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party hat {tutorial}

    They were a hit with the kids {even the birthday girl didn’t mind wearing hers} and very simple to make, so here is a tutorial on these festive paper party hats.


    Here’s what you will need:


    :: party hat template {download below}

    :: decorative paper

    :: scissors & glue {I used a hot glue gun}

    :: embellishments {pom poms, ric rack, ribbon, hole punch, fabric}

    :: elastic

    STEP ONE: print and cut out paper hat template {download below}


    STEP TWO: trace pattern onto decorative paper


    I used scrapbook paper, cardstock and wrapping paper.

    STEP THREE: cut out shape


    STEP FOUR: *optional* score where the dotted line is on the template


    This just makes it easy to fold when you form the cone and adhere.


    STEP FIVE: fold a small flap


    STEP SIX: add a bead of hot glue to the flap


    STEP SEVEN: roll the paper into a cone and glue together.


    STEP EIGHT: embellish!


    For the tops of my hats I cut apart some pom pom trim I had and hot glued to the top of the hats. I used a leftover ruffle scrap for the birthday girl’s hat, polka dots made out paper for another and ric rack, ribbon and pom pom trim around the base of others.

    STEP NINE: add the elastic band


    I cut my pieces of thin elastic {from the fabric store} to 15 inches, then hot glued inside the edge of the hat.


    Very simple project that makes for a custom decoration and party favor!


    I have created a template that you are welcome to use.



    38 thoughts on “party hat {tutorial}”

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    3. These are so cute!! Great for family reunions , birthdays or sleepovers….Thanks so much for making all you do.

    4. Thank you so much for this tutorial!!! I just came across your blog and I am so glad I did! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing what you have learned along the way!

    5. Thank you for this great tutorial! I just glued my first hat together and my daughter is going to be so excited to see these when they are done!

    6. You have such cute and creative ideas! I love it. Making things yourself is so much better than going out and buying the same thing. I am also loving the yellow thing, I guess it means spring fever has hit.

    7. I found your blog via Holly…and my sister found both of you via me. :) Now, she has Holly lined up to share at mom’s event at her church in April (my sis lives in Houston). Such a small world!

    8. I can’t wait to make these for a foster child in our home, she has her 1yr birthday coming up, looks easy and affordable, great idea1

    9. Your tutorial came at just the right time. We have a joint first birthday party for my daughter and five of her friends in three weeks! I’m looking forward to making a bunch of these!

    10. oh, i wish i had got this tutorial just a few days earlier! my daughter’s 3rd b-day party is tomorrow, and would have loved to make these! maybe for my next daughter’s 1st b-day coming up soon! thanks for the tutorial!

    11. ooo i am going to make these with your stripy paper for the birth of my twin boys!! :) !! and I am going to use the stripy paper to make favors for the people who come to the hospital!! and i am using the stenciled wallpaper template right now to stencil the inside of their future closet! LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!

    12. Years and years ago, I made party hats for my daughter’s princess birthday party (She’s 17 now). I added a length of tulle to the top point of the hats to hang down – because for some reason, that seemed princess-y to me. lol

    13. Your hats are precious and great tutorial, as always. You’re going to have such fun with Holly~ she is a doll! I had the opporunity of meeting her last summer during our mini design flea event here in Houston. Tell her ‘hi’ for me and have fun!

    14. Emily,
      I just want you to know how much I’ve been thinking about you and Holly and your time together. I’m thrilled that y’all (yes, I’m a displaced Texan!) are having this time together. I am just beginning my journey with my painting business and blog (hence, the blog site still under construction). I discovered you and Holly right about the same time and have latched on to you guys for inspiration and encouragement. I love that you are both my sisters in Christ….the instant bond. May your time together be rich and filled with joys…..both expected and unexpected. Blessings to you with your family and your work.

    15. Emily…
      Audrey’s party and favors were so cute… your children will have great memories of your talent and effort to make things special when they grow up! The boys have already grasped the idea of “a special touch” with their creative sign!

      I hope Holly packed a warm coat! It’s pretty chilly here in the Pac N’west today!
      Wow!… two amazing , creative minds together…let the energy fly! Have a wonderful visit! *Lynne*

    16. Wow, thank you for the party hat template…you just saved me from making my own while I am birthday party planning for my lil one’s 1st! And I was actually thinking about having some fabric monogrammed and then hot glueing it to the scrapbook paper/cardstock :-)

    17. Thanks for the tutorial. Adorable hats!! I can’t wait to see what projects ya’ll do together. I know it will be fabulous!! Have fun!!

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