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all the random things

    Every once in a while, I compile a list of things that don’t necessarily need their own post, but they are fun/entertaining/informative and worth sharing. So here I am, getting it all out. I actually kinda like these random posts – they feel like a conversation we might have if we were sitting together over a cup of coffee. Here it goes …

    First up, let’s talk about making beds. I came across this post that is a great resource for making the perfect bed (if such a thing exists). A good follow up to my last post.

    A few of you asked about the cover on Audrey’s box spring.


    All it takes is a few yards of fabric or a curtain panel to wrap around and fake the look of a real box spring cover.


    I’ll be traveling with Noonday & IJM to Rwanda this summer (here’s the announcement post if you missed it) and we’re in stage two of a contest to bring one more lady with us! You can vote for your favorite every day until June 9th. Can’t wait to find out who will be coming!


    One of the things I’ll need on the trip to Rwanda are long (past my knees) dresses. Maxi dresses have been in for a few years, but in true Emily-fashion, I’m just now jumping on the trend. A few new dresses have been ordered and I’m surprised that I actually like them. Especially these from the Gap (which, unfortunately, are nearly sold out).



    Peonies are so pretty.



    Tomorrow I’m part of a Summer Tour of Homes hosted by Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage. Blog home tours are fun because you get to see so many different decorating styles and a million great ideas with every click. My friend was over yesterday and we joked that my house was nowhere near photo-ready with the boxes of Costco purchases on the kitchen counter and the kids’ crafts covering the table and playdough specks stuck to the floor and unfinished pillows waiting to be sewn. We’ll see how things come together …


    This article is so good. Written by a friend from college and it’s perfect motivation for summer with the kids.


    Wireless by Nina Gruener


    And that is all. All the random things.

    23 thoughts on “all the random things”

    1. A note about wearing long dresses and skirts in hot climates: they get hot! I live in the Marshall Islands and women here have to be covered past the knees. YOu’d think it would be counter-intuitive but layers beneath the skirts actually help keep you cooler. Maybe think about bike shorts (no leg sweat and heat rash!) and slips (no sticky, sweaty dress!) for your trip? Just a tip from someone who does it all the time :)
      Love the blog and your design ideas. You make it seem really possible to have a well done house with kids still at home. Oh, and your meal planners in the paperworks package every month have made it so easy to figure out whats for dinner! I take them to store with me and do it right there, based on what available each week.
      Thanks for sharing everything you do!

    2. Emily, I love all of your random ideas and latest finds! Love the Sonnet James video!! Precious! I’m having trouble finding their website. Their link on your site and on Google takes me to So sorry! I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.

    3. I was introduced to Sonnet James in the beginning of the year and ordered a few dresses. They are amazing!! So conformable and stylish with the air of flexibility that allows me to still play. I love them– and you are right the video is just perfect.

    4. LOVED THAT VIDEO! Totally cried while my 3 kids stared at me and asked me what was wrong, LOL, so we broke out into dance! Putting on repeat….

    5. I would love to share that video for Sonnet James! But I’m not finding it on YouTube or on their website. Did you get access to it through them directly?? ALL MY MOMMY FRIENDS NEED THIS VIDEO AND THEIR DRESSES!

      1. If you go to their site and view the video, there is a little share icon in the top right corner. Just click on that and you can get the embed code. Isn’t it the cutest?!!

    6. Loved the Sonnet James promo video! That is the best advertisement I have seen in a while! Hopefully they are very successful!

    7. I love your ‘random things’ posts! 1. I am so excited to follow along on your journey to Rwanda 2. I tried to order a Maxi from GAP and my size was all sold out (bummer!) 3. LOVE that video!! 4. Peonies are my most favorite flower ever.. such a pretty photo you took!

    8. Hi Emily,
      Did you get my email yesterday? I am still unable to access my paperworks for June and sadly I don’t see any change when I login to my account. No place to re-enter payment info. Sorry to hear about the virius. Please help… Thank you!

    9. am loving the long maxi look — it looks so great, and is so comfortable –especially in our Pacific NW summer temps!

      The dress! The shoes! the baseball t! I die.

      looking forward to the home tour.

    10. I like the covered box spring idea. We usually use a plain fitted sheet, but using fabric opens up so many creative options.

      I enjoy these kinds of posts. I do a monthly Odds & Ends “brain dump” on my blog as well.

    11. Always love your blog… But today’s message from your college friend really resonated for me. So want a little retro for my grand kids.

    12. Hi there!

      I did contact you about a problem with my JDC pdfs for June. 4 of them are missing letters in the graphics.

      Email me if you want to know which ones and/or I can send you the PDFs I have downloaded.


    13. I don’t know if you’ve heard of flywheel –, but they are a fantastic host for WordPress. I don’t know all the ins and outs of your setup, and their WordPress specific hosting is a little more expensive, but the benefits – like they clean up any virus/malware for you are worth it in my opinion. I design/build sites on WordPress for a living and we’ve recently tried to direct all of our clients their direction.

    14. Even easier than a curtain panel, I think, is to cover your box spring with a fitted sheet! It stays tight, sleek and unobtrusive, and it’s washable.

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