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rug pillow {tutorial}

    A vintage grain sack pillow is a perfect staple for any home : simple, graphic and classic.



    The real ones can be a bit expensive and hard to come by but there are plenty of great faux versions available.


    {via: potterybarn, etsy}

    While walking through IKEA a few weeks ago, I saw a stack of woven rugs with great stripes of color. They were $3.99 and I was instantly inspired with the idea to turn one into a pillow. I know, weird idea to turn a rug into a pillow. But it was soft and not too heavy for my sewing machine, so I figured I could give it a try and see what happened.  I LOVE how it came out!

    rug pillow

    So here you go : a tutorial on how to turn a $3.99 rug into a grain sack look-alike pillow.

    Here is what you’ll need:

    what you need

    :: a rug {I used the Signe rug from IKEA}

    :: pillow insert

    :: scissors & pins

    :: sewing machine

    STEP ONE: cut rug to desired size


    I wanted the stipe to run horizontally through the center of the pillow, so I cut the stripes off of each side and then trimmed to the size of my pillow form {12 x 18 + 1/2″ on each side for seam allowance}


    I only used one rug and the stripes worked out perfectly.

    STEP TWO: pin right sides together


    STEP THREE: stitch together


    Because of the slightly loose weave of the rug, it frayed easily and I was nervous about the stitches not holding it together well.  So I used a smaller stitch {dial set to 2 on my machine} and went around the pillow twice {leaving an opening for the insert}


    STEP FOUR: trim the excess


    STEP FIVE: turn right-side out


    STEP SIX: stuff in pillow insert


    STEP SEVEN: pin the opening shut

    stitch 1

    STEP EIGHT: hand stitch it closed


    I doubled my thread to make it extra strong.

    hand stitch

    And here it is:

    pillow finished

    This darling pillow was part of the February Giveaway

    feb giveaway

    and the lucky winner of the collection is:


    Congratulations! Please send me a note at and I’ll get your Valentine’s Day goodies to you right away.

    Wishing you all a great week!

    44 thoughts on “rug pillow {tutorial}”

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    2. this is a really great idea, i like how it give off an organic feel to them. did you have any problems using dual stitches? i know once you cut weaving rugs they immediately start threading on the ends,

    3. Great idea. I made similar pillows from heavy cotton dishtowels and others from placemats I’ve had in storage for years and never used because they didn’t go with my dishes. They both worked out great, but I’m going to look for some rugs, too. It’s amazing what looks good wrapped around a pillow form, isn’t it? I’ve even made them from favorite t-shirts that don’t fit anymore but I couldn’t bear to get rid of. Someone is always looking for a pillow to rest their head, feet, back, etc. on.

    4. very sweet and tasteful invites for your daughter and I love the pillow tutorial. I need to learn how to sew. My mother and grandmother both were outstanding seamstresses. Unfortunately both have passed…but I believe it is hereditary and I should go for it. I am blown away by how many things you can accomplish when you know how to sew!

    5. Way to go, girl! I bought a real one before they were so expensive (many years ago in Maine at an outdoor antique show), but if I didn’t have one, I’d do this for sure. If I could sew, that is!

    6. What a great idea! Wow, sometimes I wish I had your imagination for crafting. Oh, and I wish I lived closer than 8 hours to the nearest IKEA. Oh bother…. Blessings Emily!

    7. I bought your Valentine Cards and I love them! They are so cute and just the perfect size. I love how they are like quick “note” to someone. I also love the tutorial on the pillow. Talk about easy peazy!

    8. Emily, I love the pillow. I wish I had a sewing machine. Any chance you will be selling these in your shop??? Congratulations to Jenny!!

    9. That’s really cool! Your giveaways are always adorable. One of these months, I’m going to win and all will be bright in my world! (Ok, that was a little exaggerated, but nonetheless, I will be excited!)

    10. I too am a blogging Christian mother of 4. So nice to read other blogs by like minded people. The things you create are very much like the work/colors/styles my mother does and currently shares on her blog. I think I’ll let her know where to see your creations!

    11. Ingenious! What a great idea! I love it! I am going to IKEA this week and must try this. Great job! And I am so excited about your sale..we are expecting a baby(#5) in June and find out this weekend what we are having..I’ve been waiting to buy one of your prints until then for the baby’s nursery. Thanks!

    12. Great idea! I just bought a couple of European grain sacks at the flea market yesterday — not nearly as thrifty a price as your Ikea rugs though…Darn it :-)

    13. Love this idea! I actually have that exact rug too. I’m not using it at the moment, so your tutorial gave me a great idea. I need a sewing machine though. Drats! I should really try to get one since it would be so handy to have for small projects like this. Maybe then I could get the courage to try bigger things. Thanks for the inspiration!

    14. I love this idea. I have been thinking about getting a sewing machine to make pillows and possibly other around the house items. The IKEA rug works so well for this look.

    15. Oh, great idea! I need to go to IKEA to get some glass canisters anyway, so I’ll just add a rug to the list. I like how you used something unexpected to create something so cute…perfect!

    16. Brilliant idea! Thanks! I am definately going to Ikea tomorrow to pick up some rugs…..and maybe a few other items as well :)

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