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my favorite things

    Well who knew my confession of weakness would be so beautifully received?!! Thank you for your kind comments on yesterday’s post. Sometimes it just feels good to be vulnerable and trust that the Lord will use it to speak to someone going through something similar. It seems as though my feelings of not measuring up are felt by many women.  What an ugly struggle so many of us face!  As the amazing Beth Moore puts it, “comparing yourself to others will destroy your ability to do what you have been called to do”. I feel so encouraged knowing that I’m not alone in this, but also that we have more grace than we could ever need, freely offered to whomever will accept it.  I think I’ll take a big armful and rest in the fact that all I need to be is me.


    Want to see the best possible thing you could wear?

    A sweet baby boy. Worn beautifully by his mama {my bf}.


    Melissa at 320 Sycamore is doing a week of favorite things and she asked me to come up with a list of my favorites to share with her readers. My guest post was on Monday, but in case you missed it, I’ll put it on here.

    favorite things

    Seven For All Mankind Jeans


    I pretty much wear a pair everyday.

    Now I fully recognize that these are expensive jeans. Its my guilty pleasure for sure. But here’s the thing: I wear the same pair over and over and over for three years before they crumble into a pile of threads. I figure I get my money’s worth from the amount of wear I get out of them.

    And one more tip: I have purchased several pairs on ebay for a fraction of the price. Before you bid, find a style and size that you like in a retail store, then search on ebay. You can find new ones for much less than retail or if you aren’t creeped out by wearing used jeans, buy a pre-worn pair. That is what I do and I have paid as little as $15!

    . . . . .

    eggnog lattes


    Mmmm, it’s like Christmas in a cup.

    More of a Thanksgiving-in- a-cup kind of girl? Try a cheg : that’s Starbucks lingo for eggnog-chai latte. De-lish.

    . . . . .

    Apple crisp


    {especially this recipe by the amazing Ina Garten}

    . . . . .

    L’Oreal Voluminous mascara


    My most essential makeup item

    . . . . .

    Gap Heaven perfume


    I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I’ve been wearing this scent since middle school. I’m one of those ‘sensitive to smells’ types and this perfume is just about the only one that I can handle. It is light and fresh and c.h.e.a.p.

    . . . . .

    children’s books

    {particularly ones with great illustrations}

    a few of our very favorites

    image imageimage

    image image image

    . . . . .

    paper & ribbon


    old silver things

    IMG_2751 IMG_3153

    Most of the old stuff I have came from Nonna – the queen of thrift store shopping. She pops in frequently to her neighborhood Goodwill and always finds a treasure or two {and then shares them with me!}. I think that is the trick with thrift store shopping – you have to go in regularly.

    and {of course} my family

    park - family fire hydrant

    A new family photo taken a few weeks ago. We almost got everyone to smile at the same time {what a feat!}

    If you want to play along and share your favorite things, Melissa is hosting a link party that will be open until Monday.


    Enjoy your weekend!

    35 thoughts on “my favorite things”

    1. I realize that this is an old post, but I am wanting to treat myself to a new pair of jeans and remembered that you love 7 For All Mankind. Hoping to find some for less on ebay. I’ve never tried them on so I will do that first, but I wondered what style you usually wear. They look great! Also, do you know which retail stores carry them? Thanks!

    2. I found your site through my sister Marisa. she told me I would love it and I do! Since then I have been inspired by you in many ways. I love soo many things on your list, except maybe the latte but probably because I have not tried it. Your twirl segment was very touching and inspirational since I am a working mom who is trying to figure out a way to stay home. Thank you for sharing your home, thoughts and creativity.

    3. I had to let you know I’m in the same boat as you…with 3 boys, then…a girl! Our boys are ages 6,8, 10 and now Baby Joy is 9 mo. old already. What fun! The Lord is good…

    4. We have the English/UK version of that little “Peek-A-Boo” book – it’s called “Peepo!” I love it so much – so wonderful to read. The illustrations are WONDERFUL. Have you read their “Each Peach Pear Plum” book, too?

    5. That quote from Beth Moore is one I try to keep at the front of my brain. I’m terrible about comparing myself…always have been. Thanks for the reminder!

      Thanks for being a regular girl! It’s amazing how much happier we are when we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing…what we’re meant for!

      Love your new family photo. It’s just right.

      Still twirling,
      Ms. Bright

    6. I’m also sensitive to smells and have worn Heaven since high school….have you ever tried Philosophy’s “Pure Grace” scent??? I can’t smell it on myself and get compliments all the time because of it!! Smells like fresh laundry! And…I just love all the little philosophies on all the bottles!

    7. Where was popcorn on the list Emily? {wink} I am shocked:-) Love you friend! Thanks for the last post {confession} I know it touched people!

    8. Okay the image with your paper and ribbon, I am actually really interested about your wallpaper. Is there any way you can take a floor to ceiling image of your wallpaper? I’ve sort of always been against it, but you and your blog is my inspiration for all things decorating and I need to see how you have it set up. Is that possible? Please please please?


    9. If you want an “apple pie in a cup” drink, the Caramel Apple Spice at Starbucks is WONDERFUL. Definitely sweet but sooo good. I’ve worn Heaven since high school too :) Helped that I worked at GAP …FOR.EV.ER

    10. I absolutely love your blog and am so very thankful for your beautifully, refreshing transparency! It speaks to the hearts of many….as the many comments reveal! Thank you! I do not know how you do all that you do…what you do, you do beautifully! You have been truly inspiring! God bless you for giving Him the glory and for sharing your faith with others too….once again I am the Seattle born girl…living in Alabama..still hoping to win the black and white drawing ;-)

    11. I am doing this on my blog too!!! :) But mine is “these are a few of my favorite {holiday} things.” I tell you what… great minds think alike. (that is totally cliche I know but it fits here. :). PS I love the huge flower you are wearing in your fam pic. GORG! You should show us how to make one ;)

    12. i love the Jesus Story Book Bible… it tells truths in such simple and sweet language. the illustration where Jacob wakes up and realizes he married Leah always cracks me up!

    13. HAVE to ask….which style do you like in the 7s? I am always on the search and am still at a loss of being able to try on several different styles. The ebay idea has been in my back pocket..but I need some feedback on the styles..if you please.

      And — I wear Heaven too! I get it at the outlets…and I have been wearing it since jr too. LOVE the fact someone else wears it too! I heart Heaven {Gap} and HEavenly {VS}….hmm…a theme.


      1. i’m interested too, emily. I think you said 7- a pocket before? Anything else we need to know on style?? :) I was looking on ebay the other day because I had remembered you said something about that in the past…

    14. ooh, ya know what else is fab about sevens? (they’re one of my faves as well) but if you’re near a downeast outfitters location they sell sevens on their racks for a mega fraction of the original price! often they’re cast offs or irregular…but their irregularity is so unnoticeable that the savings makes up for it.
      also i ADORE heaven as well as dream. have since high school. also discovered dream more and not sure which dream i prefer, but heaven is unmatched! :)

    15. Thank you for sharing your list…… I did Beth Moores Esther study when we started our adoption of little G and it was so so good….. if you havent studied that book with her you should. Id love to do it again….. I may have to find the Jesus Story book Bible for our little one. I love childrens books too……

    16. I love your list! I am with you on so many of them. We have the Jesus storybook bible as well because I won it off a blog (first and only time I’ve won something from a blog) and we LOVE it!

    17. I miss wearing my baby boy :( He loves to cuddle but will not be held in one of those things anymore, which I guess is good for my back, he’s almost 45lbs! lol.
      Your list is great! I don’t do coffee at all but I never knew about the eggnog latte, I may give that one a try soon

    18. AHHHH!!! So glad that you love heaven perfume! I must say that this validates me:) I, too, have been wearing it since middle school and I still LOVE it! Great list and great pic of the family. I almost didn’t recognize you without a camera in front of your face. The Emerson Made flower is gorgeous, btw!

    19. This is a great list! I am searching for a pair of 7 jeans on Ebay, but I’m going to take your advice and try some on in the store, too.
      I am currently reading “Creative Counterpart” by Linda Dillow and “Calm My Anxious Heart” by the same author; both are good books for those days when you feel like you aren’t measuring up to other Christian women.

    20. On comparing yourself to others – it’s never a good idea! The only one to compare to is Christ. It’s so hard sometimes. Thanks again for what you said yesterday. Anywho……I’ve noticed in your “what I wore” section that you usually have some great jeans on. My tshirt might be from high school and my flip flops from target, but I love me some designer jeans!

    21. I love sevens too… when I used to work I thought it was no biggie spending that money – eek! But you are right, they ARE expensive! I have bought a few pairs from GILT Groupe and you are right, you can wear them non-stop for days and days. So they are definitely worth the money!

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