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    Sometimes I like taking note of what’s happening in my life in a little blog game called CURRENTLY. It doesn’t have to happen on a blog, though. I think this could be equally enjoyable and valuable as a conversation with a friend or in a journal. Sometimes just slowing down enough to pay attention to what’s happening around you and inside of you makes you remember this beautiful life you are living and all the little decisions you are making to make it better for you and the world.

    Here’s my list on this January wednesday.

    LOVING My friends just opened a new coffee shop here in town and I’m LOVING it very much.

    READING Have you ever read Maeve Binchy? I just finished this one of hers and forgot how much I enjoy her writing. One really nice thing about reading non-new releases like books by Maeve Binchy is that you can check them out on the library app (mine is called Overdrive) and not only is it free but you can check them out right away and don’t have to wait on a waiting list. I read most novels on my kindle app on my phone and always love a free option!

    EXCITED ABOUT I just signed with literary agent Jenni Burke. I have held this little dream of writing a book (s) for years and years and it is pretty exciting to take one more step down this path.

    LISTENING TO I drove down to Oregon to meet with Jenni and others about a future book project and listened non-stop to this podcast on my 4-hour drive. It is a compilation of the teachings of Tim Mackie (a founder of another fave, the Bible Project) and I am so grateful for his teaching. I particularly loved the series on Psalms: the language of prayer (this is the first one about how to pray through our fears and is so worth listening to).

    MAKING When we were in Oahu for my birthday in October, I ate an acai bowl almost every morning. They are so delicious! So I’ve been trying to replicate them at home. Mine don’t look quite so tropical, but they are *almost* as good.

    DREAMING OF As I was looking through my photos for that one of the acai bowl, I saw the others from our trip to Hawaii. So now I’m dreaming of that gorgeous blue ocean and the warmth of the sun. 

    WORKING ON A new February collection with notecards, a weekly calendar, art print, scripture cards and more. Coming soon.

    ENJOYING I can’t stop talking about it, but it is true: I am really enjoying doing my daily watercolor sketches.

    WEARING Nearly every moment I’m at home, I’m wearing these slipper booties. I wear them so much that the fluffy part inside is almost completely gone. Time for a replacement pair, I suppose.

    SINGING On the way to school each morning, Mason and Audrey take control of Spotify and play one of three songs: A Cover Is Not The Book from Mary Poppins Returns, Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard by Paul Simon or Not the Future by Bad Lip Reading. It’s really quite a mix.

    NEEDING It’s probably not really a need, but I feel like our house needs so new greenery. I’m waiting to bring in more plants until it gets a little closer to spring and the first one on my list will be a new maidenhair fern.

    THINKING ABOUT My baby is turning 15 next week. What in the world?!! I’ve been thinking, though, about how much better teenage boys are than I ever expected. I’m excited to write out some of my thoughts to share because when I was a young mom I thought nothing could be worse than doing puberty with boys. Turns out, these teenagers of mine are pretty fantastic.

    That’s currently me. What’s going on with you? Please do play along!

    24 thoughts on “Currently”

    1. Looks like you were in Eugene! (Willamette Valley, Oregon girl here!) Hope you had a nice trip! Thanks for the podcast recommendation. We’re in a new season here with teenagers and I spend a lot of time on the road as “Mom taxi”! A good poddy is appreciated!

    2. Thanks for the recommendation for the Psalms podcast from the Bible project, it was so good! I’m daily trying to remind myself to that none of the things on my to do list matter more than spending time in the word. I don’t know why this is such a hard lesson for me!

    3. I second the new insoles for your boots. They make them feel brand new for a small fraction of the price of new boots!

      And the Libby app is another way to access Overdrive but so much more user friendly! It’s helped me get back on the book reading train and I love it. (The app and the reading!)

    4. How’s your big, beautiful sofa holding up? We bought an inexpensive new sofa from a local furniture store just under a year ago and it already looks five years old. Maybe we’ll go with a Crate and Barrel one next time. As my grandma always said, “the cheap comes out expensive!”

      1. We still love our big couch. The upholstery is still in perfect condition and the pillows are holding their shape well. Only a few rouge feathers every now and then. We highly recommend it!

    5. I love Maeve Binchy! Reading I am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll. Currently working on a year of purging! I did a #19 for 2019 and love the thought of actually accomplishing what’s on my list…from getting rid of storage unit to going to Croatia with my 80 year old mom. I picked a word for this year too…it’s ACTION! Yay!

    6. You might already know this, but I recently learned you can get new fluffy inserts for Uggs, so you don’t have to replace the whole thing! They’re only about $20 on Amazon, too. You can also put them in other boots/shoes, to turn any pair into fluffy goodness!

    7. Currently excited to hear what your book project is!! So happy for you and what an exciting life stage you’re in – babies growing and growing personally.

      1. I’ll share as soon as the time is right! And thank you so your encouragement – this is a pretty wonderful season of babies growing and personal growth. Xoxo

    8. Maidenhair Ferns….where do I find these guys??? I look every time I am at any place that sells plants. Never find any :( Any suggestions!?
      Thanks a bunch!

        1. Maidenhairs are hard to keep healthy. I find that they like to always be watered. If it goes just one day of being too dry, the fragile stems just wilt and die. You can trim the dead growth back and they will come back, but if mine get really bad I usually just call it a loss and start fresh. So water, water, water and mist the little leaves and it should stay happy.

    9. We were in Ko’Olina in December and I too fell in love with the Acai Bowls at Island Vintage Coffee. They’re so good!! Their homemade granola and that Hawaiian honey were absolute perfection!! I can’t wait to go back.

    10. Thank you for reminding me that it is good to slow down and reflect. I have been struggling with the dark, cold weather but it is a good time to reflect on the good things in my life. I appreciate the gently reminder and I LOVE Maeve Binchy’s books.


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