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Paper Goods for the New Year

    A new year is upon us and with it comes the strong desire to organize, plan, be intentional about the important things and let the not-so-important things fall away.

    As I thought about what paper items I would like to have to help make my new year a success, there were a few must-haves: a calendar, a weekly place to keep the schedule, meals and thoughtful reflections, note cards to encourage sending handwritten notes, scripture cards for remembering the truth, a to-do list for all the list making, a pretty art print to freshen up the kitchen and New Year goal prompts that are just a little different than the usual resolutions.

    I created a set of printable paper goods to help us all feel more productive + purposeful in this new year.

    Introducing the CLEMENTINE collection.

    Yes, being organized is important. And yes, stylish paper goods encourages you to actually use the items. But what I love most about this little collection is the combination of practical and purpose (plus, those little oranges are so fresh and bright!).

    Perhaps my favorite piece is the This Week calendar. There are spaces for your daily schedule or to-dos, a box for dinner plans or special notes and along the bottom are three areas that remind us that the week is about more than just the daily tasks. There is room to jot down things you’re grateful for, a place to remember prayer requests and five categories to set simple goals for the week.

    As I was thinking about what type of New Year resolution prompt I wanted to create, I went in a slightly different direction this year than in previous years.

    It felt appropriate to use this time of year to not just set big goals, but to sit quietly and reflect on what makes us come alive and what is working in our lives so we can do more of that and note the things that make us anxious and tired and do less of those.

    Each person will have a different list of things to do more or less of, but I think this practice will help inform decisions about bigger goals and direction.

    The second New Year prompt follows the same theme and goes just a little deeper. A big part of my healing journey over the past year has been identifying the lies I have believed and replacing them with truth. It takes work and is not always pleasant or easy, but this practice of renewing our minds is perhaps the most important step towards putting faith into practice.

    These may take a while for you to fill in … maybe days or weeks or months. Keep them posted where you can see them regularly and as new truths or lies are revealed to you, write them down. My prayer is that these prompts will help you know your value and trust that God has good, good plans for you. 

    These paper goods are available as printable files. You can download and print as many copies as you need! Choose just the items you want to use or get the full collection at a big discount. It’s up to you!

    I hope these sweet paper goods will bring joy and style and organization to your new year!

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