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Letterboards are the new chalkboards (and where you can get one)

    Remember when chalkboards first came into fashion? I mean, before they were in our houses they were in our classrooms, so they were not really new. They just found their way into our homes and allowed us to play with lettering and write special/funny phrases that could be switched out with nothing more than a washcloth.

    Letterboards are much the same. They have been around for forever – as billboards and restaurant menus, holding mugshot info and class picture details. Now they are finding their way into our homes as a new spot to put those clever sayings. And, just like with chalkboards, they are easy to switch up.

    I still love a good chalkboard (hence the very large one hanging in our kitchen), but for those who don’t love their lettering, or want a more modern take, a letterboard is a perfect alternative.

    It took me a long time to jump on the letterboard bandwagon but I could resist no longer and bought myself, my little sister and a friend letterboards for Christmas. Now I want to play with it all the time.

    One of my favorite instagram accounts to follow is Letterfolk. This is the brand that brought letterboards back and their account is filled with the wittiest sayings.

    I laugh out loud often when scrolling through. People are so clever!

    My cousin asked me the other day where I got my letterboard and I figured it might be helpful to put together a roundup of great letterboard sources. She is going to use hers to take monthly photos of their new baby (such a cute idea!), but I also love them for back to school pictures, holiday sayings, snarky remarks that make you smile every time you see it or a motivational word to keep you on track.

    I scoured the internet looking for the best letterboards at varying price points.

    1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9

    As with most things, the prices vary depending on quality. Letterfolk, for instance, makes their boards in the USA. That wood board (number 4) is handmade in Washington state -isn’t it so great?! I feel like I might need one of those. Both of these companies charge more for their boards, and rightly so.

    If you’re looking for a less expensive option, Amazon has a million to choose from and you can also find them at Target or the craft store. Most have oak frames, but you could always paint it if you prefer a color.

    Speaking of color …

    There are some pretty letterboards in colored felt, if that’s more your thing.


    1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  | 9

    Blush pink is so sweet for a girl’s room and those greens are so good, too.

    With most letterboards, you get a set of tiny plastic letters, numbers, and symbols.

    New styles of fonts, sizes and colors are popping up in stores to allow for more customization. I just found a set of serif letters at Target (here they are online).

    They come on strips of plastic and you just have to cut them off with sharp scissors. If you’re feeling fancy, you can organize the letters in a divided container (like this or this) or just pile them in a bowl.

    As I was searching for all things letterboard, I came across this DIY version, which is pretty ingenious. And a very creative felt flower maker is selling the prettiest felt flowers and succulents that you can add to your letterboard. And now let me leave you with one of my favorite letterboard sayings of all time:

    It makes me laugh every time.

    10 thoughts on “Letterboards are the new chalkboards (and where you can get one)”

    1. Thank you for your post. It helped me decide which letter board to buy for my son and his wife. As always, your posts are thoughtfully compose and informative.

    2. Hi Emily! I love your letterboard round up. I’ve been wanting to purchase one for some time now, but it’s so hard to choose with so many options. I’ve been eyeing the cute color, fun print framed letter boards offered by Vermillion Drive Design on Etsy. They offer another fun spin on the traditional letterboard. Thank you for all your thoughts on letterboards and giving me more to ponder. Those felt flowers are so cute. Oh decisions, decisons!

    3. Yeeeeesss! I’m so glad you did this roundup. I’ve been eyeing letter boards for months and just couldn’t come to love the standard felt + wood frame for our house. I’m swooning over the KnotKnot Outfitters all wood versions and have one in my Etsy cart already! Thank you thank you!

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