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I think you should listen to these podcasts

    listening to a podcast on an airplane

    I love a good podcast.

    My best friend was just asking me when I listen and here’s my answer:

    Any time I can squeeze it in. 

    On the 12 minute drive to pick up the boys from cross country.

    On the 4 minute drive home from dropping the little kids off at school in the morning.

    On the way to the grocery store. On the way to visit my grandma in the hospital. On the airplane to Nashville. With headphones in while making dinner.

    If I’m in the car with the kids, I don’t generally listen (although I wish I could). It drives them crazy to listen to people talking about things they don’t care about and I get that. I remember my parents listening to talk radio when I was younger and I hated it, too. But any time I’m in the car without them, you can count on me scrolling through my podcasts to play something good.

    There are countless programs and episodes to listen to and I’d love to share with you a few of my favorites.

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    THE NEXT RIGHT THING with Emily P. Freeman. You guys. Listen to this one. Emily has the most peaceful talking voice with wise words and helpful prompts for those of us who crave direction in our lives. Each episode is about 15 minutes and you’ll leave feeling thoughtful and empowered to choose the next right thing.

    THAT SOUNDS FUN with Annie F. Downs. Apparently I like friends who use their middle initials in their work :) I’ve talked about Annie’s podcast a million times because it really is a happy spot in my listening. I’m a fan of every episode, but for those of you who are new (or have never heard!) to the enneagram, her latest episode, number 53, is such a great summary of the personality typing system that is literally bringing so much freedom to my life right now. I, like Annie, want all of my friends to know and love the enneagram.

    BRIDGETOWN CHURCH I’m pretty sure I’ve told you about this one before, too, because it has been so transformational in my faith as well. This is a church in Portland, Oregon with an incredibly smart pastor. There is a series from this summer on Prayer that is so good, one from Jesus’ teachings on the sermon on the mount and last year had the best teaching I’ve ever heard on the practices of Jesus.

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    GLORIOUS IN THE MUNDANE with Christy Nockles. Christy is a singer and songwriter (you may remember her from the Christian group Watermark). Her podcast is gentle and wise with stories and teaching and tender encouragement. She has said before that this is sort of like the book she would write, only it is her speaking it instead. So good.

    MAKING OPRAH Just three episodes plus a couple of bonuses, this series is a quick one to listen to and I didn’t want it to be over when it was. I didn’t realize how much the Oprah show was part of my life growing up until I listened in, remembered the old episodes, heard the theme songs. Her tenacity and influence is truly inspiring, whether we totally agree with her or not.

    ABOVE & BEYOND with Brock Huard. This one is a brand new find for me and I’m loving it already. Brock Huard is a pacific northwest native who played quarterback at the University of Washington and then the Seattle Seahawks. He is now on local sports radio and well-known for his faith. This new podcast interviews professional athletes and talks about the intersection of faith and athletics. I am actually really excited to have the boys listen to this one with me.

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    THE ROAD BACK TO YOU with Ian Cron + Suzanne Stabile. I know … more enneagram. The hosts of this podcast wrote a great book and this interviews different people and couples to talk through how our enneagram types are played out on a daily basis. I usually pick and choose and listen to the episodes that are about my number (9) because I’m selfish like that.

    HOW I BUILT THIS with Guy Raz. This podcast interviews successful business owners (think companies like Spanx, Whole Foods, Crate + Barrel) about their business journey. I love hearing stories of peoples lives and seeing how all the pieces fit together. You know my love of Barre3 and I was super excited to listen to how Sadie Lincoln started her company. It was my favorite episode yet.

    Do you have any favorite podcasts? I’d love to hear!

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    1. I’m listening to each one of these ! Thanks!! Have you seen ESPNs series 30 for 30? They’re sports documentaries. I love them. I’m not athletic either & don’t follow sports but these are great bc they share the backstories to the team & players lives. My husband is a sports junky so this series is a sweet spot for both of us. They used to have it on Netflix, I’m not sure if they do anymore. They’re pretty popular, so you’ve probably heard or seen them, but I just wanted to pass it on if not 😊.

    2. Emily! THANK YOU. This casual sharing of your current listens has reached divine proportions. And across nations! I’m unwinding and processing after a ‘Soul Sanctuary’ retreat in Phuket, Thailand (for missions workers around the world), and am in awe of how recent listens to a few of these podcasts played a role in the richness of conversations throughout the retreat. So cool!

    3. A couple of my favorites that I don’t think were mentioned are BoldNewMom (Love Jody!) and Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, especially Brene Brown’s interview. Love Brene!

    4. Most of my favorites have been mentioned above, but no one has yet mentioned The Popcast. So entertaining! Also love On Air With Ella.

    5. Trim Healthy Mama
      Young House Love has a podcast
      Chris Loves Julia

      Are my go tos…..

      But how about a JDC podcast? 😁❤️ That would be fabulous!

    6. I loved Making Oprah, and I also listen to How I Built This and Glorious in the Mundane. You should try The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. Based on the podcasts you listed here, I think you’ll really like it!

    7. Love a good podcast! Here are some I listen to:

      Young House Love
      Risen Motherhood
      At Home With Sally (Clarkson)
      How I built This
      Read aloud revival
      Wild and Free
      The Gospel Coalition
      Tim Keller


    8. I am a fan of podcasts too and have been taking notes through the comments. I love sweet Annie Downs, That Sounds Fun. She is a dear friend to our family (and a once upon a time life saving math tutor!). It’s so fun to see how her reach is extending. And she really is just so, so fun. I have listened to podcast on Keto diets from Healthful Pursuit sermon series from Passion City Church and Andy Stanley. I am almost finished binge listening to Up and Vanished based on a a crime committed in Georgia. It takes a look at a cold case and the legal process along the way. Very interesting.

    9. My go-tos are:
      Reply All (Stories that have a basis on the internet)
      Lore (especially this time of year. It goes into the history of spooky stories based on their local lore from all over the world.)
      Strangers (Stories of real life human interaction)
      Girl Boss (Women in Business)
      Terrible Thanks for Asking (Talks about truly tough issues that people deal with in their lives, but somehow it feels refreshing and not depressing)

    10. I am from Canada, so my choices might be a bit different, but besides Young House Love, and Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast and Stuff You Missed in History Class, I like Under the Influence (very clever marketing one and super entertaining), Venturing Out (by Arlene Dickinson – similar to How I Built This), The Unpodcast (marketing again, but in general, consumer awareness), and couple controversial ones CBC’s Love Me and CBC’s Out in the Open.

    11. It’s not inspirational, but it’s good.. The Popcast. And although they are a bit quirky, but I love all things decor so I listen to Decorating Tips and Tricks. I also love Ballard Designs podcast. They interview designers and it’s quite entertaining and informational. It’s not focused on Ballard- just good design.

    12. The Phil Vischer podcast is great! Yes, the Veggietales guy, but it’s actually a great podcast touching on a wide range of topics from a Christian viewpoint.

    13. My faves: Pantsuit Politics – Sarah from the left and Beth from the right talk about all thinks politics with nuance. I learn so much from their discussions! Also, Happier with Gretchen Ruben and her sister Elizabeth Craft and What Should I Read Next?

    14. The Glorious in the Mundane by Christy Nockels is my favorite right now. I also love Dear Daughters by Susie Davis. Both of these are full of truth and encouragement.

    15. I’m embarrassed to admit but my current guilty pleasure podcast is “My Dad Wrote a Porno” it’s a British guy whose Dad wrote a (TERRIBLE) erotic novel, he reads it aloud and two friends comment on it…it is absurd and HYSTERICAL and cringeworthy, and I listen with headphones for fear that my children would need therapy if they heard any of it. It is SO bad, but SOOOOO good.

    16. Thanks for the suggestions! Curious which podcast app you use. I have just been using the podcast app that comes with the iPhone, but I know there are other better ones.

    17. I don’t see my first comment,

      SortaAwesome ***FAVORITE!
      happy hour w/Jamie ivey
      what should I read next w/Anne Bogel
      and The Simple Show w/Tsh Oxenreider 2ND FAVE

    18. Hi Emily,

      I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’m not exactly sure what a podcast is or where and how I find them. I know, I know, I’m sure you’re gasping right now😳. Is this something that you download or can you go directly to it and listen? As you might guess, I’m not a huge computer or technical kind of person. I am however very comfident and successful in other areas.

      Thanks for your help

      1. No shame at all!!

        A podcast is like an online radio show. You can listen from itunes if you use an apple phone (or computer) or Google Play from an android. All of the links I mentioned in the post go to itunes. Just click on the episode you’d like to listen to and enjoy!

    19. Sean Croxton’s Quote of the Day podcast is amazing. He’s so passionate about what he does. He plays short (5-10 minute) clips of speeches/talks on personal growth, self-development, finances, relationships, etc. It’s a great way to start the day!

    20. Thanks for the recommendations, Emily and the other commenters.

      I am a serious podcast addict. I actually get excited when I jump in the car and realize I am the only one and can listen to any podcast I would like. I also listen when cleaning and working around the house.

      Huge fan of How I Built This (my husband too). Love Sorta Awesome (moms would love this), Serial (first season, yes its about a murder but the focus is so much deeper than that). Reply All, Planet Money (fun 20 minute shows about interesting topics), Secret X (Ted talks, but anonymous. Can be very touching). S Town was too amazing.

    21. My favorite is What Should I Read Next? by Anne Bogel. I believe you mentioned her in one of your coffee chats so I went to her website to check it out. I’m now hooked, I went back and listened to all of them!

    22. I love how our church community is beyond our city of Portland! Love love love Bridgetown, and Annie did a podcast with John Mark Comer, so good!

    23. These all sound great! I’m excited to listen to a few of your recommendations :) My favorite podcasts are Young House Love has a Podcast (DIY & home reno), North Point Community Church (Andy Stanley’s sermons), and Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller (business/marketing podcast).

    24. I’m a big fan of the true crime genre, but my kids (10 & 12) really dig episodes of Stuff You Should Know. We listen sometimes in the car to that one…if you want to check it out, try How Frogs Work or How the Sun Works, or, if you can put up with some giggling up front, check out the Why Do Men Have Nipples? episode. SUPER interesting!

    25. Love Bridgetown church. Had an amazing week at New Wine festival in the U.K., and heard Jon Mark Comer preach across the week; he is inspirational.

    26. I love to listen to podcasts while I am cutting the grass. I always listen to Andy Stanley’s sermons. These are life-changing messages that have grown my faith in so many ways. But sometimes I catch up with the messages and need other good podcasts to listen to so I can’t wait to try some of your suggestions! Thank you so much!

    27. Oh these look great!

      Any parenting ones you would suggest? We’re due with our first LO in about a month, and I work from home in a fun and *easy* job, so I’d love some background voices for “socialization” and my adult brain lol!

      My favorites are Timothy Keller, Jen Hatmaker (For the Love), and Jamie Ivy (The Happy Hour)

    28. I am a longtime listener of Jamie Ivey. I love her topics and the women she chooses to interview are always great.

      I can’t wait to check a few of these out. I had no idea Emily P. Freeman had a podcast. Thank you for the referrals

    29. I’ve loved How I Built This as well! My other favorite are: Reply All (or almost any podcast by Gimlet Media!), Science Vs, Boss-Mom by Dana Malstaff, For the Love with Jen Hatmaker, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, and Freakonomics Radio.

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