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things i like: rubber boots

    There is something so cute about a toddler in rain boots. They are clunky, bright, durable and perfect for this time of year.

    So here is a small round up of some of my favorites I found while searching for a new pair for Audrey.

    Hunter Rain Boots {Nordstrom $50}

    Hatley Splash Boots {zappos $48}

    Flower Bloom Rain Boots {Gap $34.99}

    Croc Jauntband Rain Boot {Amazon $29.95}

    Capelli New York Shiny Girls Rain Boot {Amazon $14.99}

    Classic Stripe Rain Boots {Polarn O. Pyret $39}


    Wellie Boots {Lands End $19.99}

    I ended up purchasing a pair of the Lands End boots for Audrey in Goldenrod.

    They are just what I was looking for {and even on sale!}

    Cute, cute, cute.

    24 thoughts on “things i like: rubber boots”

    1. I IMMEDIATELY ordered the red ones for my son when I first read this. They are TO.DIE.FOR. And really heavy/good quality! Can’t wait for rain!

    2. My little guy wore rubber boots for three years of his life … they were like a trademark. I even shadowboxed the first pair because they were such a huge part of who he was!

    3. Thank you, thank you for this post. I’ve been on the look out for rain boots for about a month but everything I saw had crazy prints on them. I love my hunter wellies but I know my feet aren’t going to outgrow them- plumping down $50 for my 2 year old little lady is another story. I ordered the same ones in golden rod and I also figured our little boy (due in a few weeks) can wear them down the road too. I love Audrey’s headband! I hope you sell them again someday.

    4. Love all the choices for rainboots! Got my granddaughter some of those kooky creature boots- ladybugs! She was so enamoured of them that she had to wear them for her nap the day I gave them to her. It was soo funny/cute. I bought a tall pair about 5 years ago on clearance for $8.00. A great and lucky buy. They come in handy on our 3 acres for lawn and garden work for myself. I also wear them in the snow to stay dry! Great thing to have!

    5. I am obsessed with wellies!! My gap pair is falling apart (navy with pink trim purchased for $20 a few years ago, with a matching umbrella of course ;) so I’m looking for a new pair. I LOVE the pair you chose for your little girl and the price is just great.

    6. i have a pair of apple green hunter boots that i adore. i hope to pass them on to lila. who wears rain boots every day of her life. what a great price for those lands end ones.

    7. I love rain boots too! A couple years back, I bought my oldest a pair of yellow boots trimmed with navy and dotted with green turtles. They were adorable! He practically lived in those boots! I even let him wear them to church. :) I figured, why not, you’re only 3 once. :) Lovin’ this round up of adorable boots.

    8. Oooh, little girls’ ones are darling! It can be so much harder to find cute (non dino) ones for boys, as I’m sure you know, since you have three of them. :) I think I’m going to order the navy ones from Lands End for my boys. Thanks for the tip! My boys cannot stay away from sand, even in the winter at parks. :)

    9. Love rainboots! Unfortunately in So Cal we don’t get to wear them often enough! I just bought my 17 year old pink ones from Gap…adorable! My favorites are a pair from J. Crew that I bought my oldest daughter for Christmas a few years ago…dark green/blue plaid wool top with black rubber base. Very classic. She gets a lot of use out of them while at college in Chicago.

    10. I bought my 19 yr old daughter a pair of Hunter wellies for Christmas.. They were not cute like these. She wanted something strong and sturdy for the snow, ice and rain in Fayetteville, AR. We bought the liners too, close to $200. I’d rather have bought her a lovely leather pair of boots, but no.
      Hope the weather isn’t to bad where you are?

    11. So adorable!! I also happen to love rain boots on both kids and adults, and am now on the hunt for matching ones for me and my little princess. Love Audrey’s bright yellow, just what you need on a cold, cloudy, rainy day.

    12. Ooh, I do like a bargain and you certainly picked the best ones! I think some of those boots are a tad over priced and when you find yourself having to fork out for 4 pairs, it turns into silly money, totally unjustified of course as essentially they are merely for jumping about in and getting mucky/sandy!

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