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    loving: this valentine-y image

    reading: The Explicit Gospel by matt chandler for a new bible study with my girlfriends.

    waiting for: this weekend when a long-time friend comes to visit. She’s one of those friends who makes you die laughing one second and says something profound the next.

    excited about: taking the kids to disneyland. They will love it. I will cry {out of sheer excitement}.

    trying to: plan a trip to disneyland without it costing a million dollars. We’ll see how that goes.

    working on: a twirl print. Been working on that one forever. Someday I’ll get it just right.

    enjoying: Atlas. I never knew I would love having a dog so much. Except for the normal annoying puppy things like potty training and biting, he’s been a great little addition to our family.


    using: the deposit-a-check-with-your-phone function. Technology sometimes amazes me. Okay, it all the time amazes me.

    wearing: gel nail polish. I think this may be the trick for me – long lasting, durable and {hopefully} better for my nails than acrylics.


    planning: Audrey’s birthday party. She’s the best and I can’t wait to have a girly party for her.

    singing: Lots of kidz bop happening around here lately.¬† I can’t say I mind it too much. Except when the chipmunks come on.

    needing: an earlier bedtime. I love my bed, just have a hard time making my way to it before 11pm most nights.

    master bedroom

    learning: adobe illustrator for real. Just started a college course this week. I taught myself a few years ago but I’m really excited about learning the ins and outs to make my work flow easier.

    listening to: Charlie & Lola – the world’s cutest kid show. Their british accents are just too darling. Especially when they use the word squabbling instead of arguing.

    wishing: my kids would squabble less. It drives me crazy.

    doing: a little too much. It’s time to take a time-inventory and get things back in order. If not, my brain is going to fry.

    dreaming of: tearing out our carpet and doing something like this –

    wood floors painted white. Such an impractical idea – especially since we would have to first install wood floors, but a dream doesn’t have to be practical, right?

    So this is me.

    Want to play along? What are you currently up to?

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    1. I enjoy your sweet blog ;) That cake looks amazing! I just did my daughter’s 1st birthday party and her name is Audrey! So funny ;) Have a great week.
      Jamie ~ Better With Age

    2. What channel is Charlie and Lola on and/or what times??? I NEED to know! My oldest daughter used to watch that all the time and now we don’t ever see it on. I just know my 2 year old would LOVE IT!! I mean I LOVE it….haha!

      *Emily, thanks for sharing the little tidbits! I love how you presented it!

    3. White hardwood is so dreamy, but as someone who has been living with it for 6 months now- worst design decision I’ve ever made. The upkeep and cleaning is unreal and the days I spent gazing at its beauty are long over. I had my floors professionally finished and laquered (which is supposed to make a tremendous difference than DIYing) and that hasn’t made a difference at all.

      But, I still see pictures like that and get that same feeling that compelled me to do it in the first place!

    4. A few years ago, we pulled up the carpet and put down wood flooring (well not us personally we paid someone to do it!). With 3 kids and a dog, I can’t even imagine having carpet anymore – love my new flooring! We went with stranded (vs the horizontal or vertical types) bamboo because it is economical, durable, beautiful, and of course, very Green :). It can be sanded down and stained (or painted :) any color – love it!
      PS – Charlie and Lola are the sweetest brother sister duo. Why can’t all children’s shows have such sweet and caring siblings?!

    5. I loved reading this post. My husband and I are members of The Village Church where Matt Chandler pastors and we’ve been so blessed through his ministry. Hope you and your girlfriends are enjoying the book.

    6. Love this. The white floors are to die for, and the “doing too much” sentiment is hitting the bullseye for me right now.

      Playing along on my blog today! :)

    7. Wow – I’m reading Matt Chandler’s book too. Good idea to read it and discuss with friends. And Charlie and Lola is an all-time favorites. My kids gave me a couple seasons for my birthday a few years ago. Makes me smile!
      Thanks for your blog!

    8. Are you liking the Explicit Gospel? My husband and I were members at The Village in Dallas before we moved last year. I meant to pick it up at one point, but haven’t yet.
      Never heard of gel nail polish; thanks for sharing :).

    9. What color is that on the gel nail polish? I love my toes with various stand-outish colors but not so much on my fingers. I find most colors distracting on my finger nails. I’m thinking that I could definitely handle the one that you chose though.

    10. I think I need to do a random post this week too.

      Our Life Group just started the dvd study of the Explicit Gospel last night…good stuff!

      A couple in our LG went to Azusa Pacific too…wonder if you knew them? Jef and Stephanie Van Eps?

    11. Hmmm, doing a lot here too! Just finished building our chicken coop for 6 lovely ladies that will be moving in this weekend. I need to paint the coop still but I’m sure they won’t mind! We also just installed a hot tub so lots of work to get that running as well. I just redesigned my website and I’ve been busy with all the details of that too but that’s fun stuff! We’re heading to Arizona in 19 days and all the details of that trip give me happy butterflies! I song write with a girlfriend and lead worship at our church which I totally enjoy… lots of time spent on that lately too. Hmmm, what else? Oh yeah… doing another round of IVF tomorrow so that makes me happy and hopeful about growing our family! It’s a busy time but also a really content time for me this past month. I’m really thankful!

    12. I love what you said in #6 about not knowing how great it would be to have a dog. I have always been a dog-lover, but to really have one of my very own = life-changing. I am so much more active now {since I went ahead and picked out the most high-energy breed out there} and he is the perfect addition to our little family.
      Also, I think Atlas is a GREAT dog name :)

    13. I have a white painted floor in a guest bedroom. I love the look. However, every single hair, piece of lint, thread, blade of grass, everything, shows. In a house with kids and a dog you would be cleaning it constantly, unless that stuff didn’t bother you (but I think it would :) ). Think long and hard about that.

    14. Disneyland! We are headed there again this year-May. We went last February and we totally go on a budget! We have 4 kids 14,12,6 and 3 and we always stay at the Homewood suites in Garden Grove. It has a full kitchen and full sized fridge which we take full advantage of. We head over to the “super” Target across the street load up on groceries and take lunch and snacks into the park every day. That frees up some money for special treets like churros and frozen lemonade! The hotel also offers full breakfast daily and a light dinner and drinks Monday through Thursday! It is great because we save TONS of money that way! I’m getting together with friends this week to talk Disneyland and help them pinch their penny’s too! Oh and make sure if you do end up going, hit up the Disney store (I shop Alderwood mall) and get toys, jammies, and stuffed animals on clearance before you go. Saves you tons and then when the kids are begging for something you can pull it out and surprise them! Enjoy and hope this helps!!

    15. It’s so funny because I am currently installing wood floors( well, plywood cut into planks) into my master bedroom… And I’ve painted them white! I just had to comment on that. LOVE your blog so much Emily!

    16. Hi Emily!

      We have so many things similar right now! I am reading our bible study book as well. I am excited for our bible study! Alyssa turns 3 in April and I have begun thinking of her party too. :) We are planning a trip to disneyland this year also. It is our first family vacation and I am so so so excited!!! I cannot wait! Gel nail polish? Hmmm, I need to try that. Have a great day!


    17. Love posts like this one! Playing along…

      Just registered for my first 1/2 marathon with a great friend and we are road-tripping to a new city (Nashville). Love having things to look forward to! And doing a time inventory myself, I feel discombobulated (and perhaps I need to work on spelling too) and in need of some clarity.

    18. Emily,
      Instead of taking a college class on Illustrator, have you checked out I have and continue to teach myself how to use all of the adobe products. It’s a subscription and you can learn from home with video tutorials! I personally LOVE it. Good luck.

    19. Hi Emily! What Illustrator class are you taking? I know my way around, but I’d love to learn the more detailed options in the program.


    20. Playing along! Reading – too little, Waiting for – lots and lots of snow to melt, Excited about – TWO daughters getting married this summer!, Trying to- plan both weddings without getting unique and creative ideas mixed up (got colour coded notebooks!) , Working on – what else? weddings, Enjoying – this blog instead of sewing mittens, which I should be working on at the moment. Ok, that’s it – back to work!

    21. Wow! I have really fallen in love with your blog, website, and prints! I also really liked your perspective on things too! But to know that you are also doing Matt Chandler’s Explicit Gospel, that just makes me overjoyed! Our small group of ladies is doing that too through our church! We are just so in love with that study! Thank you so much for your beautiful blog. I am also a redhead, love your hair! LOL

    22. I love Charlie and Lola too! Love the style of the illustration!

      Question… what is the piece of art behind the bed? Is it woven burlap in a frame? Is it overtop a canvas? I need to remake my inspiration boards and I love this treatment!

    23. i do something similar on my blog called “this minute thursday” ! i think it’s so nice to see little snippets of every day life.
      i love getting gel on my nails but there are a few downsides: you have to have the manicurist take them off, and if you don’t get gel again they usually charge for this. you can take it off yourself but that’s really time consuming and usually doesn’t work all that well. also i found that my nails became really brittle after doing the gel and started to peel a little bit, and i always had strong nails before. what a bummer, because it looks so great for so long!

    24. That floor is amazing!!! And you’re right, practical is not necessary when dreaming :)

      We’re thinking of Disney at my house too!! And trying to figure out how to have the time of our lives without spending a billion dollars :) One tip I’ve found out about is that typical hotels with typical rooms will not allow more than 4 per room. I have 3 kids, none of which are old enough to stay even in a room without mom and dad. I don’t know if a villa is our only option and have made it my mission to find out!

    25. I’m reading The Explicit Gospel too! I just started it, but we go to The Village here in Dallas and Matt Chandler is AWESOME (in the Lord)!

    26. Oh Disneyland!!! I love that place! We have been twice and two years and I know what you mean about trying to not let it cost a million bucks! Found a few ways around that but man it’s expensive! SO SO worth it though!!!! Loving your random post.. oh and those nails!! Pretty!

    27. Why do the chipmunks have to come on?!?! “I can only imagine” by Mercy me came on our Kidz bop Pandora! What?! More than once. Even my 6 y/o recognized the difference.

    28. My husband got me the OPI by Sephora gel polish at home kit and I LOVE it. Takes about 20 minutes to do and lasts for 2 weeks!

      In college we used Freehand so I had to teach myself Illustrator. Hope you learn lots and share some tips. ;)

    29. I love these currently posts too! Gives a bit of a behind the scenes look at your life. I got Illustrator recently, and am spending time here and there learning it – perhaps a class is in order for me too! I hope you will share some of the insights/tips you learn from that!

    30. Oh Emily! I had to comment on The Explicit Gospel! I am from Tx & Matt was my pastor for 6 years at The Village Church. His wife Lauren is from our home town. Hope you have gotten to listen to his podcasts. He is precious. We were there through his cancer and our church bonded together during that time. We have since moved to GA to help our daughter and pastor son-in-law with their church and to babysit grands! When he came to ATL for the Explicit Gospel Tour, they invited me back stage to be with them before he spoke! Anyway, just had to boast in The Lord on his behalf. He is a doll and one of my most favorite people ever. You will be blessed by the book. My life will never be the same since sitting under his preaching! Love you and your blog and your art! Blessings!

      1. We also live in DFW and love Matt Chandler. We stopped going to the Village because the massive size of the church wasn’t what we wanted, but we still listen to his podcasts. His way of preaching really hits home with us and is very convicting. I’ll have to check out his book to see if it’s the same!

    31. I meant to comment on your last post but got sidetracked. I loved the tea towel idea and almost bought the crate and barrel measurements one but realized it was too big for the space. Then I thought perhaps you would consider making a measurement art print. It would be a darling addition to any kitchen. Maybe one day, after you finish the twirl one. :)

    32. i LOVE these random current posts…i really should do more of them. i’m nodding my head with everything you said :) disney…yes!! have so much fun! that bday cake…um yes and yes!! squabbling and charlie and lola?? yep on those too!

      have a great day, girl!

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