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    It was so fun to post new photos of Audrey’s nursery last Friday and you all said some very kind things about it. Thank you!

    But the best part for me was that many of you were somehow impacted by the scripture in her room.  For some, it is your favorite verse. For others, it meant something special to you at that particular moment. I love how God’s word can do that : it is living and can speak different things to different people right when you need it most.

    So today, I want to share with you why I chose that verse to be Audrey’s.  It is sort of a round-about story and this may go all over the place, but I’ll give it a shot.  Here it goes :

    When I was pregnant with our No.1, I read Wild At Heart, by John Eldredge.  I think deep down I knew I was going to have a boy and so I wanted to learn a little more about how they are made and prepare myself for raising a son {as a side: you should read it whether you have boys or not : it’s a great book about manhood}.

    When I was pregnant with No.2, I read Captivating, by John’s wife, Stasi.  Perhaps I read it because I thought I was having a girl {which, clearly, I was not}, or maybe it was just because I loved Wild At Heart so much, but truthfully, it didn’t have the same impact. Good, but not great.

    Skip forward a few years {in between No.3 & No.4}.  I was at our Ladies’ bible study during worship time and had the sweetest picture dance across my closed eyes.  I saw a little girl, with the sun shining down on her, spinning.

    She wore a light dress and with her arms outstretched and her face looking to the sky, she just twirled.

    And what I heard in my heart was, “Emily, you’re my girl. I am so pleased with who you are and now I want you to twirl”.

    It seemed so strange – twirl? What does that mean?

    But because of the book I had read a few years before, I knew.

    Stasi Eldredge wrote about little girls who stand on the coffee table and spin while their daddies watch them, adoringly.  That desire to be adored by our dads is ingrained in us from such an early stage.  We want to be beautiful, cherished, captivating.  We twirl without a care, simply because we feel lovely and we want the world {or our daddy!} to see us.

    So that Thursday morning, in the middle of bible study, I knew what the Lord was trying to say. He wanted me to know that just as that little girl spins freely in front of her daddy, I, too, can twirl without inhibitions before my Heavenly Father.

    I am His girl.

    He is delighted in me.

    Not because I am great at twirling, but because I am twirling.  I am just being His daughter, His girl and He is pleased.

    When I was pregnant with Audrey, I was, again, at bible study when the word DELIGHT came to my mind.  I looked up the word in the concordance of my bible {that back section where it tells what word is found in what scripture verse} and came to Zephaniah 3:17:


    I had read the verse before, but I read it this time with fresh eyes.

    He will take great delight in you : He will rejoice over you with singing.

    Well, no wonder He wants me to twirl, I thought. It’s because He is the one doing the singing!

    Do you see it? Do you see that He loves you SO much that He sings over you?

    In a society where we are never good enough, never pretty enough or thin enough or stylish or creative or talented enough, the Lord says,

    STOP. I am with you. I am MIGHTY. Strong enough to save you from whatever it is that is after you. Let me quiet you with my love. Will you listen to my sweet voice as I sing my songs of delight over you? You are just as I want you to be. Now be free.

    And twirl.

    This is such a deep truth that I want for myself and one that I want for my daughter.  I want her to know that above all else, she is perfectly and wonderfully made. She doesn’t need to strive for her God’s love. She doesn’t need to hide from her God’s love. She just needs to accept it.

    And twirl.

    And so, that is why I chose that verse for my baby girl. And I pray it for you as well.  It is hard being a woman – we feel so many pressures to be what we are not and far too many of us struggle with insecurity.  Oh how we long to be free! How wonderful would it feel to put on our best twirling skirt and dance – and feel beautiful doing it!  I know it is hard and sounds so lofty, but it is what I believe we are to do as daughters of the Most High God. Surely, if He can sing over us, we can step out and dance.

    Perhaps even twirl.

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    1. I read this post a few years ago and it always stuck in the back of my mind. It was so beautifully and eloquently written… a message from God that each of his girls so desperately needs to hear. I’m currently in a MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group and on the leadership team for publicity. one of my jobs is designing our newsletters every two weeks and I always share a devotional in it. This week I was trying to find a devotional for our newsletter and I was reminded of this post. While it isn’t exactly a devotional, it is the perfect message for our group of mom’s. So I will be sharing excerpts of this post and crediting you of course as the writer. I just wanted to encourage you that your words bring hope and share our Heavenly Father’s goodness… even years later!

    2. oh emily! now I understand why you have the “twirl” necklace so close to your heart. i have tears in my eyes, and have received this message! what a beautiful picture of gods love for us, his girls!

    3. I prayed for a little girl but God gave me 2 boys, a husband and a male dog. Your post brought tears to my eyes as I read it. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. It’s pretty rough and tumble at my house and sometimes I need the reminder that I am loved by my Heavenly Father just as I am.

    4. Your blog on Twirl is the second dance message I believe has been sent to me this we…. Mysterious ways… I am blessed to be my Fathers daughter… Thank you for this post :-)

    5. This is the sweetest, most poignant message for all girls of all ages, whether or not they have their own little girls! I absolutely love it and remember loving to twirl!
      Thank you for writing it!!

    6. I am so blessed to have read this this morning! This verse has been coming across my way numerous times these past couple of months. It has been so refreshing to read each time! I love your words to follow…. ” now be free, twirl.”. I will be shaing this with my two sweet daughters. I long for them to know how much there Jesus loves them and thinks they are beautiful just the way they are. I try to remind them of this often! Thank you for sharing! Your creations and words are all so beautiful and inspiring! Be blessed!

    7. Interestingly I was a national competitor in baton twirling when I was younger. My father took great pleasure in ‘coaching’ me along, encouraging and attending competitions. I was a feature twirler in high school in college. Bigger than all of that – I am a believer. I noticed twirl on the mug and large board in your office. Thank you for the expanation. It also makes me think of the movie You Have Mail. Mother and daughter twirled (danced) in the old classic bookstore. I love the connection you have made. He delights in seeing us enjoy our live and wants us to Twirl… Our gifts are from Him… Blessings.

    8. Emily, I happened on your blog because of something that was posted on Pinterest (paper flowers!) and have been so blessed to find out that we are both sisters in Christ! Thank you for your posts so full of inspiration, both to the creating part of me, and the part of me that so loves our Creator! God bless you!!

    9. I absolutely love your fake calligraphy tutorial! I work on a maternity floor and have been using it on crib cards and people love it. I was just wondering if you had any more handwriting tutorials. Thank you

    10. Emily, thank you for being transparent, always sharing your heart, shining God’s love through you to others. I love to hear how God is speaking to others…it is encouraging to me. Have a joyful day!

    11. I found this via Google Images as I was looking for a picture with Zephaniah 3:17 on it. My friend is going through a rough patch and it sprung into my mind while doing some other bits.

      The picture of a girl twirling has been brought forward at church recently too :)

    12. I don’t usually leave comments, but I would be so ungrateful if I did not give thanks for the gift you gave me by sharing this message today. I can’t tell you how much I needed to read this. Truly. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

    13. I am so touched! I thank God that there are young women with blogs like yours who love God and are not afraid to say it. Your precious baby girl is blessed to have you as a mommy and that is a beautiful verse.

    14. Just this evening I finished reading the book “So Long Insecurity, You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us” by Beth Moore which was absolutely phenomenal, and then I read on your Twirl post of the subject on women’s insecurities! I know God is teaching me so graciously about His love and how to give Him my total “Trust!” . Thank you for sharing!

    15. Greetings all the way from Finland:) For the past month I have, since I came across your blog/shop while surfing the internet, frequently returned to your site. Partly because I’m so glad for finding stylish christian art prints, but formost because you are so open about your faith. It inspired me to start with my on blog, in the same spirit as your blog is. Making stylish christian art prints in finnish and sharing openly about my faith. I’m an mom and an interiorarchitect and formost a girl whos father is The Allmighty God. This scripture , Sef.3:17, has repeatly come up during these years since my firstborn, always reminding me how special and important I am to Him. The things you shared where so, how so you say, ” on the spot” and was an answer to my prayer for the name of my blog. I named it daddys girl but in finnish = isin tyttö. It is still a work in progress, but I would really like to ask you if I could put your twirl link on my blog? Your thoughts are so true and encouraging. Thanks again for shareing.

    16. 28 years ago I hung a beautiful pink and white plaque in my daughters room. It said “Jesus danced the day you were born.” I believed it then and now that my grandson sleeps in that same room when he is here…I have left it up (even tho it is pink)….I believe it today. If He danced when I was born, he is certainly singing over me now. Many many mornings I have awakened to a song in my head and wondered…..”Was that what you were singing over me last night?”
      Love the verse.

    17. I am new to your blog and have loved every tutorial, every idea, every entry that I’ve come across in the last week but nothing has been as inspiring as this story. Thank you so much for sharing it. Everything about this story is truly lovely and touching. You are brave to share your story and be proud of your faith in such a seemingly condescending, godless world that we live in some times. A true breath of fresh air.

    18. I happen to be reading Captivating right now. :-) I do think it’s great and agree with you that everyone should read it. In fact, it’s most likely that the wives of the men who are brave enough to read it and learn from it will be the ones who benefit the most.

    19. Thanks for sharing your story…It lifted my spirit today. Being a mother of 4 boys we did not have a lot of “twirl”, it was more like “wrestling style” around our home!
      You reminded me that I am His daughter and He delights over me!

    20. How amazing that almost 12 months later your post is still having an impact.
      Thank you all the way from Australia!
      *sob sob*

    21. I was wondering what that “Twirl” was on the left-hand column of your page. So I clicked on it. You have no idea how much I needed this. You have no idea!! This is so PERFECT for me right now, I needed it so badly. I just read everything I needed to read. I really really needed it. Thank you so, SO much. You have no idea.


    22. I just want to say thank you.

      Thank you for having this wonderful blog. Thank you for posting this wonderful post about Our Father and how much He loves to be our Daddy. I have read Captivating over and over and I love hearing about how much it touches everyone’s lives that read it. Your blog is now on my home tabs because it is such an inspiration to me. Your flowers’ posts make my heart happy. After reading this post, I just want to say thank you.

      So thanks again. Posting things like these touch so many people and plant to seeds for their faith with the Lord.

      Keep Twirling,

      Your fellow sister in Christ.

    23. Mandy Burks sent me a link to your site. How timely! My husband lost his job today…the scripture is a balm to my broken heart. Financially, we will be fine. But emotionally, I know it is the worst blow to a diligent, hardworking man to feel the work of his hands was not “good enough.” I hurt for him. Can’t wait to remind him of this scripture this evening. :)

    24. Almost a year after you made this post I am just now reading it. I discovered your blog through a friend’s blog- and I love it! The creativity, innovation and faith is awe inspiring. I honestly forgot what it was like to be creative- I have been “doing” so much of life lately but not “living” my life. Feeding my soul and listening to my maker. Thank you for this reminder and eye opener. You are a blessing-

    25. Then I shall TWIRL- and encourage all my women friends & my daughter to do the same! Thank you for a lovely thought! That God himself would SING over me- that automatically puts us at the top of the list!

    26. Just wrote you to ask about the verse…my answer was already waiting for me. Thanks for sharing your heart. How refreshing to remember He delights in us! Too easy to forget. Keep twirling!

    27. Hi Emily,
      I’m new to your blog- just wanted to say hi and thank you so much for this post! The way you speak of the LORD is so full of love, honor, respect and gratefulness. Your twirling sounds exactly like the shalom God has always wanted for us. May you continue to be blessed!

    28. What beautiful words. I’m so glad I’ve found this blog, Emily. My husband bought {after a strong “hint”} your lamp print for me for Valentine’s Day. I love the “keep open house. be generous with your life…” part. I’ve already matted and framed it and it will hang front-and-center into my newly re-painted dining room!

    29. I just stumbled across your business and blog through a friend’s blog, and I love your work! I actually had seen pictures of audrey’s nursery on ohdeedoh a few weeks ago. Anyway, I am really blessed by how the Lord spoke to you by His Spirit and through the Word in such a personal and powerful way! Thank you for sharing this with us! Not only have I read both those Eldredge books and been impacted by that same verse, but I am also pregnant with a a little girl–our first… so your reflection comes at a really sweet time. Thank you for sharing!

    30. Amen! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. It is always encouraging when Sisters-in-Christ speak boldly of their joys, convictions, and their sufferings. We are so priviledged to serve the Most High and Holy God!

      You have a darling home, by the way! Such neat & original ideas…I am excited to “refluff”!

      God bless you and keep on sharing!

    31. I just recently came across your blog and can not stop reading it! I initiallly was attracted to your home, style, and design – looking at ever picture of your home that I could. But, as I started reading some of your posts, I now see you with even more respectful eyes. I can not only relate to you as a fellow lover of decorating and design, but also as a Christian woman. Thank you for your wise sense of words and encouragement. I really enjoy your site. In fact, today I ordered a print! Can’t wait for it to come in! Thanks!

    32. I’ve always LOVED your blog and appreciated all your creativity and beautiful things you make! But what a wonderful writer you are also. This is an amazing post, and such a wonderful reminder. You are a wonderful witness to our Lord. This is one of my very favorite verses in Scripture- and I love what you had to say about it. Thank you for sharing.

    33. My My there are no words, nothing that can describe, that wonderful Holy Spirit when it comes pouring out on us.. We are left breathless, and forever changed by it.. She your daughter WILL twirl, because she has seen her mommy twirl, and the joy it brings!!!

    34. You made my day & it couldn’t have been said any better than in your words. It really touched me. I’m pregnant with my first, my little baby girl Aubrey:) and I have no communication at this time with my dad but I know that our Father is proud of me, shining down on me . I can’t wait to order a couple of these(one for me & one for my sister)! Thank you thank you, made my day

    35. This entry has touched me at a time when I need this kind of perspective. What a beautiful lens to see life through! Thank you for sharing your inspiring designs and ideas.

    36. Just came across your blog and am so inspired by your love for Jesus and your creativity. This post spoke volumes to my heart- thank you for being like Jesus!

    37. Just came across your blog and so very thankful that I did. On a day when my insecurities are getting the best of me, your post reminded me that He is there if I only call upon him. What a wonderful, peaceful realization.

    38. I recently found your blog and so enjoy looking at your posts and photos. I have to share about what happened when I read this “twirl” post. Back in July my husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme IV – an agressive and deadly brain cancer. Throughout the summer and into the end of this year each time I am at a low point and feeling like I am not sure that I can go on something happens and this particular scripture is presented to me. One of the times was via a youtube video of Laura Story sharing her husband’s story after I had heard the song at a church service. I typed in the title of the song hoping I could see it performed on youtube and found Laura performing it live. It was only a few days later when I was again looking for God’s love and guiding hand that I happened upon a you tube video of her sharing about her husband’s brain cancer. The “coincidences” of this verse coming to my life at difficult moments can only be the hand of God reaching out to comfort me at this very difficult time. Tonight – your blog entry found its was to my computer screen as I was sitting on New Year’s Eve contemplating some distressing thoughts as I surfed the web. Again – God truly does work in mysterious ways and he is might to save! Thanks for reminding me to twirl and trust in him! God Bless and Happy New Year 2011….xoxoJill

    39. Truly blessed! I am reading Beth Moore’s book “Insecurity” and she talks about being confident in who God made us as women, but it is so hard! I have a 3 month old daughter who I hope to teach to “twirl!” Thank you for sharing your heart… it touched mine. :)

    40. Just found your website a few days ago and loved it for it’s creativity. But this a.m. I was scrolling down and the word Twirl caught my eye and I ended up here. This is the exact same verse that God put on my heart for my daughter before she was born. Love it! This verse was spoken to me in church when I was just two months pregnant with my little girl. When this verse was spoken I felt my first movement from her, I knew that was the verse God wanted for my child. Today she is 6 1/2 years old and twirls around the house. Not in twirly skirts but still twirls to any music she hears! Thanks for reminding me to twirl too!

    41. Just found your blog… and loved all the tutorials! I am a nurse and a mom to a 5month old, and my hubby and I are trying to figure out how I can stay home too :) Then, stumbled on this post, and you just encouraged my heart! Captivating is a great book, and definitely a wonderful reminder that there is nothing we can do to earn the favor and love of our Heavenly Father. He loves us because He chooses to, not because we’ve had a great day or shared Christ with 7 people, even though those things are great! Nothing we can do, as Christ followers, can make Him love us any more. He already showed his great love for us by sending Christ to the cross! What matchless love! May our Father bless your socks off today! :)

    42. Hi Emily, I just found your blog through Melissa at 320 Sycamore. I spotted this Scripture there, and headed over. It’s my favorite. I just read what you posted about it, and all I could think was, “Wow!” I’m a new follower! Blessings!

    43. amen and amen! wow. let me wipe away the tears of joy! i just found your blog and absolutely love it! what i love even more is your love for our good LORD! what a blessing and and inspiration, not only for the work of our hands, but for the glory of God as well!

    44. This verse is the lullaby I sing to my daughter Chloe at bedtime. The twirling reminded me of the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” :)

    45. This is so beautiful! :) I’m so thankful and blessed to have found your blog. I came upon it through a long line of other blogs, I don’t even know how to retrace my steps. Lol. I love when I stumble upon Christian bloggers. This is so inspiring and I’m so excited to follow your blog! I love the projects you’ve posted and I can’t wait to read more of your encouraging words.
      Be blessed! :)

    46. Okay, let me wipe the tears! Thank you for sharing… I’ve got a little boy who’s almost 2 and a 7 month old baby girl (and a husband who’s deployed). This weekend looking through your blog I’ve been inspired both creatively and spiritually! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you :)

    47. Emily this was incredibly inspirational and life giving! We need more like this in our world! Love your creativity and resourcefulness, too. Thank you for sharing! From one twirling sister to another!

    48. just beautiful! You spoke soothing words to my heart. I love the Lord and how he completely delights over us! Thank you for sharing your story.

    49. wonderful post…i love the verse – i had forgotten about it and i just stumbled across your blog today- what an awesome reminder!

    50. I linked up to this post at because it went well with my “i would like to share with you what makes me complete” post.
      you may also like this music video:
      i have a 1 y/o. i cried. think it’s something to do with knowing all the different messages she can get from the world, see in the mirror and wanting her to have this one message deep in her core to filter the others through. anyway, check it out.

    51. hi emily: what a lovely post…may you know much blessing for speaking the truth.
      just wanted to say that i’m newly pregnant (about 11 weeks). we tried for a year to have a baby, i’m 38, and well, i can’t explain how anxious and worried i’ve been about losing the baby, the health of the baby, etc.
      a couple weeks ago i heard a song by matt maher with these words in the chorus: Father you sing, sing over your children. and the thought came to me: He sings even over this little one i carry…no matter what happens, even in this little one He delights. already.

    52. Accidentally posted this comment on the wrong post so I decided to move it over. :)
      WOW! I am so in love with your decorating!!! I wish so badly I had the same eye for it. I just recently “stumbled” across your page when I got addicted to craft blogs. It has quickly turned into one of my faves, in fact the first time I looked at it my sister was over and I said you have GOT to look at this blog I LOVE the way she just posts things that she likes…it’s great inspiration. On top of that I clicked back over here tonight to fall upon this post. I was so moved by your reasoning behind “twirl”. I take joy in knowing that my Heavenly Father takes the time to speak to each of us, and in your case in such an inspirational way. I am a young mom of two, 1 boy and 1 girl, and will forever remember this when my 2 1/2 year old daughter is dancing around my living room. Just wanted to give you props! Love the site, and love your blogging!!!

    53. Emily, I absolutely love this verse. We recently brought home our daughter from Ethiopia. We spent many months waiting for her, waiting to know her face. While we waited, God gave me this verse, and I too, claim it for her life. I loved knowing that HE is mighty to save. Not me.I rested easy knowing HE was singing over my daughter in far off Africa, when I could not. HE rejoiced over her, sang over her, and comforted her before we could, and HE always will. LOVE LOVE LOVE this verse!

    54. Hi Emily,
      Thank you for your post. It was truly uplifting and inspiring. It was a wonderful interpretation of how God sees us and how He just wants us to delight in Him and be who He has made us to be.
      God Bless you :)

    55. Thank you for sharing about how you chose your verse for your daughter! There are so many things that I could comment about…how your post inspired me personally and how it helped me to think about my own relationship with God…but I think I want to just emphasize how important I feel it is to have a verse for our children. God gave me a verse for my two sons before my oldest was born too. It is what I hope their lives will be marked by and I pray it for them often. Rasing men of God can feel like an awesome responsibility and I truly felt that the Lord told me that if I can raise them to do these things then that was all that mattered. You can find their verse in Deuteronomy 13:4–“You shall follow the Lord your God and fear Him; and you shall keep His commandments, listen to His voice, serve Him, and cling to Him.” I have been wanting to find a way to implement it in their room so that they will start memorizing and meditating on it and seeing this pillow you created for your daughter has inspired me to actually do something about it…soon! And no, I don’t mean a poster sized post-it note on their mirrored closet door either…although this method works wonderful for memorizing their Awana verses. :)

    56. Hello Lauren,
      As I was reading this post, I remembered something I learned once from a pastor’s wife I totally adore. This might just bless your socks off and tie it all together.
      In the original language, the word that was translated Delight in Zephaniah is actually a word that means, to rejoice over you with great joy. It promotes a word picture of being so excited that one spins and dances about.
      I don’t have a hebrew lexicon handy, but if you have a minute to do an internet search, I’d found it at another time in my life and the Lord wrote it on my heart… my head just doesn’t remember where.
      So, dear sister… perhaps He chose Delight to fill your mind and heart that day because He is the one who twirls.

    57. I love this scripture, thank you for sharing your heart. I am a firm believer in a Father showing adoration to his daughter, and love how you reminded us how much our Father in Heaven adores us, too.

    58. I have to applaud you for sharing your faith so openly. I read many blogs and on some you can see little glimpses of what you think is probably faith, but you can’t really be sure. It is nice to not have to guess.:) It is hard, especially when you can’t talk face to face to express and explain yourself, but hiding your light under a bushel isn’t His plan. Thanks for letting your light (and life) shine.

    59. Thank you for being so open about your faith, it has touched so many, me included. It can be so hard to keep sight of the woman that the Lord creates us to be in this world that constantly bombards us with the message that we’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not talented enough, etc. I first found that verse in college and it spoke so clearly to my heart because I have always been a singer and I was SO moved by the fact that the Lord sings to US…how honored that made me feel. I’d spent my whole life singing to the Lord and now had found that He loved me enough to sing to me as well.
      Now that I’m a mom and I don’t have as much time to spend using the gifts that the Lord gave me, it helps to know that even though I don’t have as much opportunity to sing, the Lord will always be there singing to me and loving me.
      Thank you Emily!! I love that this is another thing we have in common, the MOST important thing :)

    60. I just want to tell you that this verse specifically, has been something I’ve stumbled upon in my own little leap of faith journey that I’ve been blogging about, off and on since May. I keep finding it everywhere I turn. It’s a precious verse and when I saw it here, I just started bawling. So glad you shared your faith on your blog. I’ve had such a huge response to sharing mine too, and people just need encouragement I think.


    61. Oh, this was such a wonderful piece. As I sit in Maryland, with a stuffy nose, sick day #2, with so many thoughts about what I need to do when I get back to work…this piece came injust in time. I wanted you to check out they make t-shirts and there is one that strikes me. it’s the “Beloved” shirt…please check it out.

    62. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve just recently started to read your blog and have been so inspired. So glad to see this scripture. Our scripture for our little girl is Song of Solomon 2:2. Her name is Lillian (Lilly) and that’s where her name comes from. She’s 6 mo. too. Have a blessed day!!

    63. Ok Emily, I just read this and I have tears! WOW! Touching! It hit so close to home because your words are SO true and are something I struggle with being the mommy of a little girl. I want her to see herself as God does. Thank you for this :)

    64. Thank you for sharing this. What a blessing to know we are loved by our heavenly Father in such a way that there is no need for the insecurity we often struggle with. It is freeing! Wonderful verse and your explanation was so well said.

    65. What a beautiful post and something I most certainly needed to read today. I just recently found your blog and I just love it! Now, I’m going to go twirl. :-)

    66. Thank you so much for sharing God’s personal moment with you. It is such an encouragement and blessing to me, again, thank you.

    67. Wow. This whole blog community thing is wonderful. I would never have had the opportunity to hear your thought/devotional/ inspirational talk had blogs not existed. What a great word picture you painted in my head! Thank you. Thank you. I will definitely keep “twirl” to use as my reminder from you and Him. We’ve never met, but I feel as though I’ve gained a sister. I’m looking forward to getting to “know” you better.

    68. That was awesome. Thank you so much for sharing something so powerful and so special. What a fantastic reminder of the beautiful gifts we’ve been given- that of womanhood and the perfect love of our Heavenly Father. You communicated your thoughts flawlessly and they have have made a large impact on how I feel today. Thank you.

    69. What a lovely post… it is amazing what inspires all of us. Whether your readers are religious or not, believe in god or some other high power, hopefully everyone can get something out of it. There are signs around all of us and what inspires us and “sings” to us makes us unique. I am hoping for some sort of sign on what to name our 2nd boy due in November… :)

    70. I just love that!! Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your faith and what you heard from the Lord, it encourages me so much! Beautiful post!

    71. Beautiful post! I love this. And it is so true. In this world, in this society of trying to be something to get noticed, we can forget that our Heavenly Father loves us! He desires us! He created us! Oh how our God is so good to us. I have lately been studying the Proverbs 31 woman. Not because I want to be supermom (although some days…that would help!) but because I want to be beautiful in the sight of the Lord. Because how He sees my heart is so important to me!

      Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

    72. beautiful words for this Tuesday morning. i am SO GLAD i found you. :)

      when i lived in birmingham, al, my church at the time sang a song- the lyrics were straight from “Audrey’s verse” if i can find it online, i will send it to you.

      hope you twirl today.

    73. I find it interesting that when one keeps up with a blog, and especially a blog where one writes about their own life, the reader feels connected to the writer! Zephaniah 3 has been a very significant verse in my own life, especially when the cry of my heart was to be loved as I was. I was overcome by God’s character in this chapter (one who SINGS over me & takes great delight in His people & yet one who is powerful & kingly!). So, I feel as though we’ve both encountered something God designed us to encounter, and therefore, I feel like friends! :-D

      And I just love how you are using your gifts for His glory, all the while loving your family! Thank you for your example to a girl (me) just beginning the stages of motherhood & wifehood! I wouldn’t be surprised if your husband thinks of Proverbs 31 quite often around you!

      I should probably end this post before it becomes a novel. Have a lovely day!

    74. thank you. i love that verse. the first time i heard it i was astounded that He would rejoice over me with singing. Jesus loves me this i know, for the bible tells me so. sometimes, that’s all I feel that i know. but that is all i need to know. i pray our little girls (and boys) will know this too.

      part of the reason i love reading blogs that i know there are others who love Jesus out in the world. i feel safer knowing that. sometimes when i’m out in the world, like at the mall, it feels so foreign, unfamiliar and unsafe. that may sound odd. but to come home and read a blog written by another christian is often comforting just because i know i’m not alone “down here”. thank you.

    75. So beautiful, so well written! Lately I’ve been trying so hard to be perfect, thinking that will make me happier, that I set myself up for failure (in my eyes). I needed the reminder that being His child and being myself is all I really need to be happy. Thank you :)

    76. You have brought me to tears with the beauty, honesty and truth of your words. Thank you for this and thank you for always inspiring me.

    77. That is so beautiful. I have just recently stumbled onto your blog. I have admired your quote in your office and plan to use it somewhere in my house soon.

    78. Thanks for that.

      Susan O’Donnell, a DJ for the awesome Christian radio station here in Houston (KSBJ), often says something like, ” ‘Cuz when your Daddy God sings, child, you better dance.” And she says it with such joy in her voice!

      Just reminds me of your verse.

    79. LOVE it. I’ve been looking for a life verse for my young girls…you may have helped me more than you know! Although your story of how you arrived at this life verse is much more eloquent than mine. :P

    80. Emily, you are truly one very anointed woman of faith. The Lord must be well pleased that you are sharing your faith and your creativity and inspiring others! I am thankful to have met you in blogland : ) God Bless You!

    81. what a great post, emily. Zephaniah 3:17 is Kate’s verse too. I love how your words even brought more meaning to it. I read both captivating and wild at heart and LOVED wild at heart for so many reasons!

    82. Hi Emily, I’m so grateful to have found your blog through “Little Birdie Secrets”. I enjoyed your how to on the book page canvases very much, but I have to say reading today’s post was a much bigger blessing. Micah hit it spot on in her comment above about trying to fill that void to be adored with worldly (and usually damaging) ways when all along God is there waiting so patiently. Thanks for sharing such a needed message. I’m looking forward to reading more. Have a fabulous evening!

    83. You have struck a cord today! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and intimate story to inspire and remind us all of God’s unrelenting and perfect love.

    84. Thank you. {tears rolling down my face} I’m going through such a rough time in my life right now, and I needed to be reminded that my God delights in me. Thank you. :)

    85. How beautiful and lovely are His words. Thank you for the reminder I really needed to hear that and need to be speaking those words over my own daughter.

    86. thank you for sharing… i totally agree on the books, wild at heart: fantastic, captivating: eh. good, but not lifechanging (for me at least). but what a good description of god’s love for us. xo

    87. Emily, that post was inspired (obviously!). Thank you so much for the encouragement. Keep up the great work – you are being used in a beautiful way by the King.

    88. Just linked to you on my post today (in a completely unrelated “PS” kind of way). Because my post was very “on the surface” in a fun kind of way…but how I love to go a little deeper. Thanks!

    89. Tears, this is so beautiful. I long to have a little girl and this post is going in my “Believe” box where I keep all of my little things for her. I also needed this today for me, I’m in a life situation where I am comparing myself to another and this is the second sign from God I’ve received today that I am beautiful all on my own and perfect as is. I truly believe He has used you to touch all of us. You have succeeded sweet friend!

    90. just fell more in love with your blog….
      love your heart for the Lord….and for your family.

      I have verses for each of my children….they love that each of them have their own very special verse that their mom and dad felt came from the Lord himself.

    91. Thank you for the reminder. “Captivating” was probably the most life-changing book I’ve ever read. Even still, I needed to hear it again. Thank you for sharing your heart!

    92. I just spent my whole weekend reading your archives, after I found your blog from Brooklyn Limestone. So, so glad to have found it and “met” you! The reasons I love your blog are too many to list here, but here’s a couple: You’re a sister in Christ (thank you for sharing your heart!) and you’re from Seattle (I live in Auburn!). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    93. Lovely Post, Emily.
      Beautiful thoughts and inspiring insights. Hopefully we can all remember this lesson, and share it with our sisters, neighbors and friends- and all go out and twirl together.

    94. hi emly

      that is so lovely and such encouragement – your blog is so delightful – thank you for sharing your life and with us out here!


    95. thanks for sharing your story. i think this may be my favorite post of yours that i have read on here. you should share the stuff God shows you more often – you communicate it so well and it is very encouraging.

    96. Thank you for sharing Emily! That is also one of my favorite verses in scripture and Courtney, I love that song! I have wore both CD’s out.

    97. I don’t think that could have been more perfectly written… it brought tears to my eyes. Lots of them! And was exactly what I needed to hear!

      You have a wonderful heart, Emily.
      Thanks for sharing it with us!


    98. As the mother of 2 little twirlers, may I just say thank for putting this so eloquently… and then go wipe my tears… Bless you and thank you for sharing so many beautiful things with us. Maria

    99. beautiful post. I just discovered your blog – and I am so glad I did! I’ve never really thought about each child having a special scripture but how inspiring is that? thanks for sharing! I’m going to go twirl now :)

    100. GREAT post. Holly knew I would love it. My husband just got back last night from his second Wild at Heart retreat. On FIRE. I went to the Captivating retreat in the Spring…WAY better than the book! Thanks for reminding us to twirl…and to whose music!


    101. I enjoy reading your blog and after this post I like it even more! I read this at just the right time in my day and now I’ll take the rest of the day to twirl! I’m so thankful we have a heavenly father who sings over us each day!

    102. I love that verse–as soon as I read it, a song came to my mind. It’s called “He Will Rejoice” by Trevor Morgan and is on the ‘Glory Revealed’ CD (the first one–there are now two). It’s the first one on the CD and it quotes that scripture directly.

      Here’s a link to Amazon, where you can buy the whole CD (which is great) or just that one song. I’m sure it’s on iTunes, too. Enjoy!


    103. So beautifully written. I don’t know why, but I haven’t chosen scriptures for my two sons yet (2 years, and 6 months), but now I feel inspired to do so. Thank you.

    104. Emily: Thank you for the beautiful post. I was struck by the wonder of that verse when I saw your post the other day and your words today hit home with me. I spent the whole morning trying to define my insecurity, thinking that if I can name its origin, I can conquer it. I think that your faith is inspiring and I am striving to build a strong relationship with God, too. I want to feel his love and feel worthy of it. Thanks for sharing yourself with the world! Tricia

    105. Oh my goodness tears in my eyes. What a wonderful, beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing your story about Zephaniah 3:17. It wasn’t until I was grown and married for awhile that I understood that longing I had to be adored. I tried so many worldly ways to fill that void not realizing all along God was there loving me and rejoicing over me.

      Now I better scoot… I have some twirling to do :)

    106. Thank you for that….I needed to hear it:) I said before that that is my very favorite verse, and you spoke some new truth about it for me. Isn’t it awesome when God gives you those kinds of images? I know it makes him smile when we finally get it:)

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