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Five Things Friday

    This little series called Five Things Friday is something I’ve been doing every once in a while over on Instagram. Just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week or caught my attention or that I feel like sharing.

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about blogging. Part of me really misses the olden days of just popping on with a few words and a picture and talking about our days (see #5 for more on that). So I decided that instead of just using Instagram as a place to share and connect about the little things in life, I’d like to do that here, too.

    So here you go, five things to chat about on this first Friday of 2019.

    1. At the beginning of the week, I was definitely NOT ready to take down the tree and wreaths and lights on the house. Slowly, however, the desire to clean it all up has been coming. Today, I’m ready to let it all go. I think I just needed a few extra days before feeling like I was ready for the new year.

    2. Thank you for all of the kind words this week about my daily painting practice (I’m posting one per day on Instagram using this hashtag). It is something I’m doing to get better at art and has been a happy moment in my day since starting. I think I’m going to like the routine.

    3. I did not, however, like the sketch on day two and almost started a new one. Then I realized, THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS EXERCISE IS TO PRACTICE! Of course, I’m not going to love every single one and get the scale or color or shadow perfect right from the start. That’s the whole point of doing a daily sketch!

    4. I went from a decaf vanilla extra hot latte drinker to a decaf extra hot latte drinker and now am solidly in the decaf american0 with a splash of foamed cream camp. Are my tastebuds changing or am I becoming my grandmother who took her coffee black?!

    5. I started blogging 10 years ago and over those years things have changed a lot. Truthfully, I kind of miss the olden days of blogging (and blog reading). Less scrolling, more lingering. Fewer how-tos and Pinterest-worthy images and topics and more random life. How do you feel about it? Are you still into blogs or totally over them? Do you think they’ll make a comeback or are they the think of the past?

    These are my friday ponderings …

    12 thoughts on “Five Things Friday”

    1. Rebecca | Seven2Seven8

      I started a blog in 2009 and loved them so. I moved away from them for a while – the sheer torrent of information in our lives is definitely a factor – but am finding my way back to them and to writing this past year or so as I try to slow things down and simplify. I respond positively to blogs that feel authentic and conversational.

    2. I’m still very into blogs. I definitely have my favorites that I love reading and have been reading for several years, but it’s rare for me to start following a new blog. I too miss the olden days of blogging where we lingered more, but am still happy with the ones I follow. People have been saying for a while now that blogs are on their way out, and maybe they are, but I sure hope not. I love Instagram, but use it differently, and do not find it to be a suitable replacement for blogs.

    3. I love blogs best! And I was so reluctant to take down our tree this year, too…but finally the falling needles forced it. :) Now if only I could think of something warm and twinkly to fill the void…

    4. I just took the tree and outside lights today. It was hard for me to let it all go this year. But I was xcited for the kids to go back to school and get back to routine.

    5. Yes. Catching up, and I am all in for more blogging… and simpler days when we weren’t expecting such perfection and stylized posts from everyone.

    6. This weekend I was thinking about what were things that bring some happiness in my day from the past. One of those was checking a couple blogs (yours was a staple) each weekday morning. I miss the lingering too. So I’m adding it back in my morning routine :)

    7. I totally miss the olden days of blogging! Even when there were how-tos it didn’t feel so stylized, where now you’d get a picture of the persons tools/supplies are styled on their butcher block counter. :) I understand the reason things changed but it’s still a bummer.

    8. I love the days of blogs. there is way too much self promotion on IG (especially stories) and I like simply reading thoughts. At first , I liked the pictures but when they are trying to.sell me something all the time, I get bored and need content. Would love blogs to come back.

    9. I am still all-in on blogs. I think in large part because I do not like what ig or fb seem to do to my attention span. A squirrel can probably focus better than I can. So I like skipping social media in favor of blogs. I mean- not like most posts take me an hour to read, but it is at least a bit of a deeper dive than the scrolling of fb or ig.

      Also, we took our tree down this week and it was just right. I like when the house has the extra breathing room again.

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