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flower pin {tutorial}

    This project comes straight from the ever-creative Nonna. She made a flower pin for Audrey {seen below} and it was so cute, I asked her to show me her tricks.


    And the wonderful Nonna obliged.

    So here is the tutorial for the

    flower pin

    Here’s what you’ll need:


    :: fabric {I used wool, but any fabric will work}

    :: scissors

    :: pen

    :: pin {sorry, it didn’t make it into the photo}

    :: hot glue gun & glue

    :: pattern {get yours at the end of the post}

    STEP ONE: trace the pattern onto fabric.


    IMG_6106[5]  IMG_6107

    You’ll need six to  seven petals and one circle.

    STEP TWO: cut out pieces


    No need to cut them perfectly, but try to cut inside of the line so that the ink doesn’t show {or use one of those fancy disappearing ink pens}


    STEP THREE: fold a petal in half


    STEP FOUR: and then in half again


    STEP FIVE: snip off the point



    STEP SIX: glue to circle


    {just pretend that my nail polish is not the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen. My mom suggested I get a manicure before I take photos of my hands – clearly I did not listen to her advice prior to this one. Sorry mom.}

    continuing on :


    STEP SEVEN: continue with three more petals


    you’ll have this:


    STEP EIGHT: quarter & snip petal, then add to the center


    add two or three to the center, depending on desired fullness.


    STEP NINE: add pin


    using a dot of hot glue, attach to back of circle.


    Pin to your favorite sweater, attach to a headband, stitch onto a pillow or embellish a lampshade.


    So many possibilities with this one.

    I just freehanded my pattern and you are welcome to copy, paste & print. Enlarge or decrease the size to change the look of the flower.


    Happy flower making!

    115 thoughts on “flower pin {tutorial}”

    1. Thanks for this great tutorial. Cannot wait to start making flowers. I will be attaching then to hair clips instead of pins!!! :)

    2. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial! I made these tonight out of old tee-shirts and they turned out darling! Only took about 15 minutes each, so that makes this project one of my favorites…fast, cheap, and easy!

    3. Love this tutorial! I’m making them for all my girl friends. They’re going to looooove them!

      I recommend:
      * Getting the 20% wool felt or higher. The flower looks more professional.
      *Bringing the flower and circle pattern with you to the fabric store so you choose the yardage based on how the pattern fits on the felt.

      I didn’t bring the pattern. I guessed with 1/4 yard and wasted some felt. I got 3 flowers out of 1/4 yard. 2 of the 3 flowers had 7 petals. The last one had 6 petals. I recommend 7 petals.

      I bought everything at Jo-Ann Crafts. Thanks Emily!

    4. love the craft.. off to do it right now because I actually have those things at home (sign of a really great craft!). AAANND… can I say that I love that your nail polish is imperfect! I don’t know you… but I do know my mom would have suggested the same thing. It’s real life… thanks!

    5. Thanks for the great tutorial! I found it on Pinterest. Just made my first flower out of felt. Now I’ll be making more of these as wearable package decorations for friends this Christmas.

    6. I just made 6 of these in different colors and I just love them! I am going to make more because my girlfriends are going to love them too. They are so easy and quick to make. I plan to make some for attaching to headbands for my nieces too. Thank you for sharing this really fun flower!

    7. Thanks for sharing this fabulous tutorial! I made two felt flowers this morning. Easy, fun and adorable. I also shared a link to the tutorial on my blog. Thanks again!

    8. Can’t wait to make a bunch of these. I have a set of cookie cutters in this shape, in graduated sizes – readymade templates!

    9. Wow..just as I was about to write myself off at totally simple crafts, I came across this one and gave it a shot..a last ditch effort. Amazing! Love it :) Thanks so much for sharing!


    11. hye…im from Malaysia…really love your flower tutorial…I’m wondering if i can make colorful flowers…but i don’t know the match color that suitable…

    12. LOVE these! I was searching for a flower tutorial tonight and came across this! It was so quick and easy to make and turned out absolutely lovely! Thanks so much! I used one to dress up the outfit I’m wearing to celebrate my baby boy’s 1st birthday!

    13. Love this tut.! Thanks so much for putting it together. Do you remember where you got the pretty wool from? I love the color! Thanks.


    14. Just made my first flower pin, and it was so EASY!! I am really excited to make more of these. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tutorial. You made it look so easy and very easy to follow.

    15. I wanted to let you know that my daughter 6 1/2 yrs old did this for Christmas presents. We went and bought fleece (blanket) fabric and corduroy fabric. SHe made it two tones for most of the family (they looked like pansies). She gave one to her teacher (who put it on immediately). My mother in law liked it soooooo much, I showed her your blog and she now has it on her favorites. Thank you and keep the ideas coming. I really enjoy everything.

    16. Wow. I found your site just now, having followed a link from My Blessed Life to your free printable tags. Thank you for those btw!! And thank you for this website – I am only just getting started looking around and I’m going to make these flower pins as gifts for Christmas! Love this idea! (I’m going to make myself a couple as well!)

    17. I love your site and I think yours are the only emails that I open from the mailing list emails I subscribe to! I love your ideas and decorating style!

      just made the sweater flower pin. I made it and attached to a headband for my little girl to match a sweater dress that I made. SO CUTE! Thanks for the tut!

    18. I have just recently found your site, and I am so happy that I did. I have been wanting to make these flower pins for a long time. Thank you so much for posting, and especially for the clear instructions. So excited to give as gifts.
      Thanks again. :)

    19. Great tutorial. Very helpful. I have such a hard time making flower pins for dresses or accessories but the way this is done is super easy. Thank you so much. :)

    20. I don’t know if I commented previously when you posted this or not, but I LOVE this cute little pin! I am going to add a few to gifts, so THANK YOU for the cute and easy tutorial on how to make them!!! :)

    21. THANKS SO MUCH!!! I am making some of these for Christmas presents (some out of my kids old jeans!!!) and I am also making the book page wreath…..I have several old books that are falling apart and now I am recycling them!!!!

    22. I just made a couple of these to use tomorrow when we get our Christmas pictures taken. Thank you so much! The directions were very easy to follow and it came out just like the picture! Great job!

    23. thank you bunches for your awesome tutorial. I made orange ones to go with black shirt for Halloween party. I can’t wait to make some more:) I love your blog- you are delightful!

    24. Thank you! Thank you! I made two of these over the weekend. Thank you for such a fun, cute craft. Plan on sharing some for Christmas.

    25. Thanks for the tutorial! I can’t stop making these, every fabric I see I have to try, felt, silk, velvet… velvet is my favorite so far!

    26. just wanted to let you know that something lovely happened to me the other day…I found your blog…delightful…thankyouthankyouthankyou for the time n inspiration n eye candy

    27. thanks so much, emily! doing some tailgating next weekend {GO CATS!} and wanted to make some felt flowers to bring along for all of my girls. Our kentucky blue blooms will be a big hit. take care!

    28. hey emily! i love it! i made one of your flowers and it turned out beautiful! i even made one for a friends birthday! and now i cant wait to make nonnas flower pin! please tell her thanks so much for sharing! i cant wait to make one! i sent you an email a few days ago! hope you got it!

    29. i just found your blog and i’m soo inspired by all your ideas! the fact that you’re a mom of 4 amazes me!! i’m have 2 kids (3 and 10 mos) and i feel like if i get to shower and put some make up, it’s my lucky day!! thanks so much for sharing all your ideas! btw, where do you get the elastic for the headbands for your daughter?

    30. Thank you so much! I inquired about this cute little flower when I saw it on an earlier post. I’m so glad you did a tutorial! I’ve learned so many fun things from you and your blog!

    31. First, I just adore your blog! Absolutely adore it! Second, I’m so going to make some of these this weekend. Normally any project involving fabric frightens me, but I think I can handle this. Thank you so much for being so inspiring!

    32. Hey, thank you for another fun project! Your awesome.

      I’ve made:

      the ruffle wreath and it’s on my front door.

      the paper wreath out of vintage recipes for the kitchen

      2 flowers from fabric for my girl’s school pictures

      * I have the canvas bought for the book page canvas. I have all kinds of war letters on different neutral papers that my grandparents wrote back and forth to each other for years. They are the sweetest and most darling letters. I might not choose to put glue all over them the more I think about it. But I thought it would make a great canvas for over our bed for my husband and I. Any thoughts??

      My mom also called the other day and said she found a few hankies that were her grandmothers in a chest and she asked me what to do with them. I know you would have a great idea. Please share if you have time.

      Thanks again for your fun blog! If you are EVER in Hudson, WI. I would love to meet you. :)



      1. Tammy, I like you should photocopy those letters and distress tham and than paste them on the wall. I hate to see the letters disapper if you ever move. Also for the hankies, I’ve seen cafe curtains and qulits made from them.

      2. Tammy: I love the idea of photo copying the letters and then gluing them. No need to ruin such special letters. If you color copy them, you might even get some of the discoloration from age to show through. As for the hankies … how about framing them like I did in Audrey’s nursery with the little slips? Cafe curtains sound cute as well.

      3. Yes, make copies! But, not regular copies…make color copies! The color copies will capture all of the vintage beauty of those letters! I use color copies often when I craft!

    33. this pin is so cute– it makes me feel funny inside.
      i made the one from the other tutorial you had. the one where you melt the fabric with a flame.
      i wear it to work every day and my customers just go nuts for it. i even had a lady sketch it out on paper– by looking at my shirt.
      thanks for making my day whenever you post. it`s one of my top ten!! (i read a ton of blogs *ducks head in shame*)
      love, jenny

    34. Just found your website…love it! And this looks so super simple…am going to give those little cutie flowers a try! Thank you for sharing : )

    35. I LOVE all your tutorials!! Everything is so fun and most are even easy!! Thank you for sharing your cleaver ideas and the details!!
      Think I might be getting some fun wool today!

    36. Nonna is VERY creative! AND how crazy simple! My granddaughters will be the envy of the day school! Thank you for sharing!

    37. So cute!! I have been making your silk flower pins where you melt the edges- LOVE them. I even made some for all my ballet flats-so i can change them out with my outfits. Now Im off to Hobby Lobby for some fun wool- thanks for the tutorial!!

    38. I love that! I made a bunch of the ribbon flowers. Could not remeber where I saw it and someone reminded me that it was here. Your tutorials are great, thanks so much for sharing!


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