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all the random things

    Every once in a while I have all these random things to share and even though they make no sense together, it’s a pretty accurate picture of what’s happening in my brain. Lots of jumbled ideas and current faves that maybe you can relate to today.

    Grab a cup of coffee or tea or ice water (with cucumber, perhaps? That’s my favorite) and enjoy this look into my scattered thoughts.


    First up, this song. It’s been playing on repeat for the past week and I cry every time. Good tears, I promise. Press play, scroll down to keep reading and be sure to stop and really listen at about the 7 minute mark. The most powerful and beautiful collection of words I’ve ever heard.

    Amen and amen.


    Registration opened on Monday for the new graphic design class and I was so blown away by your response.


    Spots filled up fast and sold out by the end of the day. I know many of you didn’t get a chance to join, but don’t worry! The next class will begin in just a few weeks (exact date tbd – late april/early may). I’ll be sure to give you plenty of notice so you can reserve a seat first thing (in fact, make sure you are on the jdc mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when registration opens – click here to subscribe).

    I love this class and am so happy that you all love it too!


    Speaking of love, look at these cute drawings my No.2 and No.3 boys did.


    They have been super into drawing lately and we discovered this fantastic art website that they just can’t get enough of.


    I’ve lost my office to their obsession, but I think it’s worth it. The site is called Art For Kids where a dad and his kids show how to draw all sorts of animals and characters. For sure a good one if you have kiddos who love drawing.


    Another new favorite pastime is this origami game called Kami.  It’s a whole series of paper puzzles on an app that are challenging and make you think, but it’s also really pretty and mesmerizing to watch the animation when the paper folds.


    My No.1 and I have a friendly competition going (he’s winning, as usual).


    Here’s an embarrassing tidbit: yesterday afternoon my friend came over to see if we wanted to go for a walk and I was having a rough moment and started crying even though I didn’t mean to. Thankfully, she totally gets it, but why do I have to cry so much?!! She kindly took my kids for that walk while I stayed home and gathered myself. So grateful for good friends who love me even though I’m a mess.


    Ryan was gone last weekend with a bunch of guys doing guy stuff which left me home on a friday night with nothing else to do but watch past episodes of project runway (the tim gunn version, which I like by the way) and shop. I wasn’t meaning to shop, but the j.crew factory store was having a 30% off everything sale (gets me every time) and spring is upon us and so these items found their way into my cart.


    Nothing out of the ordinary for me, but they seemed like easy tops to wear with jeans (of course) or shorts (if I dare).

    I also bought this dress which is a bit of a stray and the color could either look terrible or great in real life.

    jcrew peach dress

    It comes in a blue which would have normally been my pick, but I’m trying to be slightly more adventurous in my clothing choices so I went with peach.  I just looked and they’re still running that 30% off sale (enter code LUCKY at checkout). Lucky you.


    Did you get to the poem part of the song yet? So good.


    I’m making these delicious little nutella cheesecake bars for a party tonight.


    My cousin made them at Christmas time and they are deee-licious.


    Last one: I’m one of the pinners to this BHG Real-Life Color Palettes to Try pinterest board which is actually filled with really beautiful and colorful inspiration.


    You can see the board here. And the rest of mine here. I just realized it’s probably time I update my profile photo on pinterest since it is three years old and shows my Audrey girl as a baby instead of the most delightful four year old that she is.


    So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed our coffee/tea/water-with-cucumber date.

    54 thoughts on “all the random things”

    1. Emily, I just wanted to say thank you so much for including us in this post. It makes me smile every time I meet another family enjoying our drawing lessons. Please tell your boys that we said HI, and that they did an awesome job on their drawings! I love them all, though I think the three-eyed monster is my favorite :)

      Best Drawing Friends,


    2. Whoah. My heart just burst into a thousand pieces. I could not constrain the tears…I couldn’t even pull my eyes away long enough to read the rest of the post til it was over. I only give myself a small allotment of time per day to play around on the internet…I’m sooo humbled by this song and thankful that I was led to this post today. Wow.

    3. Excellent tea time! Thanks! The video reminded me of S.M. Lockridge’s That’s My King – Do You Know Him? video (see you tube). Really, really good. And as for crying…I’ll start a sentence dry-eyed, but by the end I can have tears streaming down my face. Crying can sweep over me. Why?! No clue. We’re in this together, sister ;)

    4. Emily, thank u for pointing my eyes in the direction of Jesus.
      And lots of other pretty things.

      You are a blessing – I’m sure, to many :)

      Hugs to u from NC.

    5. thank you for sharing! we go to church with Kari and her family..precious friends of ours…Kari sang at my fathers funeral…it was a beautiful as you can imagine…love reading your blog!

    6. It’s so nice to know there are other women out there who have the occasional cry-fest for no apparent reason! :) What a great friend you have there, Emily. :) And this song….oh can’t you just feel the presence of God. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing a little tid-bit of your life. :)

    7. I’ve made the Nutella cheesecake about three times. It’s so delicious. I liked using the vanilla bean Jo Joes from Trader Joes. Delicious.

      Thanks for the fun post. I’ll have to look into those art videos…I think our house needs a break from rainbow looming.

    8. Enjoyable things you have shared today! From reading the comments, looks like you are surrounded by criers, so I hope you are encouraged as you have encouraged us by your honest sharing. Continue to let Jesus shine through you! I think you have a winsome way about you.

    9. Emily, Love love these posts. You are so wonderful and I feel like we are long lost friends. I hope you do come to the Village northway. It’s my home church and we love Isaac (the worship leader). We go to the 9am so if you want a friend our family would love to welcome you.
      You are a blessing.

    10. Wow–thank you for sharing that video. I swore I wouldn’t cry but gosh darn the tears came anyway–it is a humbling and beautiful collection of words! I really needed that–how’d you know?! :)

    11. Ok, you totally need to keep crying. Here’s why: when your mindbody gets maxed out and in need if some release, those tears are filled with stress chemicals making their way out!!! Better not to bottle them up, or suck them in.
      It is a beautiful and lovely way to cleanse the body of what no longer serves us. We hold “our issues in our tissues,” and over time it can make us sick. So, cry away and be authentically you. I am a crier too and I have learned to surround myself with the friends that just get me, and with whom I don’t have to apologize. :)

    12. That song/video is so so amazing. Thank you for sharing that! It’s been a weepy few days over here, as well. Thank God I have one of those friends, too :)
      I have a 10 year old who spends every available moment drawing, so I can’t wait to check out the art website you shared. Thanks for that, too. An instant delivery of those cheesecake bars would really make my day, but I won’t hold my breath for that- haha.
      I really enjoy ‘random’ posts!


    13. Covered in goosebumps and tears!!! Simply……BEAUTIFUL and Praise our GOD SO TRUE! I love Kari Jobe and had NEVER heard this! Thank you Emily for sharing!!!

    14. Not to make you jealous, BUT (LOL) I got to go to the taping of Kari’s new album at the Majestic Theater in Dallas back in November. First of all, OMG!!! I thought the roof was going to blow off that place!!!! I just could picture everyone in Dallas wondering what this beam of light coming out of the top of the building was. Second of all, that was my third or fourth time to hear Kari live. If you ever get the chance, drop everything and run to see her!!!!

    15. Emily, I too cry every. single. time. I hear that song! Isaac, who does the spoken word part is a worship pastor at my church. His gifting is phenomenal!!! Speaking of phenomenal, your going to love Lauren Chandler, too!

    16. I love that song – thanks for sharing! I of course had to listen until 7 min mark and am so glad I did. I love hearing those words every time Isaac sings them. I also had a proud moment as that’s my worship leader!! I love that his commitment to following Jesus and speaking truth always is encouraging to so many people near and far! Love from Texas!

    17. Just sent that video to my pastor and youth pastor. I think this would be a great song for Easter! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

      I’ve never even heard of foursquare or missonary alliance. I think what matters is that you accept Christ into your heart – not the denomination. My sister and I are a good example – she is Presbyterian and I am Baptist, but we are both Christians. There will be all kinds in heaven!

    18. Praise God for this post! I needed such a beautiful reminder of our God’s love for us! I would love to know your faith background! Sharing the love of Christ is my sole mission in life. My mission field is my home right now as I raise my 3 little miracles to love HIM!!!!

      Thank you for sharing!

      1. So glad to share! My faith background is basically non-denominational and started when I was a baby. I went to Azusa Pacific University – private christian university – where I grew a ton. We’ve moved between different denominations (Presbyterian, Missionary Alliance, FourSquare and currently attend a non-denominational church). Mostly, I just love Jesus and want to bring him glory with my life. I fail a lot but am figuring out that that’s what grace is all about.

        1. Sounds so similar to my background. Have a heritage of faith in my family, so it started from infancy! Always been a member of a non-denominational Christian church. Met and fell in love with my husband at Lincoln Christian University and went on to Illinois State University,where we learned to infuse our faith into a world that needs Him so desperately! Would love to have an e-mail chat sometime! Grace is the greatest gift, especially for me as a momma! Blessings!

    19. Weeell, I wasn’t teary until I heard that song/poem – amazing. Truly. And yes – Amen and amen.

      Thanks for sharing these fun tidbits! Off to do some art with my 5-year old :)

      1. I use a combination of photoshop and illustrator. I have been wanting to share a tutorial and will hopefully put one together soon. it’s not the most elegant of processes, but it works for me.

        1. If you have the time when you’re here we’d love to have you- it’s a pretty special place! And to see Isaac use his gifts in person is quite the blessing…just sayin’, he’s a great worship pastor. I’ll save you a seat :) (longtime blog follower, first-time commenter! woo!)

          1. I’ll be at a conference where Lauren Chandler is speaking – I think it ends on saturday evening so if we get a chance to visit a church on sunday we’ll be sure to come to Village!

    20. Love, love, love this song!! A close second is “This Blood”…also very powerful! I absolutely LOVE your blog! What a great service you provide! Your home and family are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your great ideas with all of us Emily!

    21. Emily I loved this entire post and I just had a worship experience in my living room. So grateful for the cross and for bloggers who are not ashamed to proclaim His name.

      And I cry often too, there’s nothing quite as cleansing as a good cry. I have bad moments and days too but I also know how very blessed I am.

      Thanks again for sharing your heart and for a wonderful post :)

    22. i’m obsessssssssssed with that song! i heard it this summer and have been listening to it all the time since then. this is my favorite version.

      that is a super cute dress and i will gladly take it off your hands if you don’t end up liking it ;)

      i’m a cryer, so i sympathize with you. i actually kind of like it though. makes life more interesting. ha!

      SEE YOU IN A WEEK! :)

    23. Wow — that video was a powerful way to start my day. I’ve been teary all week, too … the helicopter crash has been tough on the emotions. My kiddos will look forward to checking out that art site! And I’m looking forward to busting out the spring clothes!

    24. Thanks for the art website! My boys love to draw and this site looks awesome! I’m going to have to make that dessert too!

    25. Kari Jobe is amazing and that poem – wow! Thanks for sharing Emily!! Sweet budding artists you have!! Might need to check out that website for my little boy :) Have a blessed day!!

    26. I have teary moments in the car from time to time, I think most women “get it”. Your friend deserves a big hug. The Nutella cheesecake bar looks yum.

    27. i love kari & those lyrics are so powerful.
      love the boys art
      your teary moment makes me feel better for my tender moment at allume when everyone else went to the bar!!

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