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the day my best friend moved away

    We met our freshman year of college in Southern California; K.C. from Arizona, me from Washington state, both away from home for the first time and eager for what was to come. We became fast friends, rooming together for the next three years, nearly losing our friendship over a boy, but creating the deepest friendship we’ve both ever known.

    After college, she married an Army doctor and moved to Texas.

    Ryan and I got married and came back home to Seattle.

    My second baby and her first were born 2 weeks apart. Our third and her second are 4 days apart.

    She walked with me through thousands of tears – the sadness and pain and slow healing – when my family fell apart and parents got divorced. I cried with her through her husband’s deployment and miscarriages and scary diagnoses. And we’ve laughed until we cried more times than I can count. We’ve grown up together, me and K.C.

    When they got military orders to move to Washington in 2009, it was a dream come true. We talked them in to living with us and eventually buying a house in our neighborhood even though it gave Dan a long commute. We knew it would be the only time we’d live in the same state, let alone within walking distance.

    Audrey was the first of my babies K.C. could meet in the hospital; I was in the room when her youngest was delivered. The kids go to school together and we carpool and meet up at the park and borrow eachother’s clothes and she leads our women’s bible study.

    Who would have thought those two freshman girls would be doing life together 17 years later.


    And today, her family has moved away.

    We’ve known it was coming – it’s what military families do – but this moment crept up on us so quickly.

    Our friendship will be fine. I know this. We’ve loved each other for this long and done distance before, so I know it will be fine. We’ll talk on the phone as we drive our kids to school, or text when something funny happens and take trips to visit each other. We’ll be fine.

    But I sure will miss her.

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    We adore you Dan, K.C. & kiddos. XOXO


    16 thoughts on “the day my best friend moved away”

    1. my sweetest friend moved to Texas and I moved to Atlanta (we lived in Savannah) within 6 months of each other. 18 years later we still find ways to steal a chat or squeeze in a visit. We were blessed with a quick visit to town just last week. I know your heart is sad but the value of a friend that you can pick up the phone and start right where you left off without missing a beat is so special. I’m praying for you and your friend’s heart over the next few weeks. You have a treasure far greater than gold.

    2. A good friend of mine moved away recently too. I grew up as a military brat and was used to moving and friends moving, but adult friends moving isn’t any easier!

      Hurry and plan a vacation together for next year!!!

    3. This hurts my heart. Your friendship is exactly what my heart longs for. To have it then have her move away would be so hard. How amazing and what a blessing to have (and continue) to share so much with each other! What a special gift that friendship you have with her! It will be just fine…just a little different! You are in my thoughts!

    4. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you two have had each other all these years. I will be forever grateful to K.C. and her wonderful family for taking you in as one of their own when you needed them. And they have needed you! I will always love her. And I’ll miss her, too. xo

    5. What a sweet post. I’m a military spouse about to make my first move since kids. Hoping I can find great friends in the new place and that your sweet friend finds some at her new station! Friends near and far are such a blessing!

    6. Your post made me cry and smile at the same time. I just had the wonderful pleasure of seeing my dear, sweet sorority sister this weekend. Even after almost 16 years of not seeing each other we could catch up and laugh at memories from years ago and also talk about life now. True friendships know not limits.

    7. I’m that military wife who always has to move away and I’m so grateful for women like you who still give me a chance, even though they know the goodbyes will come too soon. I love your story and am so glad you two had these amazing years together. It is so true that in this life, we need to live and love big, so we don’t miss out on these special relationships God gives us. :)

    8. How have I never put it together that you guys go that far back?
      I knew you guys were friends, but I had no idea of your history.

      My middle and high school bestie, who was also my college roommate, lives here in Athens.
      We’ve lived apart since I got married in 1996! When we moved to Athens, GA, one of the greatest gifts was that her family lives here, too! It’s amazing to see our kids become friends.

      Prayers for both of you as you navigate distance again…you’re right! Your friendship will only continue to grow!!

    9. I know it hurts to have your dear friend move away. My own best teacher friend has switched buildings and I will not see her each day or be able to stop by her room for a quick prayer as each trial comes. Yes, we will be find and you will be fine. But it does hurt, doesn’t it?

    10. Your story about you and K.C. left a huge “orange” in my throat and stinging eyes. My best friend moved away 10 years ago and I still miss her every single day. We met when our now 30+ year old children were toddlers. We happened to send our 3 yr. olds to the same preschool and we were fast friends forever. We each had a baby at the time, so we started trading babysitting on the preschool days (1/2 day only back then) so we could have sometime to ourselves every once in a while. Before long, we were “sisters” We went through SO much together and loved each other wildly. I’ll never forget the day she told me her husband, Mike, had been transferred. My whole body went numb. How could I do my life without her???
      Our friendship has survived the years with infrequent visits, lots of phone calls, e-mails, birthday presents and relishing each other’s achievements. But it is true, my life has never been the same since she moved.. I know she feels the same and many times I’ll receive a card from her that simply says, “I love you”.
      Friends, close friends, change our lives in ways we can never imagine, cherish your relationship with K.C. Keep it alive in as many ways you can think of, don’t let it drift away…she will always be a treasure in your life.

    11. Hugs to you! It’s awesome to have that one person who truly gets you, even if they aren’t in the same place as you, they’re always in your heart!

    12. So SAD! My bestie moved away over 3 years ago (we’ve been friends since 4th grade)! Even though she’s only two hours away, it’s still hard only seeing her every few months.. and I miss her wardrobe! Ha! BUT we text every day!

    13. I’m so sorry that your bestie is moving. I live in IN and my best friend is in FL. I miss having her close, but our families vacation together every year. That week of doing life together under the same roof every year is priceless to us. She’s still the one I can talk about everything to – even with 1200 miles between us. Hugs to you today.

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