, I’m constantly afraid of losing my keys. :-D

    11. I got a new phone and the case for Christmas – Love Love Love it! I’ve always carried a purse but now I often just grab my phone and go. I have all my points cards on an app so I don’t often need a whole handbag anymore.

    12. I have a silly question Emily…. Do you leave your phone in the wallet while you talk on the phone or text? Does it slip out for easy access?

    13. I started doing the same thing a year or two ago, but with a regular wallet since I’m still rocking the iPhone 5! A purse ends up being a graveyard for receipts for me. Unfortunately not long after, my husband decided he likes buying me nice purses, so I feel like I need to use them. First world problems, I know.

    14. i have also found the case that “changed my life” i highly recommend it!! its EYN (everything you need) you should check it out, my cards and id fit and it even has a mirror!! i’m never without what i need totally has made life easier!

    15. I loved switching to these too when I got the 6splus, but I feel like having the wristlet is huge. Unfortunately the one I got the wristlet part broke the grommet on the wallet within a week. But I miss the wallet, I felt like it kept my kids from playing with my phone too. Let me know if you have a quality wristlet wallet that has proven durable! Thanks!

    16. I’m a wallet/phone/key girl myself. I only use my big bag for Bible study & big trips. Gotta check these cases out…I hate my Otterbox phone cover!!!!!!

    17. I dropped my iPhone a month ago and the glass came off in chunks. It cost me $150 to fix the screen so I moved to one of these wallet types. I find I leave my purse at home now, too. I carry a few cards and my keys. I love it.

    18. I LOVE giant purses but I’ve been using a tiny Coach crossbody (a Christmas gift from a girlfriend back in like…2012…) and considering giving it a little bit of a rest. I use a hot pink wallet (from a Coach outlet with a 50% off coupon – impossible to pass up) that has a space for my phone… but not like this where you can SEE the phone. It’s just a little slot on one side that an iPhone can fit in so you don’t have to carry it. I never use it for the phone… I think right now, it has my health insurance card and receipts that I’ve yet to file. (oops) This case looks LOVELY!

    19. I love this! As often as I can get away with it, I carry only my wallet, phone and keys when I go out. When I’m out with kids and have little hands to hold it’s easier to throw everything in my purse, but these cases are so lovely! I’m definitely putting this on my wish list so I don’t forget about it.

    20. I am NOT a purse carrier. I have a little wallet/clutch thing that my phone, keys, and cards fit into. I have a 9 month old and a 5 year old, so when the babe was born, I had to go back to carrying all the kid things. I still try to get away with just my clutch if we’re just running to the store, but most days, I need at least 1 or 2 diapers in my bag, an extra onesie, a couple of rattles, and a snack. I’m looking forward to the day when I can return to the simplicity of just the wallet/clutch thing all the time!

    21. I am programmed to carry a purse on my shoulder. If I carry a wallet or clutch, I inevitably place it down somewhere and risk leaving it behind. With a shoulder strap my hands are free and my possessions are safer!

    22. Yes! I always carried a large, HEAVY purse with everything that I could possibly need in any given situation, as well as room for my husband’s sunglasses, wallet and keys. A couple of months ago I bought a phone case in that same style as yours and have found that I rarely take my purse with me anymore. It is so freeing! Not to mention it saves shoulder pain. Love mine. :-)

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