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a visit over an ice cold glass of lemonade


    This blog thing is weird because it kinda makes you feel like friends with people you’ve never met. It’s odd, but pretty great, too. There are days when we don’t leave the house and it feels nice to take a small adventure or a virtual-visit with a virtual-friend just by clicking on the computer.

    Today, let’s go with this idea and I’ll just share a few random things that we might talk about if we were sitting together on some fabulous front porch drinking lemonade.


    {via southern living}

    diagonal-line Up first: Downton Abbey.

    I am about three years late on this, but we canceled our cable this summer and there is literally nothing interesting on tv in the summer and so I finally made the leap and started watching. All three previous seasons are free on Amazon Prime instant video. Which, by the way, if you’re a prime member, you really should check out how many shows and movies are free.

    Back to Downton. I totally see what everyone has been talking about. It’s a grown-up British soap opera but a thousand times less cheesy. I’m so in love with their outfits and dialog and the english countryside.

    So if you are a Downton fan, maybe we would talk the whole time about that.


    I might also confess that I just bought a sweater with a bunny on it.

    bunny sweater from target

    It caught my eye while walking through Target and I just grabbed it. Sort of amateur, but maybe cute?


    The boys and I got going on their room redo yesterday. They helped stain some shelves and brackets. Then I painted the ceiling. It was my first time painting a ceiling and quite possibly my last. It’s hard! But I think worth it.


    Pretty much every night we eat burrito bowls. They are inspired by the deliciousness we get at Chipotle on a far-too-frequent-basis with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, grilled chicken or premarinated carne asada from costco, grilled peppers and onions, lettuce, tomato, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. Why am I sharing this? I don’t know. Maybe you need a quick, healthy, summery dinner idea?



    I read a book last week and loved it.

    where'd-you-go-bernadetteIt was written by a fellow Seattlite and takes place in the Seattle area, so naturally I was intrigued. The story was original, humorous, heartfelt and a fun read. Have you read it? What did you think?


    Speaking of Seattle, my beloved Seahawks have their first pre-season game today. I do my best to keep in the summer mood as we have a few more weeks of it around here, but football season starting kicks my excitement and longing for fall into high gear. Hold back, emily, hold back. Come September 1st, I’ll be all about pumpkins and plaid and my favorite brown transferware dishes coming out of storage. But for now I will embrace swimsuits and sunscreen {spray, please}, iced lattes and lazy mornings {kinda dreading having to set an alarm to get the kids to school}.


    Thanks a million to all of you who took the JDC Reader Survey. It’s been fun/interesting/humbling/flattering to see the results, read your answers, take a look at things we can do differently and things we’re doing right. I really appreciate your feedback. I’ll put together a post next week sharing the details.

    Several of you were unable to download the anchor print at the end of the survey. So sorry for the trouble! Please feel free to download it right here:

    {Remember to open the pdf using Adobe Reader}.


    I think that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed our little chat! Feel free to continue the conversation in the comments …

    40 thoughts on “a visit over an ice cold glass of lemonade”

    1. LOVED Where’d you go, Bernadette – have you read What Alice Forgot? Also a fun summer read, even though it doesn’t reference Seattle. Also, if you love Downton, you’ve GOT to check out Call the Midwives. Phenomenal.

    2. The porch looks so inviting and homemade lemonade, yes please. I love Downtown Abbey too i wonder what they are doing when we are not watching??????????
      , like you i got into it late and had to get the dvds but it was so worth it. Looking forward to season 4, although I will miss Matthew.
      Loved your new sweater, the colours gorgeous. I read Gone Girl and loved it so will definitely have a look at the book you recommended.
      Thank you for the anchor printable, thanks for the chat enjoy the rest of your long lazy lie ins.

    3. LOVED this post. we are totally friends now.

      love downton. we also don’t have cable, so I became hooked late.
      i recently watched ‘call the midwife’ on netflix. it’s a beautiful, almost difficult drama. but i love it. and sob through every episode.

      burrito bowls. every other day. amen.

      i will for sure check out that book. and i feel like a big dummy, had no idea you were in seattle! i am meeting my girlfriends there in a couple weeks for vacation. never been and so excited! i will wave to you while i’m there.

      happy weekend!

    4. Oh to be drinking ice-cold lemonade on the porch on a glorious summers day- winter here in South Africe…..Sunday morning with my Pixies cuddled up in bed with me and I’m catching up … happy Sunday to ya all x

      Downtown Abbey- have not taken the step and started watching – but can recite Monsters Inc and Dora the Explorer episodes almost word for word.

      LOOOVE THE BUNNY JUMPER – generally just love bunnies so nothing juvenile in my eyes, very stylish.

      Spaghetti Bol seems to be the dinner of choice along with scrambled eggs and porridge on the nights when nothing seems to take their fancy (not altogether tho- just wanted to clarify that cos it would be vile) so the idea of burrito bowls is simply Devine, but alas two Pixies in the house would look at me with a massive question mark on their forehead…….it will be for me and me alone to enjoy …

      Again happy Sunday one n all

    5. OK, we would definitely talk Downton. I can’t wait for it to start up again!
      And Chipotle…my husband and I were in DC this past week and we stumbled upon this place. Oh dear land. Delish! We liked it so much we ate there one other day! We don’t have one close so I am definitely going to try and recreate their burritos and burrito bowl!

    6. Oh, Downton… don’t even get me started. I watched the first 3 seasons with my mom on a marathon speed. Sometimes while I’m just by myself crafting, I sit and wonder… I wonder what they are up to? Is Thomas annoying everyone? What is Edith writing about in the newspaper? I could go on, but I won’t. =) Fun chatting!

    7. I made strawberry chocolate chip smoothies for my kids and me so I can steal a few minutes to read your blog and have a chat.

      I read WYGBernadette this spring. I really enjoyed the story, the writing, trying to picture this run-down house they’re living in? I wanted to know what happened after the ending! I just finished reading Midwives by Chris something… Fascinating story about the courtroom battle after a home birth ended tragically. It broke my heart in a million ways, but was an interesting perspective on ethics, justice, grief. I don’t recommend anyone reading that if they have had tragic experiences in that area. or if they’re pregnant. But otherwise, it was very interesting. I had to read a Debbie Macomber romance afterward to relax my brain back in to summer mode. Her books are like hard candies! They’re sweet, straightforwardly romantic, and kind of remind me of my grandma. :o)

      Downton Abbey – can’t WAIT for it to start up again! Matthew kind of bugged me… just a little. I loved him at first, but he just seemed a little pity partyish and whiny in the last season. I’m sure they’ll make up for it somehow with a new rogue love for Mary. Also really looking forward to the new Sherlock! yay!

      My jury is out on the sweater. I love the look of it and would probably be jealous if I saw it walking down the street all cute and sassy. But I have a hard time wearing stuff like that after I buy it. I bought snoopy and hello kitty tees on a whim this spring and still love them, but I can’t seem to wear them out of the house. Granted, they totally cross over the juvenile line, whereas this one just toys with it. Ha! I’m sure it will look DARLING on you. I know I would chicken out of wearing it at the last minute and it would end up in the “favorite jammies” drawer for cozy evenings. But GO for it. Super cute.

      and now I know what we’re having for dinner. Chipotle is definitely a favorite in our house! Trying to replicate it is a GREAT idea! And I just bought a bag o’ limes at Trader Joes. woot!

      Enjoy your evening! Thanks for the chat!

    8. i want that porch. that is my dream porch. i was just thinking about my dream wraparound porch this morning, located inexplicably in the south (i live in L.A.) with a giant grassy yard that ends on the banks of a lazy river, a la the movie Passion Fish. And there it is, in your post, with lemonade.

    9. Ditto on Downton. Hope BBC does a better job of syncing seasons so we can avoid finding out what happens before it happens! Love Chipotle -we also have “burrito bowls” way too often. And finally, GO SEAHAWKS! Looking forward to a great season.

    10. Lemonade: thank you, I’d love a glass. Have you tried basil in it? Delicious.
      Downton: STILL getting over Matthew Crawley.
      Rice: pinterest has a copycat recipe for Chipotle lime rice. Easy & so good.
      Book: 2nd rec for this one, I must stop at the library
      Anchor: Gorgeous, as always. Thank you.
      I can’t believe I’ve already downed that glass, I could chat all morning!

    11. Love the idea of a front porch lemonade chat… growing up and living in NC, front porches and front porch swings are near and dear to my heart : ) LOVE Downton Abbey & thanks for the book idea…as an East coaster, would love to discover Seattle though its pages The bunny sweater is adorable…alas, wish they had it in a deeper color, not sure I can wear mint. thanks also for the burrito bowl idea — looks healthy and delicious and need help out of a dinner rut! The anchor verse from Hebrews is one of my favorites… merci Emily! : )

    12. I have so wanted to start watching Downton Abbey, but for whatever reason I only think of it when I’m in the middle of a different television series, and then when I’m ready for a new one I’ve forgotten all about Downton Abbey… until I’m half way through that one. Ha, I need to make a list and stick to it.

      I think I’m going to pick up that book now. I just finished one and need a new book to read. Plus it gave me an idea for my own blog: book reviews! I don’t know why I haven’t done that before… I’m an English major for goodness sake.

      I love your blog. Always such cute ideas. Thanks for the print out!

    13. LOVE Downton Abbey – We do not have cable either so I also watched it on Amazon. I also pinned the book recommendation – looks like a good one.

      Wish I could visit you and sit on that wonderful porch. Too bad you’re a long way from Georgia, I think we would have lots to talk about.

    14. I LOVE Downton Abbey, too! I just got hooked right before Season 3 started… watched the first two seasons marathon style one weekend (thank goodness it was hunting season and the hubs was gone!). Thanks for such a restful place to visit… I’m enjoying the lemonade. :)
      xo Heidi

    15. Since this is a sit down lets chat, I thought I’d join in on the fun.

      Yes, I have painted almost all, yes all, of the ceilings in my 3,850 sq. ft. home. Seriously a pain in the neck (pun intended, lol ;) Every time I get that crazy hair I try to convince my hubs to do it for me. I found the secret if you are painting large ceiling space. Paint all one direction, East to West, first and the second coat the opposite direction, North to South. This prevents any unwanted lines and gives great coverage. Agreed thought, not fun but so worth it. Just like anything worth while in life. It’s a difficult road but in the end it will be worth every extra effort put into it!

      Thanks for the lemonade! I’ll see ya latter.

    16. We would probably talk about Downton the whole time. I love everything about that show and cant wait until the next season starts! Chipotle=amazingness and I eat there way more than I would like to admit..but I just don’t think I would ever be able to re-create :/

    17. Hi Emily,

      I wanted to introduce myself to you, as I feel I know you through reading your blog over the years! My name is Marni, I was born & raised in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho. I studied in Massachusetts where I met my hubby on the very 1st day of school. We moved to Maui for a few years and have settled in Spokane. We bought our dream home last year, a hundred year old craftsman, that we are almost finished painting (all 13 rooms, including many a ceiling). I am a stay at home mom of two boys (Harper 5, Carson 3 & a golden retriever, Brewster), and a pilot’s wife. I’m a neat freak & have an addiction to crafting & decorating, but I draw the line at sewing). I make and sell (& donate) ruler growth charts and call my business ‘Cannon Hill Crafter.’ I know you well enough to say, I’m absolutely certain we’d be friends in real life! ❤Your virtual fan Marni. Instagram Marni623

    18. Thanks for the printable! I printed it right away, so thrilled that it’s black and white because that’s all I can print at home! :) I just taped it to the wall for now…love it. I have this weird, semi-frantic feeling about making the most of summer but am so excited for fall…maybe I need less caffeine. ;)
      I think that sweater is cute.
      I am not sure if I’m done with Downton or what: was SO MAD at the end of last season. I’m sure I’ll forgive them all enough to watch some more though…given time…

    19. As a teacher who starts school next week, I’m with you on embracing the lazy mornings and no alarms. I’m savoring my last few days….staying in my PJs longer than I should and just puttering around the house. Our four girls are grown and I miss those fun summer days with them home. Enjoy every minute with your four little cuties.

    20. I lived in the Seattle area for 20+ years before moving to Reno a couple of years ago. Reading Bernadette was like revisiting Seattle! I laughed aloud so much, my husband had to read the book as soon as I was finished. Ms. Semple captured a slice of Seattle/Bellevue/Medina/Mercer Island life so well. If you’ve lived there you know what I’m talking about. Her description of “craftsman” architecture is one of the funniest I’ve heard. And it’s true! When I was done, I said if ever there was a book that needed a movie done and guess what some one is making a movie. Ms. Semple is involved so hopefully her vision will be maintained. My husband wanted to go to the Antarctic for his birthday, not so much anymore!

      Sorry your summer is over and you are entering the dark and gray season! Now that’s one thing I don’t miss about Seattle! Oh and the traffic too :)

    21. Downtime Abbey is AMAZING!!! Catch up because the watch happen lay season was Oh my word!!

      As for cable it’s been cut and we don’t miss it a like! We,be saved over $3000 in 3 years. We do Netflix and an Antenna {you get all the majors that way}. You might die during football season if a certain channel doesn’t come in.

    22. Enjoyed your blog this morning over my coffee :-) I think I’ll try the burrito bowl tonight for dinner…have not watched any of the Downtown Abbey shows, but may give them a try.
      I LOVE to read and I review books (and am way behind on posting my reviews!) and my sister(she’s in COLO…I’m in TENN) is trying to get me interested in Letterboxing. Are you familiar with that??
      Thank you for the freebie print. Love that hymn and am so so so grateful that Jesus Christ is my anchor!
      It’s a wet one here in middle Tenn, but I am looking forward to football, too!
      < Teela

    23. Oh I adore Downton Abbey! I can hardly wait until January. In the mean time, I have gotten my WWII era, Lord and Lady, love story and inheritance fix from some amazing books: American Heiress, The House at Tyneford, The House at Riverton, The Distant Hours, and currently, The Lavender Garden. They are easy but lovely reads. Also – my husband and I are obsessed with the burrito bowls. You just can’t beat them. Do you make them at home as well? If so, I would love yor tips. A girlfriend and I are making a bunch of freezer crock pot meals this weekend for our hard working hunnies (both Emergency Medicine residents right now so easy meals are heavenly!) and that bunny sweater? Adorable – i may have to go find one now myself :)

    24. We’ve been catching up on Downtown Abbey as well. I was addicted the minute I turned it on. AND we’ve been making our own burrito bowls. Ever since Chipotle came out with their ingredient list a few months ago and I saw that basically all the meat, rice, veggies, are GMO…………..had to give it up. Couldn’t do it any longer. :( makes me sad since we don’t have very many fast food type places to pick from for our kids.

    25. i still haven’t finished the last few episodes of season 3. i need to get on that.
      the bunny sweater is cute. rock it.
      i hope to make it out there to sip some real lemonade with you and kc sometime. wouldn’t that be fab?

    26. Oh, I love it when you give book recommendations! I picked up “The American Heiress” from the library two weeks ago, because your little blurb on it intrigued me. Really enjoyed it! Keep ’em coming.

    27. You mentioned Costco and Chipotle in the same breath and now I’m going to cry. And you said Target in this post. We moved to South Korea 18 months ago and there is no Target, no Chipotle. Target even blocks their website here, so I can’t even look and dream. There’s Costco, but it’s not the same. Going to go cry now. And then I’ll be over it for a little while. Back to life!

    28. Thanks for the book rec! I always need a new book to read :) And yes, I’m also addicted to Downton Abbey. I think they are making us wait entirely too long for season 4!

    29. Started watching Downton Abbey this spring…went through the first two seasons in a flash and waited till my Amazon Prime offered the third season free on my Kindle. Loved it….and the characters ! I read your blog daily-thanks for the chat !

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