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this week in photos {instagram is my new fave}

    Well, I finally joined the twenty-first century.

    I bought an iphone.

    It was a long time coming and I’m sort of in love with it {even though I don’t know the half of what it can do}.

    I’ve seen you all take artsy photos with your phones on instagram and I’ll admit there was a bit of jealousy.  The photos just looked so cool.

    When I received my phone, instagram was the first app I installed. Fruit Ninja was the second {but that’s for a different post}.

    Now that I’m all fancy with this phone that I don’t know how to use, I can at least take some fun pictures and link up with InstaFriday at Life Rearranged.

    So here is my week in photos.

    You know how they say the grass is not always greener on the other side? Well I’m here to say that in my world, it is actually greener on the other side.

    The boys were sick all week so there was a lot of laying around snuggling.

    And while they were doing that, I tackled this:


    looks pretty fun, right?

    and after

    Why do closets collect junk so easily?

    My mom & sugar daddy came over to visit our infirmary and sweet girl got a hair cut.

    Lolly pops do wonders. So do grandmas and grandpas.

    I am officially addicted to these:

    My closet:

    For a girl who is a little afraid of color, that sure is a lot of color. And stripes.

    I took the kids out to our local pizza place. It is fun there because they give the kids pizza dough to play with.

    We had a really great time until I knocked my root beer all down my lap.  I should have asked for a lid for mine too.

    Am I the worst mommy ever for thinking Sorry is the most brutal Family Game Night game?

    This is what my boys do {well, except for when they are begging to play Sorry}

    Lego battles.  Its cute – in a violent, troubling sort of way.

    Obnoxiously hot pink stubby little toes.

    And one last one. Yesterday I browsed through my new Southern Living magazine and these pretty punch bowls caught my eye.

    Until I saw that they were $1000. Are you kidding me? Do people pay $1000 for a punch bowl?

    Who knew.

    Well, now you know what we did this week. I hope you were entertained by the randomness.

    I’m finally linking with InstaFriday.

    25 thoughts on “this week in photos {instagram is my new fave}”

    1. I am just like you. I waited so long for an iPhone and finally got one this January… I downloaded Instagram before I even left the phone store! :)

    2. I hate Sorry too! I thought it was the worst until my dear in-laws gave my son a Trouble game complete with a beeping, buzzing R2-D2 that went off every time you roll the dice in the self-contained dice clicker-thingy. He loves it. I. Do. Not. I play because I love him. But occasionally it does disappear mysteriously….

    3. I too gasped at the prices of those lovely punch bowls in SL. I have a nice cut glass one that I loan to everyone for showers and parties and I have only used it a couple of times. Nice to have one when you want it, but definitely not $1000 nice!!

    4. My husband and daugher have iphones, and they are on them all the time, checking email, playing games, making funny noises. I have yet to get one. Just keep puting it off.
      I too have short stubby toes. A man once commented to me that I sure did have funny looking toes. I said “Well, don’t we all!”
      I don’t know of anyone who has a $1000 punchbowl, much less anyone who needs one. I inherited mine, and it is still in the box it came in. I think I may have used it once, for a punchbowl cake. Mother would use hers at Christmas for her spiked eggnog.

    5. Welcome to IG {instagram}!!! It really is a fun app ~ all the creativity is so amazing and inspiring. And, NO, you’re not a horrible mother for not loving Sorry. It’s a mean game and somebody always ends up with hurt feelings…usually me after all the boys in my family gang up on me. :-)

    6. Your hot pink toes made me giggle just a bit. I got ambitious one evening and broke out the Bubble Gum pink for my fingers. Made me feel youthful… and ridiculous :) Toes are the perfect place for pink.

    7. i love that instafridays can give readers a peek into the everyday life of their favorite bloggers (who may not do that very often!). and welcome to the 21st century! ;) i got my iphone about a year ago, and was instantly addicted to instagram…so easy and fun! and you know what? somehow this silly little meme has given me such a fresh perspective…there is so much beauty in the simple moments of my life. i just have to remember to capture them. they are there though.

      thanks for linking up! hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

    8. Too funny about the punch bowls! First thing I did when I saw them in my SL was to call my mom so we could gasp over the horror of $1000 punch bowls. I ADORE my SL, but really……

    9. HI Emily, i’m one of those invisible lurkers. I rarely comment but I love your blog and style. I just had to chime in that I finally got an i’hone too, It’s our first i anything and like you I luv it! But still have so much to learn. Anyway just wanted to say hi.

    10. Love the pics!! Hope everyone is feeling much better.
      Re: the punch bowl. A long time ago I discovered that because Longaberger Baskets have plastic protectors I could use a larger one for a punch bowl. I love it…and I love how it gets soooo many compliments. And though it isn’t inexpensive…compared to the SL one…it’s a deal!! TeeHee!
      P.S. I had deactivated my e-mail account only to turn around the next and reactivate…but somehow in the mix you must have gotten a ‘rejection’ message, and well I didn’t realize it until today. Then I thought…gee, Emily must have taken a spring break, but just in case, I stopped by only to find out that I’ve missed a whole lot of fun. I just re-subscribed to your blog. Yay!

    11. Ooh! I really want to try that app now, but I’ll have to wait to see if my iPhone recovers from its swim in the toilet (thanks to my 21 month old daughter who is obsessed with both my phone and the toilet).

    12. Well I’m still stuck in the dark ages with just a regular ole cell phone. I was excited when I upgraded to a Qwerty keyboard:) But I keep it all in perspective too…helps me from coveting what I cant have right now.
      Love your pics.

    13. I just got an iPhone in December & I LOVE it! Your post today reminded me of one of my favorite apps – My365. You should check it out!

    14. I know exactly how you feel….. I’m a IG junkie! I love that app, and stalk it more times a day than twitter and facebook put together! LOL I follow Jeannettg already on instagram but didn’t know about the linkup on Fridays. I’ll definitely have to get in on that. I love seeing everyone’s pics with IG!

    15. The prices on those punch bowls had caught my eye also. Really? Who spends that on a punch bowl? Even if I could, do I ever want to a person who would? Maybe my parallel universe is just too different from the $1000-punch-bowl life to even comprehend wanting to do so.

    16. Love instagram too!! my go to app for all things photo :)

      I must ask, where did you get that cute chevron rug under those adorable little piggies :)

    17. I too just joined the 21 century and got an iPhone a month ago. I love the convinience of having the Internet access to look up restaurant numbers so we can call and order to go on our way home from church.

    18. Thanks for the insight into your life via your lovely photos. I must admit I feel like a right nosey cow, looking at all your pics but it is so intriguing seeing how you live especially due to the fact that I am in Ireland and it’s interesting to see how family life exists in different parts of the world. So far. it appears that most mums are the same as me, no matter where we live – it’s all about their kids, making a nice home for everyone and generally doing their best!

      I have been the proud owner of an Iphone for the past year but I have no idea what ‘instagram’ is but I’ll be sure to look it up now!

      Thanks x

    19. I don’t have an iPhone, I’m a Droid girl. But I wish I had one just for Instagram! But I LOVE Fruit Ninja! My (16 year old) daughter and I fight each other to play that. That and Temple Run. And the one where you zoom the cars (and now trains) through the intersection (railroad crossings) with your finger across the screen so they don’t get hit.

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