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my favorite baby hat


    I have a favorite baby hat. It is very swedish, but oh so darling.

    I first had one with no. 3.


    He wore it all the time.

    Audrey has a few too :


    Here she is at one day old wearing an embellished version.


    And at eight days old at my mom’s wedding. You know how you think your baby is the most precious and adorable thing ever? And then you see a photo months later and realize that maybe your vision was a little tinted by your utter love? She is so sweet, but maybe not quite as cute as I thought she was.

    IMG_2429 IMG_3379

    There are two versions: a light-weight organic cotton {on the left} and a thicker weight {on right}.


    And as luck would have it, they are all on sale.


    Winter Pilot Cap $8 {regularly $24}


    organic cotton pilot cap $4 {regularly $10}

    29 thoughts on “my favorite baby hat”

    1. I love these hats, thanks for notifying us about the sale! I bought one for my girl, and 4 more to give as gifts! :) Question: How did you attach the flowers? Were they removable, or did you buy multiple hats and sew/glue them on individually?

    2. Mine all wore these little caps. I loved how sweet they looked in them and they kept their bare heads warm. Sweet Audrey…Brings me back to the good old days…..

    3. She is just as cute as you thought…but I thought I was the only one who looked back at my kids baby pictures and think, “ummm, ya, not as cute as I remember!” LOL! Too funny.

    4. Hey, don’t you ever say or think Audrey is not so cute. I love her, always have. I follow your blog silently and usually just read but your comment about darling Audrey made me speak up….!
      (btw, i do like you too…. and all your creations… super sweet… :))

    5. so glad you shared this. i’ve been wanting to get a few winter ones. i love a good sale!!
      and audrey was and is the most adorable little thing!

    6. Your baby girl is adorable! Mine is almost 5 already…and that was my most favorite hat. Sometimes I would use the spring hat under a sun hat in the spring to keep the sun off her face and it kept the wind out of her ears.

    7. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Just placed my order and I’m super duper excited about it! Thanks again for giving us your hat source! And, your little one was just as adorable as you thought. Perfection ;)

    8. Thanks for sharing! I want to buy like 20 of those hats. Which is almost affordable at that price… I know what you mean about baby pictures. I look back on old pictures of Adelaide, remembering how I thought she was the most adorable thing ever. I just don’t have the same feeling now that she’s older and even MORE adorable :)

    9. so darling. i want a girl sooooo bad. i have the white one for my little guy. but i would die to buy the pink one:) ok so how do you make that flower on the pink one when she was a newborn. too cute! and she is such a doll!! lucky mommy

    10. Ohhh I love these hats! My little brother (who is quite a bit younger than me) used to wear them all the time. I love that they accentuate chubby cheeks and are so simple and Scandiavian. Is it bad I want to buy some right now even though the babies in my future are still a year down the road?

    11. Are you kidding?!?! She was and is beautiful. All babies are precious. Don’t try to tell me she wasn’t when she was 8 days old. Silly girl! And thanks for the info on the hats…what a good deal.

    12. The hat does look European! I have several of the same type for my kiddos, but I gave birth to all of my kids in Europe where those hats are put on them in the hospital right after they were born and then sent home in. :) But your Audrey girl is a doll! Love that picture with her sticking her tongue out!

    13. What?!! Of course your baby was and is beautiful, to us mommies they ALL are and that’s what counts. Yesterday, I meant to complement you on your children. They are ALL so cute!!

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