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    loving:  these cinnamon candies


    reading: With All My Love by Patricia Scanlan but I just haven’t been able to get into it.

    waiting for: Sunday Night Football. My Seahawks are playing and I love the Seahawks. Seriously.

    excited about: being part of a fall home tour next week. It meant I actually cleaned and decorated my house to get it in shape for photos. It’s been a long time since I’ve shown updates to a bunch of rooms, so come back tuesday for the tour.


    trying to: do this


    working on: all sorts of fun projects for the fall/winter/holidays.

    enjoying: all four kiddos being in school so that I can work on said fun projects.


    using: this hair volumizing powder by Redken. You sprinkle a little bit on your roots and it gives instant volume that stays. My hair is super heavy and this gives it body without having to backcomb {which doesn’t always hold well}. I’m not a very high-maintenance beauty product girl, but this one is a must for me. 

    wearing: my grandma’s antique sapphire ring. She gave all of us grand-kids the special jewelry she no longer wears and I’m so thankful to have something of hers. When I glance down and see it on my hand, it makes me feel all grown up. And reminds me of sweet childhood moments.

    planning: a tutorial for these zinc-wannabe letters.


    needing:  to stick to my daily goals. I’m going as simple as possible: wake at 7, read my bible/devotional, work out, make dinner, go to bed at 10. So far I’m doing pretty well with most, but getting into bed by 10 is a tough one.

    learning: that my kids and I have very different ideas of cleanliness and I had better chill out or I’ll go crazy trying to keep everything picked up.


    listening to: The Pitch Perfect station on pandora. It’s a fun mix of acapella covers of popular songs – a little bit from the movie soundtrack, some from Glee, and other vocal groups. It gets old after a while, but enjoyable for a bit.

    doing: celebrating my No. 2’s birthday. He’s a good kid worth celebrating. Except when he’s teasing {which is a lot}. I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it this year.

    dreaming of: If I’m dreaming really big, I’m dreaming of traveling to Africa. For years I have longed to go to serve, but probably what I really want/need is to have my eyes opened and my heart transformed by getting outside of my regular life.

    If I’m dreaming small, I just want to sleep in on Saturdays.

    So this is me.

    Want to play along? What are you currently up to?

    {all photos are from my instagram feed}

    30 thoughts on “currently”

    1. i absolutely love your “dreaming of” going to Africa to serve has been on my bucket list for a very long time but recently its been on my mind day in and day out. I’ve been going through a lot of ups and downs this year and giving back just makes me feel sooo much better!!!

      Hope to see a post on a trip to Africa in the future. :-)

    2. First of all, lovely post. I very much enjoy your blog and how you share your faith with your readers.

      Second, (I feel awkward saying this, but what the heck), my church is local to you and does a medical missions trip to Liberia every year. You don’t need to have medical experience because we have lots of nurses and army doctors from our church who go. Primarily people from my church compose the team, but often people from other churches come too. We’ve been partnering with the same organization for many years and it is a well planned trip. If you’re ever interested in more information you can email me and I’ll pass on more info.

    3. Ok, your big dream is where I’m at right now, among trying to achieve similar goals in a day and not spend my whole day picking up after my kids. If I’m being honest, part of me wants to be satisfied with the number of kids we have now so mission work is something I can participate in sooner than later. My church is very globally minded and there are people going on mission trips almost weekly, each of which pulls at my heart strings! I just have to remind myself that God has ordered my steps if I walk in His Spirit.

      I love when you share these little snippets and I’m excited to see your home tour!

    4. Hello Emily!

      I’m {currently} from the Midwest, but will be returning to the African bush in just two weeks. I came home to have my third baby; the sweetest little boy you have ever met.

      My hubby, twins, and wee one would LOVE to host you if ever you do launch out and try traveling a bit. It’s a adventure. You will be challenged. It will change your life. You will never be the same. You will be wrecked for the Gospel and it will be amazing. Go for it while the passion burns within you!

      Bon courage!
      One busy momma

    5. Super fun to meet you and hang out yesterday, thank you so much! And I LOVE my cuff! On a side note, I have to tell you that the Pitch Perfect station has been my most frequented Pandora station for the last month as well!

    6. I have found your blog to be just the proverbial kick-in-the pants that I needed!
      Reading: Cold Tangerines (it was on your summer reading list…) and loving it.
      Waiting for: cooler weather, it’s been hot in Kansas!
      Excited about: finally getting stuff done
      Trying to: keep up with my bible study on Esther
      Working on: everything! sewing projects, pillows, slipcovers, painting and soon some planting!
      Enjoying: my newly painted turquoise front door!
      Using: L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara. Best. Stuff. Ever.
      Wearing: paint splatters
      Planning: Menus
      Needing: more sleep
      Learning: Grace and Mercy
      Listening to: NeedtoBreathe
      Dreaming: of a clean house…
      Thanks for doing what you do :-)

    7. Enjoyed your post!
      Let’s see…..currently I am:

      Soaking up the blessings that are falling like rain!!

      My little blog I have created from taking your awesome Blog Class is off to a great start!

      My art has evolved to a place where I am finally marketing it!!

      so, between the two of those things I am a busy, busy BLESSED gal!!

    8. Working on/ thinking about/ reading about one thing today — potty training my little girl! Thank goodness for naps — this mama is recharging right now with blogs and Pinterest and chocolate. :)

    9. Emily,
      Africa will change your life forever. My family has been involved in Uganda for about seven years now. Our mission there has looked different over the years and the Lord has grown us through it all. This is the organization we are involved with and we work directly with their Uganda orphanage. Check it out when you have the opportunity.

      Love the people, their purpose, and most of all, their love for Jesus.


    10. So I’m reading: THE PARIS WIFE. Love it and anything to do with Hemingway!!!
      waiting: to drop 5 more pounds
      excited about: my little 7 year old granddaughter coming to spen the weekend
      trying to: be nice keep thoses caddy thoughts out of my mind
      working on: refinishing an old coffee table for my sons new place
      enjoying: teaching an early morning Seminary class of 16 and 17 yr olds. They brighten my whole day
      planning: a girls trip with my derest friend in Oct
      needing: hum needing more patience and of course money!
      learning: my ABC’s with my 3 yr old grandson
      dreaming: of a world at peace

    11. Hi Emily!

      Your children are all so adorable! I imagine it’s quite a task to get them out the door in the morning, but I’m sure you will do it with grace like the great mom you are.. I hope the kids like school, and I am happy that you have a “little” more free time for you.

      You asked what your readers were up to, so here’s a brief list:

      *working on making a career move

      *redoing a silhouette my son did in kindergarten for framing using linen and black poster board (He is now 22, lol!)

      *Trying to figure out if I am brave enough to redo the tile in my small bathroom

      * Gathering basil and herbs to make pesto

      *Thinking about ordering some bulbs for fall planting

      *Just finished reading “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, a fabulous read! I am looking forward to reading “A Thousand Spendid Suns,” also by Hosseini.

      *Dreaming about taking my three boys (all grown) on a trip to Europe sometime in the near future. (I’ve never been.) :-)

    12. Love your blog!! I discovered it recently and have found it inspirational in so many ways. Keep it up!!
      Currently we are packing up and moving into a new home!! Yeah!! Busy with the move, my 4 kids, husband and 2 dogs. Not much time right now for much else. But soon life will calm down and will have more time for all the joys that Autumn brings here in the Northeast.
      God Bless!

    13. loving: all of the pumpkin recipe posts on Pinterest lately
      reading: Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Wells…I’ve stopped it and started it about a dozen times.
      waiting for: God’s direction with buying a house.
      excited about: my new lil interior design business! Woohoo….it’s been a dream of mine!
      trying to do: workout, but it hasn’t happened yet. ha! i always remember at 10pm at night when I’m climbing in bed.
      working on: rulers, rulers, rulers!
      enjoying: the cooler weather
      using: I love Dove dry shampoo…it’s amaze balls for the off days that I don’ wash my hair!
      wearing: my new skeleton key gold bangle from the Etsy store: Georgie Designs.
      planning: I, too, have always wanted to go to Africa…my neighbor (who I happened to meet on IG, how cool is that?) has a non-profit org. that takes groups to Africa, she wants me to come along and I want to, but am a little nervous. Check her IG out: loveoneanotherproject
      needing: a shower
      learning: to be content in the now
      listening to: cartoons. but, soon it will be Michael Buble on Pandora! :)
      doing: a photo shoot/ blog post on some antlers I re-did for my son’s room
      dreaming: of buying a house that doesn’t have the California price tag!

    14. Emily you are inspirational and “real”; not to mention a smart cookie. I have a web design business because of you and others like you. I wanted to be able to create a business for myself and still stay home for the kids. Since I didn’t know what “business” made sense I started learning the technical stuff about having an online business. I have so many ideas and notebooks filled with to do lists but nothing to show for it other than the dozen of sites I have done for friends (of friends). I know web design is not my ultimate business choice but have no idea what I should do. Recently my 14-year old has gotten such positive feedback on his surfing photography. Today, I decided to create a business for him featuring his work. He is the creative type and does not do well in a typical school setting. If I can get a business off the ground for him and boost his confidence in the process I am doing my ultimate job…as a mom!! Happy Friday!!

    15. I love that verse, that has been on my mind a lot lately too. I am also trying to be more present when I am with them (instead of thinking about those projects I’m going to work on after they go to bed!). I too am so excited about getting ready for fall, winter and the holidays – I can’t wait!

    16. reading: The Tiger by John Vaillant
      waiting for: cooler weather
      excited about: My 10 hour trip to see my 21 year old son in college and go to a college football game in 2 weeks!
      trying to: Get back in the swing of things after a lazy summer and back to eating right and riding my bike.
      working on: My genealogy on It’s a treasure hunt and addictive.
      enjoying: some time alone
      using: my Cuisinart popcorn popper. It’s fantastic and makes great popcorn. I have some almost every day!
      wearing: the cutest Brighton gold cross with jewels that my husband gave me for our anniversary
      planning: an 80th birthday party for my mother. Any suggestions?
      needing: to start and finish a painting that I sketched 3 years ago!!!
      learning: to let my boys go and lead their own lives. A very hard thing to do.
      listening to: Selah – Beautiful, Terrible Cross –
      We see the love that You showed us
      We see the life that You lost
      We bow in wonder and praise You
      For the beautiful terrible cross

      doing: praying and thinking about what to do as an empty nester – volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center and sharing the love of Christ to young women with aching hearts is coming up first on the list – I just need to follow thru.
      dreaming of: building a house in Colorado to call my own, but to share with others.

      1. Nan, It sounds like you have such a beautiful life going on! I cant imagine letting the kids go. We have 4 boys the first is off to college but the house still remains full and busy. I think about the day that is inevitably going to come and my loud busy crazy house is going to be still and I honestly cry my eyes out!! Thinking about you!
        Oh I love Selah!!
        What a beautiful opportunity to share the love of Christ with such scared, broken, hurting women!! How special!

    17. First, I love the pic of Audrey’s room. It makes me happy when bloggers show the *real* and it helps the everyone realize you aren’t superhuman. ;)

      Also, Pitch Perfect pandora station?! Yes! Thank you!

    18. The kiddos are adorable! I remember those candies from my childhood. My Pop used to pick them up for us at the 5 and dime! LOL I used your Autumn Essentials printable in my front foyer fall vignette and love how it turned out! Thanks for sharing.

    19. Currently:

      *I have been out of work since July and am finally going through with starting my own business. I have always wanted to be my own boss (which explains why I have never been happy in my jobs) so I am branching out as a Handywoman. Basically, I offer cleaning, organizing, painting, gardening, etc. services to busy folks who don’t have time to make the beauty happen themselves. Getting my business cards today.

      *I’m starting a 30 day paleo diet Monday and I am not happy about it. But I need to cleanse my body for different reasons. Scared, scared, scared!

      *Finally, I am enjoying my new blog thanks to all YOUR help!!! Thank you so much!

      1. Oh Leilani!! How exciting! You have so much positive going on!! Best of luck with your new business venture I certainly could hire you!!
        Good Luck with the weight loss program. I turned 40 and 5 months later had to have an unexpected hysterectomy and since then ( a year now) I have gained 40 pounds. It gets me so depressed. Especially since I do workout three days a week and getting no where. But Im not giving up!!
        Tell me your blog. I am JDC Blog Class gal! Check out mine and I would love to check out yours!!!

    20. Hi Emily. I, too, love the hair powder. There is, however, a less expensive brand. It’s got2b powderful. I have bought it at WalMart and Ulta. It’s around $5. Love your scripture card :) And my daughter’s bedroom looks like the pic above. Some days I choose that battle to fight and other days not. Have a great weekend!

    21. I love love powder grip. I have really fine, slippery hair and it works really well for braiding or giving my hair enough texture to pin it up. This will sound weird, but I didn’t know Claey’s candy was nationally available. It is made in my hometown (South Bend, Indiana — home of the University of Notre Dame). You should try their chocolate Charlie come Christmas. Chocolate covered marshmallow and peanuts. It’s delish! And probably everyone would rather not know, but currently I am going through a divorce. Yuck. It’s nice to read blogs of people who have normal lives and think about a time when my live was/will be normal. Working on projects and all the little lovely details of life are so fun.

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