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thing I like: pretty handwriting

    How fun would it be to receive one of these amazing envelopes?

    Oh_So_Beautiful_Paper_Blog calligraphy jazyrain





    I don’t think I would want to rip open the envelope!

    These are from calligrapher Patricia Mumau of Primele


    She also sells these custom address stamps which are great too.



    Speaking of handwriting, my best friend in high school and I had identical handwriting. Funny thing was that we also shared the same last name {she was Brittany Jones, I was Emily Jones}. We were cheerleaders together, took most of the same classes, remained boyfriend-less despite our boy-craziness and our favorite thing to do on a friday night was go to the pottery painting shop and paint {some considered us a dorky pair, but we were mostly oblivious and enjoyed our innocent existence}.

    anyway :

    Brittany and I always talked about turning our writing into a font and a year or so ago, she finally did it {hers always was a little cuter anyway}. She sent me the links and I’ve used them from time to time when I want something to look like I handwrote it {oh the benefits of having such similar writing!}.

    Here are her fonts:





    {Cute yes? Click on the font to download it for free from}

    The other day I was shoe shopping for my baby girl when what did I spy but Brittany’s writing!


    I’ve seen it here and there, but it was fun to see it on a shop’s website {Gracious May has some pretty darling baby shoes if you’re in the market}

    one more thing : I just came across this blog and she does some darling calligraphy too.




    Love the vintage stamps on those envelopes. Makes me want to send some handwritten notes.

    . . . . .

    Totally random progression of thoughts, but hope you enjoy some handwriting inspiration and maybe I’ve introduced you to a new website or two.

    43 thoughts on “thing I like: pretty handwriting”

    1. PS, I should mention that I found this envelope in many places on Pinterest, pinned from your site, so I wanted to let you know it’s incorrectly attributed to Patricia Mumau.

    2. I love this post! I’m also calligraphy and mail-art obsessed :)

      I wanted to point out that the first envelope with the gorgeous loopy lettering is by lettering artist Elizabeth Danae. I really admire her work.

    3. What a small world it is!! About 8 months ago I was looking for fonts for a baby shower invite and ran across Pea Lovey Dovey and downloaded it – it’s one of my very favorites! Then, I was looking for another cute font a couple of months later and found your Fancy font – and fancy blog – and it has become a favorite too. What a funny little connection that two of my favorite fonts belong to two old friends who are both strangers to me, yet still dear in a unique way. Ahhh, life!

    4. Love, love, love beautiful handwriting! What a wonderful talent to have too! I think these envelopes are absolutely the most darling things I’ve seen in a very long time, and I just have to say that it’s inspired me to work on my own calligraphy! Great post.

    5. I think I am freaking out….I love love love it!!! And I am stunned because just YESTERDAY I was looking at a catalog thinking of taking a calligraphy class! And I was asking friends just YESTERDAY about doing it…and then I come here a VOILA! That is amazing! AMAZING! I am printing them ALL! In l.o.v.e. I must learn how!! Thanks so much for the incredible inspiration…you rock!!

    6. i loved this post! i, too, am a sucker for pretty handwriting. thanks for brightening up my day!! i may have to get one of those address stamps!

    7. You might enjoy the book “You rhandwriting can change your life” It is a very interesting way to see what your writing says about you and, for me anyway, it was spot on. Check it out

    8. You just made my day! I’ve been looking for some girly fonts to print something special to hang in my girls’ room. Just what I needed, and free makes it even better!

    9. I think that is the sweetest thing, your high school best friend getting your handwriting turned into a font. I always feel that way when I see Natalie’s cards. I spent so many years (4th grade to 12th) sitting next to her in class doddleing together. And now I get to see her art published. We spent so many hours and had so much fun making our doddle works of art. I have many of hers and mine saved. So Sweet!

    10. LOVE this! I’ve always been obsessed with handwriting and am always trying to improve mine. Thanks for the links!! I’m totally going to send out some letters this week too. :)

    11. Lovely and inspiring! These envelopes remind me of the Postal Museum in D. C. My favorite part was the display case of very artistically decorated envelopes. I need to go practice my calligraphy now!

    12. we ordered that very stamp for our wedding! it said Logan & Dawnica and the date of our wedding and it was absolutely adorable. we used it on some miniature penny candy bags for wedding favors. now i’ve just cut off the date and use it for anything i want to say our names. and it was packaged in the cutest little nest of a box

    13. I always admired your writing in college!! Thanks for the links to her website…just downloaded a bunch of them. How fun! You are becoming quite famous, you know. Random friends of mine are posting links to your blog on facebook! :)

    14. Love that bee-autiful calligraphy!!! Wish I could do some…I like mt handwriting (think an architect’s all-caps on a blueprint), but it’s not *pretty.* Also love the bit about u & your best friend…NOT a dorky pair at alll…sounds like you guys just had fun together. :)

    15. 1. I saw this in my reader list and saved it until the last.
      2. because I love paper and I’m obsessed with handwriting
      3. I was waiting for this to repost…it was a very sad day when I couldn’t see the pictures
      4. thanks for more inspiration for my debut into the christmas card shuffle

    16. i’ve been f0llowing your blog for a while and after your post with those fonts, i just had to comment! i just did an adoption party invitation for a friend of mine with pea mee-mee. it was the perfect font for what she wanted! just thought i should share how a simple font can make a special event even more meaningful. :)

      here’s the link to the invite (scroll to the bottom):

      i WISH my handwriting was as cute as y’alls! :)

    17. wow…thanks for the link to those font downloads!! always looking for great new fonts for design. how does one go about uploading a hand-crafted font from paper?

    18. thanks, emily! it is an honor to be featured on your blog… and to be included with such a talented artist like patricia! keep up a great work, both of you. you’re an inspiration!

    19. Beautiful images, Emily! I’ve always been interested in the mechanics of calligraphy and other types of script. I spent several summers as a girl reinventing my own handwriting, which has resulted in a strange chicken-scratch amalgam of cursive/print that is distinctive, if not always legible. Thanks for this great post. You’ve renewed my desire to pull out pen and paper and practice my letters!

      LOVE those stamps, too, by the way. A letter with lots of stamps is always so much more enticing.

      1. Now that the Holiday’s are right around the corner…again, this is something to consider. A hand written note and card is always a lovely gesture, being able to make it this beautiful would certainly incline one to remember such a gift in the mail, if not a keeper! : )

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