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Five Things Friday #2


    I was SO close to recording a coffee chat this morning. I have about 25 minutes in between school drop-off and my pilates class and I was going to just record a little chat in the car. But then I hopped on Marco Polo (do you do Marco Polo? It’s a video app that is a cross between facetime and a walkie-talkie) and my sister had left me a message so I left her one and then we got talking and crying and that was the end of the coffee chat.


    My sister just started going to a barre studio and I’m beyond excited. First, because I love this workout and want everyone else to love it, too. Second, because she (like me) wants to work out, but working out at home is hard and it’s so easy to get distracted and once you skip a day it becomes super easy to skip the next and then two weeks later you realize you only did the at-home workout you were going to be so committed to one time. So we are both now barre studio people. I’ve been working out consistently for over a year for the first time in my life and I owe it all to 1. finding a workout that I love and 2. having a studio with classes at specific times that I have to sign up to attend.


    We cried because even though there is so much wonderful in our lives, there is also hard. Death and sickness of people we love, grief, mid-life crisis, tender hearts, longing to obey God and not always feeling super clear about that. This tension of happy and sad, life and death, choices and consequences is hard to hold and know what to do with it, but I’m thankful that we don’t have to carry it alone.


    On a totally different topic, I watched a cooking/travel show called Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix and loved it. It’s not surprising, really, because I do enjoy a good cooking show. This one surprised me, though, with how entertaining and educational and pleasant to watch and charming the chef-host Samin Nosrat is. I am making her buttermilk marinated roasted chicken for dinner tonight and can’t wait.


    I painted a quick January Palette sketch this week for one of my daily sketches.

    The next day, I realized my outfit was basically that painting.

    And so is my house.

    I think the colors of January are just my thing.

    2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday #2”

    1. Ha! Marco Polo was one of my “what worked for me in 2018” things (to keep in touch with college friends! I love it!) and yoga was one of my things for 2017- for the reasons you love barre. It is the first exercise that I don’t have to drag myself to. I’ve done it a year and a half now and love it! Finding classes at times that work for our family was tough but I’ve found a studio that I LOVE and it offers 6 a.m. classes. (One day all of my kids will be in school and then maybe I’ll go to a more humanly timed class…).

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