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I don’t know how I used to do it

    I don’t know how I used to do it. 

    Do what, you ask?

    Blogging. Regular blogging.

    Amidst the raising of small children and the daily demands of wife/mother/friend/personhood, I also managed to write blog posts three times each week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, like clockwork. I rarely missed a day and if I did, I always made it up. Three posts per week was my thing. For nearly 10 years.

    And then last year happened and I let go of the whole post-three-times-per-week thing.

    It was a gradual letting go. One week I skipped a post, then another … and another.

    At first, I felt like I was being irresponsible and had this nagging anxiety about disappointing you sweet readers. Meeting on the blog several times per week has been our routine for so long and I felt like I couldn’t possibly change things up because it is the way I’ve always done it! and It is what people expect from me! and It is the way the experts say you should do it! Those pressures were real (I still feel them!) and hard to push aside. And yet, life circumstances and my own heart told me it was okay, good, essential to slow down, be quiet, listen, pay attention.

    So I did. I still am.

    Quite honestly, it hasn’t been good for business. But it has been exactly what I needed.

    In this past year of quieting my blogging life, my offline life has flourished. Not perfect or lovely or pain-free, but there has been deep personal healing and growth, face-to-face friendships, regularly working out of my physical body, being present with my family.

    I wish I could say that all of this was super intentional and done from a place of wisdom and maturity and forethought. But that’s not really how it went (it never is, is it?!).

    I can look back now and see the signs and symptoms that forced this change in blogging pace. For quite a while there has been a growing tension inside me between the pressure to keep producing more content so I can stay relevant and grow readership and create things you want to read and see and pin and share and the deep conviction to be completely genuine.

    Over the past year, especially, as I’ve been pursuing answers about identity – who am I? who is God? what is my unique purpose in it all? – it has become really hard to talk about fluffy things on the blog. Sure, I like cute throw pillows and what J.Crew has on sale this week, but what I care about even more is finding freedom and peace and neither can be discovered in down-filled inserts or denim.

    I have been working diligently to resolve these deep, important issues in my personal life and while it didn’t feel appropriate to share it all in real-time, it has also prevented me from sharing the less important things. Does that make sense? It’s not like I don’t still care about lipgloss and a great leather chair and creative ways to wrap gifts, it’s just that they have taken a back seat in my life as I process the bigger things and reshuffle priorities. It feels so trivial to talk about my house when what deserves all the attention is our hearts.

    Add all of this to the fact that my kids need me in different ways in this season, we don’t have any big house projects lined up and for months now, I’ve been feeling a strange sense of transition on the horizon.

    And so the blog has been eerily quiet.

    The truth of it is, I needed to be quiet.

    I think we all do, at some point.

    Our lives move quickly. One day blends into the next, then all of a sudden a week, a month, a year has passed. We busy ourselves (often with good things!) and distract and numb and when you stop long enough to look – really look – at your life, you find that maybe you’ve lost yourself a little. Or a lot.

    I needed this season of quiet to give myself time and space to look at my life, figure out what was working and what wasn’t, to pay close attention to the ways God made me and trust what He says about me. So much of my life has been about trying to prove my value, doing what was expected and trying to do it perfectly, saying yes to gain approval or avoid disappointment only to discover that I never gave my own soul a place within the decision-making.

    This forced journey for me has been about waking up to God and myself, breaking off the heavy chains of lies, the false expectations and disordered desires, so I can live from a quietly confident posture of freedom. Free to be wholly and completely me.

    The Emily of old – the crafty, creative, stay home mom of toddlers who needed blogging to find her voice and connect with other women – she blogged three times per week because at that time of life, it gave her life.

    And then, as they do, things slowly started shifting. In the blogging industry, social media, my personal and spiritual and season of life.

    The Emily sitting at the keyboard right now? I have parts of that younger version in me, of course. But I am different, too.

    I am older, more at peace with who I am and deeply trusting of who God is. I love and appreciate pretty things – in the home, hanging in a closet, formed with paper and scissors and glue gun – but I know they can not truly satisfy. I have words and stories and art to share, but the slow, deep, marinating kind that can’t be rushed or scheduled. This is what I feel compelled to share, my act of worship and offering into the world. This is what now gives me life, at this time of life.

    So I playfully say to myself “I don’t know how I used to do it!” because it’s true. It’s a lot of work to post three times per week for nearly a decade. I’m so proud of that girl for doing it so diligently.

    And at the same time, I extend to myself grace and kindness as I move quietly, gently into a new way of being. I don’t want to remain in the old ways just because it is comfortable or known or what I think people expect from me. I want to step forward, however unknown and uncomfortable because it is exactly where I know God is asking me to move.

    Maybe you’re standing at a threshold of sorts, too. Maybe you can just barely make out the glimmer of hope that lies beyond. Feelings of promise and excitement and trepidation all wrapped into one.

    It is here we get to decide: will we step back into our old, comfortable ways or step forward, faithfully, into the new?

    It’s terrifying, you guys. It really is. I stand here so timid – believing there is such promise and goodness ahead but not really able to wrap my mind around how it’s all going to work out.

    That’s life, isn’t it? We don’t have all the answers we just have to trust that as we grow and heal and listen to the gentle nudgings of the Spirit, we can rest assured that we are in good hands.

    On a drive up to Seattle a few weekends ago, I listened to a brilliant podcast. At the end of the episode, one of the guests – a pastor from London – read a journal entry a colleague of his wrote. She wrote it with the Church in mind, but as he says, it is so applicable to all of us on the brink of something significant, feeling vulnerable and weak. It brings me to tears every time I hear it. May it be an encouragement to you and the anthem of hope and trust we declare.

    From This Cultural Moment podcast season 2 episode 4:

    Threshold moments are equally beautiful and terrifying. They have the capacity to make or break the vision. As you stand on the cusp of everything you’ve ever dared hope for, you survey the land that now lies before you, your eyes tracing the intricate shapes that settle on the horizon. Too good to imagine! This is what has been stirring for so long. This has been the cry of your heart for years, hidden deep down but now here it is, that first glimpse of dream-turned-reality. Within reach, right before your very eyes, so nearly there.

    And as you stand there at the threshold of everything you’ve ever dared dream about with that cocktail of excitement and fear rising in equal measure, the other voice kicks in. The one that gently tells you to take a step back from the threshold. It whispers to you that passing through that door will have its costs. It’s too good to be true. Or even worse, what lies in front of you is all a mirage and you’d be foolish to walk through. It will disappear as soon as you enter. It’s better to survey the land from the doorway, to distance yourself from it just in case. To stand at the threshold just watching. It’s better to quietly let the dream die now before sacrifices are made, bridges are burned and there’s no safe way back.

    Threshold moments have power. Many see them as the end of a long journey – they finally glimpse what their hearts have longed for, but they stop, exhausted, and find themselves settling in the doorway to all they’ve hoped for. Never actually crossing through and taking hold of it. Tired and exhausted they find contentment in their reasoning that they’ve made it this far, that they can see it from a distance.

    But the truth is, these threshold moments are just the start of the adventure. They are only just the beginning. So step in, take courage and move forward. You have been called for such a time as this.”


    p.s. I do not like when people say cryptic things like “good things are coming!” and “I can’t wait to tell you about this thing I’ve been working on!”. I don’t know why, but it always bothers me. So here I am, sort of being cryptic about the details of my exact situation and I’m a little annoyed at myself. I’m okay if you’re annoyed at me, too.

    The truth is, there are things I’m working on that I’m not yet ready to share, but more than anything else I just sense that this is a new season for me. No one can keep doing what they’ve always done and not expect there to be changes. When I started a business, I was freshly graduated from college and not yet married. When I started a blog I was a mom to babies and just needed a place to be creative. Now, I have teenagers and different hobbies and desires. THIS IS GOOD! We should grow! We should change! (that’s me reminding myself of truth and giving myself a pep-talk because do you know what I don’t like? Change.).

    Anyway, I just wanted to put some words to screen about transitions and quieting down and paying attention and listening to God and trusting that His power is made perfect in our utter weakness. I hope you find yourself somewhere in here and that you can exhale knowing that you are not alone. xoxo.

    103 thoughts on “I don’t know how I used to do it”

    1. I feel like I’ve been standing at that threshold in my own life for some time now – watching and waiting and wanting to walk through the door and into the life that I’m being called to, but terrified at the same time. Thank you for your courage and vulnerability here – you are so inspiring.

    2. Oh Emily I am so glad you wrote this! I feel like our current seasons of life have many similarities and so this post was one that spoke soul to soul, you know? I have goals for my non-monetized blog that I haven’t been regularly posting on because well, my impromptu life moments kept happening more than the scheduled ones. I feel like this post gave me permission to celebrate the accomplishments and goals of the younger me while embracing that the older and hopefully wiser me who may have different goals and needs. So thank you!

      1. So true. It’s a thing I’m learning, too. To be kind to myself, honoring the past and not criticizing myself for needing to do things differently now.

    3. I love all of this Emily. So real and transparent. In a world of striving, pushing, and proving, we need to step back from time to time and evaluate our lives. To get really honest with ourselves and find out what is working and what isn’t. Here’s to growing in God’s truth and love and just being. Being who he created us to be without the need to prove our worth, because he thought we were worth it all when he sent Jesus down to rescue us. I’m so thankful for your sweet words of truth and I look forward for what’s to come.

    4. I want to put all the heart emoji’s… your words… this is exactly what my heart has been trying to say to me. Thank you so much for putting your heart out there. I will need to read and reread this post to soak it all in.

    5. I don’t know the “old” Emily very well: I just started getting to know you within the last year or so. I really like the “new” Emily, though, and hope that you’ll continue to share more of your heart with us in the future. But if that’s not God’s plan for your life, then I’m sure we will all be okay with that, too, because fulfilling your passion and purpose is the most important thing. Praying for peace of mind and spirit as you continue to sort through what’s to come.

      1. Thank you so much, Cindi! This really is a nice comment. I will share more and continue to use the stories and gifts God has put in my life to grow in our friendship!

    6. I love all of this! I often struggle with the surface when deeper things are going on feel within. Connecting at those heart levels seem so much more important. Fluffy and pretty is fun, but the heart is so good. Thanks for sharing!!

    7. You are just so good at communicating Emily. I love that you are pursuing what God is asking you to do and explaining it in a way that resonates and encourages us to do the same. I’m right there with you, God has been growing and changing me since late 2015. It’s been hard but so good. Thank you for your words!

      1. Thank you, Emily. You expressed exactly where I am right now. I am now giving thanks to God that I am not alone.

        A Sisyer in Christ,

    8. Emily, I am one of your older followers, at 69 but I love hearing about your family and your decorating tips. But as a follower of Christ, this post was so exciting to read, I can’t wait to see where His spirit leads you next. Thanks for sharing your heart and as you can see by the many possitive comments, we all love you and will follow wherever the Spirit leads you next.

    9. After 13 years of renting in a very expensive city in Australia, we have moved 2 hours away and our new home is nearly finished being built. Your post resonates so much as we have partly entered into the new season, but the full transition is so close we can taste it. It’s so exciting to be going into our own home and yet the heartbreak of leaving our community in Sydney is still raw. It would be easy to move into our new home but not fully embrace our new community and life. Thank you for your moving words and gentle prodding to trust God and all He has for us in this new season.

      1. I love how this applies to your situation! Thank you for sharing. Change is such a strange thing, isn’t it? It’s good and we know it, but there is a grieving that happens at the same time. It’s our best work to embrace it both and be obedient and faithful through it all.

    10. Emily, I really get where you are. I stopped blogging after 7 consistent years of almost every day! Those people who were truly my friends were already in touch by other ways anyways so though it was sad to stop the blog, I still kept some really good friends. I’m at that point of being an empty nester with both of mine in college which in itself seems so odd– I loved being a hands on mom. I’m going through that newness and praying about what God wants me to do now. I got really discouraged because I thought I knew and was working hard to make something happen that really wasn’t what I was supposed to do. New things have presented themselves as soon as I let go! Life isn’t all good changes either so having strong family relationships and friendships helps when bad things do happen. My son’s friend at college got the flu, her heart stopped beating and she’s been in a coma for 4 days now. We are devastated. But we’ve all drawn closer because of it and our faith is carrying us right now.

      1. I resonate with this so much! Letting go is hard and there is not a promise that things will go just as we want them to. But we TRUST the God has a good, good future for us that only he can define. I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s son. That must be so heartbreaking and challenging. xoxo

    11. Beautifully said as always, Emily. Thank you for bring vulnerable and courageous enough to share your journey; I am always encouraged by these types of posts.

    12. There’s so much about this post that resonates with me… four years ago I was standing on the threshold of an enormous change and I found the courage to walk through and God was fully present in my steps! But now, four years later, I see so many obstacles between the “now” and the possibilities. I find myself doubting His faithfulness — even as I have LIVED in His faithfulness! And I can’t seem to find full-blown TRUST in Him anymore. I have an entire community of people counting on me to keep moving forward, but I’m wrung out and struggling. I don’t even know why I’m sharing this here – except maybe to say I envy your peace with where you are. You’re so right to follow your heart and to trust in His plan. I hope I can reclaim that myself.
      Looking forward to seeing where He leads you… xo Heidi

      1. I think this is so important to remember – it’s not all flowers and rainbows, this trusting our next steps to God. I want it to all end up like a happy Hallmark movie, but that’s not really God’s definition of “the good life” (that’s mine, and our culture’s!). The thing is, when I was in a past season, I felt like it was where I needed to be. And then, slowly, it became not the place to be. So it’s a regular adjustment. You’ll find His peace again … pay close attention to what He’s speaking to you and keep those eyes fixed on him (so much easier to say than do!). xoxo

    13. Hi Emily, Absoutely loved reading your post and hearing from your heart. You have been one of my favorite blogs to follow because of your creativity and humbleness. While I don’t have any kids, I am in a season where I’m feeling change too. Just like you (maybe it’s the enneagram 9 part of us), actually making a change is hard, but I know it’ll be worth it. However you move forward in this season, I will still be here cheering you on.

    14. Not that this is what matters but honestly if you sent me 3 blogs a week I’d still only get around to reading one. But since you only send one I actually read it! I don’t feel overwhelmed by the number I’m missing which is what tends to happen to the other blogs I follow that send 3+ posts a week. I just get overwhelmed and delete them all! This world is full of noise, and personally I tend not to listen to those who are shouting the loudest! :)

      1. This is actually really great feedback. I think email has changed so much now that Instagram and social media and texting are more part of our daily lives. It can feel overwhelming to receive too many emails. I really do appreciate your thoughts!

    15. So, what advice would you give to your younger self (ie- me)? Would you have done less in the young toddler years, or do you think that was the right thing for that time? Just as now slowing down is the right thing for this time of life?

      1. Hmmm. First, I wish I could have coffee with you and just talk in person!

        Okay, so my advice to my younger self? I would do just what I was doing. I think what happened is that I started recognizing my own sinfulness and desires for affirmation and seeking value in what I was DOING rather than who I was. I was looking all over for it. I don’t know if that means I should not have been doing the things I was, I think it was more a heart issue that has just taken a long time to work through. I wish I had a stronger sense of identity and trust and confidence years and years ago, but it has just been a long process for me (and continues to be).

        So more than anything, I would say keep doing what you’ve been asked to do in this season and do it with joy and confidence. But ALSO, pay attention to your heart. Continually pursue God, practice the spiritual disciplines, fill your mind with TRUTH. And just be super sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about.

    16. I thank you for your thoughts!
      I’m a season ahead of you in life, it seems. I have 2 college kids, one in high school, and one in middle school. I have done the same as you, halting hobbies and creative outlets and activities as my kids got older (substituting good things for things considered better and best at that time in life).
      But, just as you said, things are always changing and evolving. Now I find myself trying to give myself permission to reintroduce some of those hobbies and to allow myself the time to be creative again in new ways, which is surprisingly extremely difficult to do, but oh so necessary!

    17. This makes so much sense, for you right now and for most of us at various points in our lives. This is time well spent. Don’t hurry.

    18. Oh, Emily, this resonates so deeply with me right now! Thankful for the work the Lord is continually doing in our lives and the callings He has for us! Thank you so much for sharing.

    19. Thank you for speaking your truth. It resonates with me, and I’m sure many others. You put it out there in a way that I couldn’t. So I thank you for that. I know I am not alone in changing and giving up what used to mean a lot to me to be with my growing twin girls that are in middle school. They need me the most at this time, and I am realizing, I am trusted, leaned on, and loved by them. I am Present and I put them first. It is so rewarding. Thanks again!

    20. I applaud you and I understand how you feel – I have followed for many years, but I don’t check in with blogs as much, too, because I’m just in a different stage of life with teenagers, aging parents and some life situations that have made me evaluate what is really important to me. While it’s fun to see what other people are into and the great finds they have discovered, it’s just background noise to living real life for me now. Thank you for being real and sharing your heart!

    21. Emily, thank you and your family for sharing your life with us for so long and for being so vulnerable with us! Thanks also to your family who may not have had much input in the amount you shared yourself (and them),but as your readers we appreciate that too! Thank you for your great examples of loving life, familyand God, loving art, loving beauty in its myriad ways but thank you most of all for your depth of personhood and for continuing to grow – that also inspires your readers…so we are excited to know where God is leading you next! No apologies to us are necessary! Love and blessings as you make your new way!

      1. Thank you Jeanie. It is my pleasure to share my life and my hope will always be that it somehow makes us feel more connected to each other, more aware of God in our lives and that I can help create an exhale moment :)

    22. I can’t remember where I heard it, but I just read such a great quote about aging today. It said that most people say that you become a different person as you age, but really what happens is that you become more and more of the person you were always meant to be. Love it!

    23. I can relate to all of that. Over the years I have gone from being so driven to being calmer and more intent on where am I now. I am praying a lot and involved in a couple Bible studies and I am seeking what God wants for me now that I am 67. My husband turned 75 today. We are older but life has so much to offer still and we have so much to offer as well. I can say that change is continual as long as we have breath. It is how we grab ahold of all life has. We remain open, willing and wanting to embrace new thoughts.

    24. Emily, did you have a period of time where you were on the cusp and felt compelled to scramble or drum up desire and passion and action of the past because if not that, then what? I don’t know if it’s so much guilt that I fell when the need for change start to become apparent, but more lack of what in the world to do now.

      1. YES!!! For me, it was about responsibility. I said yes to running my business in a certain way and our family depends on it! But, I was drowning. I couldn’t do it anymore in that way. it’s been HARD – so hard. And messy. And confusing. But I just keep coming back to trusting in the direction God is leading me and even though it doesn’t totally make sense in the physical world I live in, I know it is the best way.

        I sensed God was wanting me to close things down, to quiet the world, my work, what I was listening to. I needed to reset. It’s been a long process, but a good one. And it’s not like you can just close everything from the past and have a clean break into a new thing. It’s a transition. That’s the messy part and I hope that in a year from now it will all look a little cleaner and clearer. I hope the same for you – that as you listen and pay attention and trust and obey, those next steps will become clearer.

        Also, do you listen to Emily P. Freeman’s podcast or have you heard about her new book and online class? It is truly amazing and so helpful for making mindful decisions. I highly recommend all of it:

    25. Emily, I love what you wrote. It spoke volumes to me because of a life situation I have recently experienced. I look forward to watching what unfolds for you as you step through your threshold. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    26. Emily,
      Thank you for sharing! I needed this today. I am going through the same change of season and it is scary but have comfort in knowing you are not alone and God is always there. If you have any books that have helped you during your journey, would love it if you would share! Recently started the enneagram because of you. Keep smiling!

      1. The enneagram has been such a great resource for learning more about myself, for sure. I will do a post soon with some of my favorite resources.

        Another great book is Tailor Made by Alex Seely. It was so encouraging to me.

        I am also loving everything Emily Freeman puts out (especially her newest offering – a class called Discern and Decide):

    27. Thank you so much for sharing your words. You truly have no idea how much this spoke to my heart today. I am so excited to see what is next for you…

    28. That’s what I like about you Emily: that you are true.
      This is the only blog I read.
      Good luck in your new chapter of this beautiful book of life!

    29. I am decades older than you but follow you regularly. You are a bright spot in my week. I believe the truth will always be where I want to be and hear you want that as well.

      You have done the right thing in stepping back and doing some pruning so you can bear better fruit.

      I will keep you in my prayers.

    30. This spoke so strongly to me! I feel much the same and I appreciated your thoughts and insight. All week I’ve have had the thought running through my head: “You can’t hold onto what’s behind you and reach for what’s ahead of you.” I get like this related so much. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words and heart!

    31. That podcast quote was exactly what I needed to hear. I’m storing it up in my heart and hoping both me and you have the courage to step through the threshold.

    32. You know what….I think I felt most connected to THIS post most of all…I too love pillows and painting and creating, but as you rested, so did I. My daughter is a senior this year and the things I thought were most important are shifting as I try and teach her and love her closely with what time I have left of her under my roof. Social media is awesome in so many ways, for example what you just shared made me feel like I’m not alone, but it can also suck you in and keep you from noticing that the days keep going and the memories we make daily are important and personal. Thank you for sharing.

      1. It’s such a strange balance. I want to be so present in my real life, but there is also so much good about online connection. I love that there is a community of women who are in this together and I want to honor that. I look forward to growing together!

    33. I’m reading Rebekah Lyons ‘You are Free’ and your post is making me think of her chapter ‘Free to Rest’. It is so relatable if you haven’t read it already. Way to go on listening to the stirring in your heart and being open to the shift in your world. It is not always easy to do. 💕

    34. Wow – This is what I have been thinking and feeling and you laid everything out so clearly for me to see. It’s hard to take the next step but yet there is a confidence in knowing that you are following the promptings of God in your soul and your life circumstances and your gifts. Whatever you do I look forward to it and encourage you to go forward and thank you for your words. Keep being you and sharing with us. It does us all good.

    35. Thank You Emily. I love how vulnerable this post was and mostly, how it spoke directly into my life. I’m on a professional threshold as well and my life seasons are changing and it does feel so scary. But I am so excited about what is to come, what the future holds. Keep telling your truth. The world needs to hear it.

    36. Thank you for sharing! When I read about how things are changing for you I always think, “How exciting! Whatever she does will be great!”

      But I need to tell myself that. I can also use the encouragement, to get out of my comfort zone in order to be who I need to be now, in this point of my life. Thank you for sharing your journey!

    37. Thank you for your encouragement and honesty ! I was nodding along in agreement as I read this post. Change is constant and yet difficult, exciting and scary. I am finding that I am more comfortable with who I am as I get older (maybe wiser…lol !) and some change is easier to embrace than others.
      Thanks so much for sharing !

    38. I’m experiencing a scary, uncomfortable, challenging, and exciting season of change too. I found your testimony quite comforting. I’m finding comfort in the quiet places. Thanks for your transparency and encouragement!

    39. Emily, thank you for this! You voiced so many things I needed to hear. I’m feeling on the verge of a threshold moment and it has felt so paralyzing. I think this helped me understand why … so, truly, thank you!

      1. When we really step back and speak the fears out loud, they all sound so trivial, don’t they? But they take up so much space in our hearts and minds and it’s just hard to overcome them. I’ve been reminded just this weekend that I tend to drag all those fears around with me like a comfort blanket when really, they are just dragging me down.

    40. I highly recommend the book Union with Christ by Rankin Wilbourne. I am reading it now and it’s good for anyone anytime , but at this transition it might speak right to you. Love your writing!

    41. Emily! Such beautiful words today! So much of it spoke to me and my season of life too. Thank you!
      “I don’t want to remain in the old ways just because it is comfortable or known or what I think people expect from me. I want to step forward, however unknown and uncomfortable because it is exactly where I know God is asking me to move.”

    42. This is just the best and everything I needed to hear right at this very moment. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been a long time reader (back when Audrey was a baby!) and I really appreciate your words and honesty. You are a brilliant writer and great leader/ example for us all. I’m very excited about your new endeavors, I’m in the same boat as you, switching life up after more than 10 years doing the same thing. Best of luck and many blessings.

    43. Awesome and bravo for embracing the season of life you’re living! So many pass from one season to another without realizing the changes that should occur for us to be living where God intends us to live; ie with teenagers instead of toddlers. Thanks for being honest with us about your changes and encouraging us to be honest ourselves.

      1. Thank you, Ann, for your encouragement. I don’t know why it feels so hard when it should just be natural, but this has been such a struggle for me!

    44. Thank you so much, Emily. I’ve been following you all these years and I’ve always appreciated your candor. I find myself at a threshold moment as well in this season of my life as well. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to what’s next for you!

    45. I feel so blessed to have read your post today. God has used you and your words today to help people like me that are on the threshold, crossroads,or are facing roadblocks not to feel alone but to be filled with hope that with trust and faith and open hearts we will hear his message and we’ll know what direction to take. I am crying as I type this. Before I read your post I felt I didn’t know where to go, what direction to take. I still don’t but I know now that if I keep my faith and trust, I eventually will.
      Thank you!.

      1. I love this so much. I’m right there with you.

        Have you listened to Emily P.Freeman’s podcast called The Next Right Thing? She has such a beautiful way of helping us quiet down and consider the decisions in front of us. She has a new book coming out in April and part of the pre-order bonus is access to a new class she just put together. I started it yesterday and IT IS SUCH A BLESSING! It might be just the thing to help you discern your next step. xoxo

    46. I appreciate this so much. Being candid about your life and what you are experiencing is refreshing and relatable in so many ways. Thank you.

    47. “No one can keep doing what they’ve always done and not expect there to be changes….We should grow! We should change! (that’s me reminding myself of truth and giving myself a pep-talk because do you know what I don’t like? Change.).”

      This. This right here is what I needed to hear today. Thank you, Emily, for making me feel as though I’m not alone. I needed the reminder that though our circumstances may not be exactly the same, the feelings are universal. I needed this pep-talk, too!

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