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if you’re curious about what I’m really like …

    I met Jamie Ivey (next to me, second from left) over chips + queso in Austin at if:gathering this winter and connected instantly.


    We both have four kids – three boys and a youngest girl. We are the same age. We love Noonday and Sole Hope and talking and Jesus. We have friends in common. I don’t know why, but she just felt like one of those people that if we lived in the same neighborhood/city/state, we would do life together.


    Jamie and her husband Aaron (a worship pastor/song writer) live in Austin with their four kids. She’s an adoptive mama and speaker and hosts my favorite Podcast show ever called The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. Each show, she and a guest chat about books and kids and work and life – whatever is going on in their lives – little things and big things and everything in between. It truly feels like you are listening in on a conversation between two friends sitting for an hour over happy hour. It’s fabulous. I think I’ve listened to every single episode.

    Well, last week, Jamie and I did a little happy hour time over the phone. We were supposed to talk for an hour, but instead just kept going. And going. And going. And then after we hung up, we kept texting with more things to talk about. I guess that’s the sign of a fun new friend.

    Since we went so long, she split the podcast recording up into two!


    In the first episode (which came out last week), we talk about my sisters and the vacation Ryan + I just took, I try to explain what Jones Design Company is about, we share embarrassing stories of overexposure and then we dive right in and discuss what God is doing in my life (it’s so good and so hard at the same time).

    I posted about the podcast on instagram and it was fun to hear reactions. It’s hard to let your true personality come through online – you miss the voice, inflections, silliness, real life that takes place over conversation when you forget the recording is going and you’re just being yourself. That’s part of what I love so much about Jamie’s podcast … it let’s you see another side to her guests who you might be familiar with for the book they just wrote or the ministry they lead, but this gives you a more complete picture. Anyway, I loved doing the show and love that when you listen, you get a more complete picture of who I am. So, if you’re curious about what I’m really like …

    The second episode just came out today. We we’re supposed to record for so long, but like I said, we just couldn’t stop so it’s super random. Books we’re reading, what we’re doing with the kids this summer, my three current favorites, more embarrassing stories of me crying on a bus in Africa, what books we want to write.

    So if you’re headed out on a road trip, or you need a distraction while mopping your floors, come listen in on our Happy Hour conversation!

    P.S. There is so much in the conversations that I would love to continue talking about here on the blog. Let me know in the comments if there is anything you’d like me to share more about …


    31 thoughts on “if you’re curious about what I’m really like …”

    1. Hey Emily,
      I’ve never listened to her podcast, but I just listened to the first one with you! I just wanted to comment that I love how real and honest you are! I’ve always felt that you are that way on your blog- even though like you said you don’t frequently do deep posts like that, you’ve shown your true self on here, and I so appreciate that! I’m taking the blog class right now and the main reason I’m trusting you and your husband so much with my blog is for that very reason! I just feel like I can trust you and that you’re not all about perfection above relationships or authenticity. Anyway… I related to your struggle with abiding as well and am much newer to the blogging world (hence taking your class!!) but just wanted to share my heart. You’ve been a big inspiration to me over the years! <3

    2. I so loved both of your podcast sessions. I’ve been a follower of yours for several years, but this made me love what you do even more. You are great and so real. I especially needed to hear the part about love and respect to your husband. That was a light bulb moment for me and made me realize somethings about how I love and want to be shown love. You both hit the nail on the head with that one. I will be ordering the book. ;)

      I also love of all of the funny stuff too. Great podcast, and if you two ever get your own show you’ve got a viewer in Georgia.

    3. Emily,

      I absolutely LOVE your blog and am excited to listen to the podcast tomorrow morning as I get ready for my day! Thank you for sharing.

      I am curious what the if:gathering is. It seems like “gathering” is the new “it” word. Is this a conference held in Dallas? Did you just attend the if:gathering or were you a part of the team that held it?

      I live in Atlanta and work at a local church here, however, I am originally from WA State so I still have PNW pride.

      1. Hope you enjoyed it!

        If:Gathering is an awesome organization started by my friend Jennie Allen to equip this generation of women to serve and follow Jesus. There are multiple ways you can get involved and build community through resources they provide, as well as a yearly conference (so amazing) and online bible studies. Definitely one to check out!

    4. I loved your podcast! You felt so REAL :) Hah you are real! But you know what I mean, this was a great conversation that was deep but also not so deep at times, which is how I am with my friends.

    5. Oh my! Now that I read your reply I feel like I my comment came our quite pathetic- Yikes! What I meant to say was that my real live friends are especially interested podcasts, blogs, etc, so I find the need to find others who are. I am always looking for other entrepreneurs in my area to share and compare experiences. Thanks for the advice :) I look forward to learning more about you, your family, and your life journey!

    6. Hi Emily, I just have to say that I am never amazed at our precious Father. I have been following your blog for a while. I am “older” than most of you….a grandma now…but I am a true lover of Pinterest and things like that…I have been a vendor at craft show for so long I can’t remember and I have had little gift shops here and there as God has opened doors…but TODAY I found this sweet connection…..the Iveys…….I have never had the pleasure of Jamie, but I am about to …… can’t wait for the podcast…..but Aaron, her husband…has been an unknowing mentor of mind for quite a while…you see this “old” lady (don’t really feel old!) plays “keys” for praise and worship at our local church…and one of our own is married to member of the Austin Stone praise team….and we do a lot of their praise and worship and Aaron Ivey puts YouTube tutorials for the keyboard etc. that have been a HUGE blessing to me. So, to see an extension of this with Jamie’s ministry and your bringing all this together is one of those sweet kisses that God gives us to remind us that he is orchestrating all of our lives and events….THANK YOU sweet girl for your obedience in sharing your podcast with us and thanks for all the DIY inspiration you have planted along the way….God Bless you and your precious little family……

      1. Oh, this is just awesome! I’ll pass it on to Jamie so she can also know how special your husband’s talent have meant to you! Thanks for sharing and reading and your kind words!

    7. Emily, I’m a big audiobook lover and so this podcast was right up my alley! Thanks for sharing your life like that and with such grace and honesty. It’s great to “meet” this side of you. Loved the whole conversation about books (love the red tent and what Alice forgot) and will be reading Kitchen House. Most importantly I feel your personal struggle is a mirror to my own. Everything you had to say truly resonated with me. Thank you.

      I was just wondering if Jamie has ever touched on or spoken with someone who had struggled with building a stronger relationship with God in their family. I just don’t know where to start. I grew up catholic and kind of went through the motions. I love Jesus but he’s not talked about often in our home. As I get older and now that I have a baby girl, I find myself craving the Lord. I pray all the time privately. The biggest thing that has ever happened is when when my husband and I prayed together out loud holding hands for our little girl. It felt powerful. And then I was pregnant. I want to keep that spirit alive but it’s hard when it isn’t something you’ve grown up doing and when your husband believes in God but doesn’t know him. Anyway…there is my life story…but I thought I’d ask for some guidance after listening to this awesome podcast.
      Thanks again! C

    8. Emily, I love your blog and loved hearing your podcast episode(s)! It’s good to hear that you and Jaimie have friends who are not into your online thing. I have recently started an Etsy business as well as a blog and I feel like no one in my world has a clue or a care. I find inspiration from my online world, but I don’t know how to connect with online people who do what I do and like what I like without looking like a stalker! How do you do this?


      1. Stacy,

        Such a good conversation topic. I think it is so important to have real life friends who are not just online friends, but I also REALLY value the ladies in my life who understand Emily the blogger/business owner/creative. Most of the online friends I’ve met has been through following their blog and striking up a conversation, following along on instagram and commenting or at conferences. It’s a little weird, for sure, but I think most understand that it’s not about stalking and more about a community of likeminded women. Hope this helps!

    9. Absolutely loving this! Thanks for being so vulnerable. Loving Jamie too! I’ve never heard of her, but love her already! I’m in Dallas….makes me want to drive to Austin and join her community! I’d love to join yours too, but Seattle is a bit of a trek….although creepily I thought, how cool would it be if I ever ran into you when I was on vacation there in April :) Thanks for sharing and may all your buses be filled with friends!!!!

    10. Emily, I have heard both podcasts and really enjoyed your conversation with Jamie. Thank You, for being so open and honest about your life of kids, marriage, and personal perceptions. I have been in a rough spot lately and I just want to say Thank You for sharing.

    11. I’ve been a follower here and on instagram for a while and I’ve just recently become a podcast fan and found The Happy Hour through the Influence Network podcast…I’d been binge-listening to her feed for a few days when you mentioned you were on it! I LOVED getting to “sit in” on your conversation with her, and I found it especially endearing that it went on for TWO episodes….the fact that you each had “just one more thing” to ask or share for almost an hour after you were “supposed” to be done is the best type of conversation to have!!! I’m so glad that Jamie didn’t feel the need to whittle it down to fit in one slot….I gained so much from each session! On a silly note, I love that you prayed for the Biebs and,more seriously, that you’re still working on how the message you want to share with little girls applies in your own life (me too! Grace is hard for “good girls” ) All this to say, I loved it!

      1. We just couldn’t end the conversation! Biebs. He’s the best. And the deeper stuff that is HARD to get from my head to really transform my heart. It’s happening – slowly but surely. Thanks for listening!

    12. Hi Emily! I listened to the first podcast a few days ago and LOVED it. I told you this in a comment on Instagram, but it was so nice to put a voice to your writing! For some reason I have always read you as more serious and calm (not that serious or calm are bad things…I’ve consistently read your blog for at least 4 years now, so obviously I am a huge fan!) Anyways, I loved it. You sound like me and my friends.

      You asked what we would like for you to talk about, and I would really love to know more about how you…mentally and emotionally and spiritually find the balance between sharing pretty things, even “material” things (for lack of a better word), and knowing what you know about hardship in the world and our calling to disciple as christians. Not that any of that is bad! I love and am so thankful for what you share! It’s just that this is something I have been struggling with SO much lately, and I wondered how you deal with it. I feel like my eyes have been opened in the last year or two and I’m having an internal struggle between what I love and what is comfortable (decorating, parties, baking, shopping…standard American woman stuff), and things like Sole Hope…things like diseases and poverty and clean water. I remember your posts maybe leaning towards this when you went to Africa last year. Anyways…I know that is deep personal stuff, but I just finished Jen Hatmaker’s “Interrupted” and that was just the cherry on top of this whole “eye opener”, so it’s just on my mind. :)

      1. I love that I got to show a different side of me (probably more of the real side!) and while I can definitely be calm and serious and deep, I am probably more on the silly, talkative side.

        Thanks for your comment about balancing the ‘pretty things’ with the ‘important things’. It’s a real struggle, my friend. I question it all the time. I share 10 great shoes under $50 and then think, for $50, I could provide food to an entire village. You know? It’s hard. I don’t think I’ve figured it out. I know the Lord created beauty for us to enjoy, so part of me really embraces that – flowers are gorgeous and make me smile and bring life into our home and so I don’t hesitate buying a bouquet every once in a while. Creating is part of my make up and so making a pillow or doll or art feels like an act of worship at times. These things are good and should be celebrated. When we visited the homes of the ladies we met in Rwanda, each one had tidied their home, put out their best linens, shared their best food. They see the value in making a comfortable home just as much as we do in America. Their material possessions look much different, but the value they place in creating a pleasant home is no different. So figuring out a personal balance of materialism vs. generosity is the key. It’s not easy and probably has to be re-examined often. I can get possessive and protective of my ‘things’ way too easily, so I’m always aware of this and have to pray for a spirit of gratitude and openhandedness.

        I’d love to hear your thoughts, too … anyone want to chime in?

    13. I LOVED listening to the podcasts. I totally felt like I was sitting down with the two of you just chatting. It was so real and entertaining. :) I wanted to let you know about a great summer read….Nora Roberts, it’s the Inn Boonsboro trilogy (The Next Always, The Last Boyfriend and The Perfect Hope) and when I read the last book, I didn’t want it to end.

    14. EMILY! I’m so excited to download these and listen to them on my way to and from work tomorrow. I have always known I would love you and knew we would be friends if only…. I talk about your blog to my family – about what a beauty you are, what a sweet mom, wife, friend you are, how real you are, and how you love JESUS!! I always think you have a southern accent like me but then I remember you live in Washington!!! So I HAVE always wondered what you’re really like. Thank you for sharing this with the world!

    15. Just listened to your first podcast while I was making a salad & pizza for dinner. I think I stood at the counter popping more veggies in my mouth listening to your beautiful voices than actually went into the salad. LOL. I’ve read your blog for years and admire your style and artistic creations. However, putting your voice to your words just added to your beauty. Bravo! Well done – can’t wait for some more alone time so I can listen to podcast 2!

    16. Aww, I love Jamie Ivy. This summer I went to a study here in Austin with both Jennie Allen and Jamie Ivy. They are so real and speak from their heart. But more importnantly after a long day they made us laugh. I haven’t listened to her podcast but you can bet that’s what will be on during my next run. ;) Thanks!

    17. Listening to the second podcast, love your conversation. You are totally an artist! You create beauty and inspire others each day. I’ve brought so much joy to others using your tutorials. Thank you for sharing yourself. Loved your vulnerability about the bus and counseling. Would love to hear more as the year progresses. I’m in a similar place. Speaking to friends it sounds like the thirties are the years you take care of business and move on!

    18. Hi Emily! I listened to the first episode with you and Jamie last week and just have to say – YAY! I’ve followed your blog for years (and taken The Blog Class!!), so feel like I “know” you, but it was so awesome to learn from and hear more from the “real” you. It’s so different to hear someone speak about real life stuff. :) Over and over while listening I kept saying in my head…yes! I could SO relate to many things you were saying. I really appreciate your honesty and look forward to episode #2!

      1. That’s so fun. I feel like that when I’m listening to Jamie’s podcasts, too. Like I want to chime in or ask a question or tell them who Anna Kendrick is :)

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