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to London we go

I can hardly contain my excitement for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.


First of all, the events are exciting and captivating and so much fun to watch. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never heard of the sport – if its an olympic game, its amazing.

Second, I adore hearing the in-depth stories of the athletes. I cry at them all.

This time around, I am most excited that my oldest boys are old enough to ‘get it’. To watch these incredible athletes, root for our favorites and be part of the magic that is The Olympics will be so fresh and exciting while sitting next to my boys.

In honor of the London games, here are a few Union Jack inspired images.







Lovely, right?

So, here we go. On to London.

Will you be watching?

11 thoughts on “to London we go”

  1. Reading the comments from people who actually live there is so neat! I have a love affair going with England and want our family to go live there for a few years… just to experience it. And if we can’t get enough of it, I want to stay. :) Happy Olympics!

  2. It’s so exciting isn’t it, I live in Cardiff where some of the Olympic football is being played, my middle son Louie is flag bearer for the matches, so proud of him. Will you be watching the opening ceremony, think I might cry all the way through it . Enjoy it xx

  3. I love the Olympics, too and am having people over today to watch the Opening Ceremonies. When the Winter Olympics were here 2 years ago in Vancouver, the excitement was palpable. I bet London is a wonderful place to be right now.

  4. Next Thursday (Aug. 2) I leave for London to lead a group of 100 people from all over to witness on the streets of London. Very exciting stuff!!

  5. I live in London and the atmosphere is really exciting! I saw the Olympic torch yesterday being taken through Piccadilly Circus and the streets were jam packed with people, it was crazy! I also have been lucky enough to get basketball tickets! yay!

  6. I live in London, and the excitement here is amazing! Yesterday I saw the Olympic rings on the River Thames and I can hardly believe its in my own city! I love the table decorations – so cute:)

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