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ruffled rubber gloves {tutorial}

    A few years ago one of my friends gifted me ruffled rubber gloves. I loved them. But after a few wears, they developed that terrible rubber glove stench {do you know the one I’m talking about? eww}. So I tossed them out, never to find another pair.

    A few weeks ago when I was composing the March Giveaway, I remembered these darling dish-washing accessories and decided to try my hand {ha} at making a pair.

    So here they are:rubber gloves

    Here is what you’ll need:

    glove supplies

    :: pair of rubber gloves

    :: fabric for the ruffles {two strips approximately 4″ x 24″}

    :: scissors, pins, sewing machine & thread

    STEP ONE: cut two strips of fabric for the ruffles


    Mine are approximately 4 x 24″ – but you can make yours as wide or narrow as you like. If you want to be fancy about it, you could hem one side so that the ruffles do not fray.  I took the easy way and call the fraying ‘character’.

    STEP TWO: ruffle each strip


    With your machine set to the longest stitch, sew along the length of one side, not backstitching

    STEP THREE: pull the thread to ruffle the strip


    This is what you’ll have:

    two ruffles

    STEP FOUR: stitch the ruffle ends together to form a circle

    right sides

    placing right sides together, stitch closed. This is what you’ll have:

    ruffle circle

    STEP FIVE: pin ruffle to glove

    glove and ruffle

    turn glove inside out and pin ruffle.



    STEP SIX: stitch ruffle to glove


    This was the trickiest part because the machine wasn’t crazy about stitching through rubber. I went around a few times just to really secure them. 


    Done! They are fun, fanciful and really do make doing dishes much more enjoyable!


    . . . . . . . . . . .

    A few of you asked : where those placemats in the giveaway are from :


    They are dwell studio for Target.

    Super cute.

    22 thoughts on “ruffled rubber gloves {tutorial}”

    1. Made ruffled gloves? Check. :) I had an idea to do this but I didn’t know how so I looked and looked and finally found this. I’m glad I did, thanks! I also found that it is easier to sew with the fabric side up so that the needle goes though the fabric first. My machine liked it better that way.

    2. i am in love , not with a smelly farting man no but with your brilliant web site.
      do you have a button i can add to my blog ? to be able to find you easily

      i will be adding these gloves to my christmas hampers i am crafting for family and friends

    3. I’m wondering if I can get a picture of my son wearing them after I make them, he won’t have a choice when I get to making theses!!!

    4. The gloves look great!! What a fun tutorial.
      Thanks so much for the placemat source. I didn’t ask, but I was wondering. Those may be making their way onto my table win or lose!

    5. LOVE THEM! I have such severe eczema on my hands that it is super painful to get them wet. So I wear gloves for most everything that involves water. My dishwashing gloves looks so plain jane now – lol. I’ll need to find someone to make these for me as I don’t have a sewing machine. :)

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