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starched flower {tutorial}

    I never grow tired of making new flowers – as you can tell by the crazy amount of tutorials I have done on flower-making.  I saw instructions for a starched flower a few years ago in the Life:Beautiful magazine {a really lovely christian publication} which looked a bit like my very favorite flowers by EmersonMade. I’m not crazy about doing a complete copy of someone else’s signature flower, so this is my version, with a few of my own little tweaks.

    starched flower

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    supplies for starched flower

    :: fabric {linen works beautifully, as does a heavier cotton}

    :: starch {if you can find heavy starch, go for it}

    :: petal patterns {download mine below, or create your own}

    :: felt circle

    :: pin back

    :: scissors, hot glue gun, iron

    STEP ONE: starch fabric to desired stiffness

    starch and iron fabric

    STEP TWO: use petal tempate {or create your own} as a pattern to cut out petals.

    pattern for starched flower

    You will need 8 large and 10 small, but of course you can add more if you would like a fuller flower {or adjust the petal sizes to change the finished flower size}.

    flower petals cut

    STEP THREE: cut a slit in the bottom of each petal, about 1/2″.

    cut a slit in petal

    STEP FOUR: create the petal by adding a dot of hot glue to one side

    dab of hot glue

    Then fold over the non-glued side and press to adhere. This will give the petal a rounded shape.

    press the petal

    Continue this step for each of the petals. Don’t they look pretty!

    pile of petals

    STEP FIVE: create your flower by gluing the petals to the felt circle.

    first petal

    I put four on to start,

    four petals

    then added the last four on top.

    eight petals

    Continue with the small petals, this time filling in with all ten.

    small petals

    STEP SIX: create the center of the flower

    center of flower

    Cut a small circle, fold in quarters, snip the bottom off and glue to center of the flower. I did this three times to create a fuller center.


    STEP SEVEN: glue pin to back of flower

    back of flower

    And you are done.

    starched yellow flower

    For a variation, you can cut heart shaped petals and follow the same steps.

    pink starched flower

    Aren’t they pretty? These little darlings will be part of the August giveaway : coming friday!

    pretty starched flowers

    I have created flower petal templates.



    37 thoughts on “starched flower {tutorial}”

    1. Thanks you so much for sharing so many wonderful things. next week is the start of the new me. I am promising myself thatone day a week I am going to sit down with a coffee….some good music…and do something creative… What a fabulous way to start…with your ideas. Thanks again…bringing life back into these bones that have been dry for far too long.. May God bless you through this site.

    2. Hey read some things you have done & think they are great.just joined your blog.& loved tut on how you made flowers so easy I’m little older & every idea someone does makes lot easier,Thank’s so much Cookie 17,woot woot..

    3. I have seen these before but never really thought I could make them. It looks so easy! Now I have to try one, especially since I have all the supplies on hand. :) Thanks for sharing.

    4. Absolutely love these! I can’t wait to make ome up for my daughters hair for school! You always have the best tutorials!! Thank you!

    5. i think i have made every one of your flowers. they add the prettiest touchest and make the simplest thing special. i cant wait to try this one, too.

    6. LOVE!!!! Thanks for the tutorial. I made two and pinned them on a throw pillow. So easy to make and look store bought- Thank you!

    7. Beautiful! I can see a pretty linen on a white oxford shirt!

      I have been a huge fan of emerson since the very beginning but I have never brought myself to afford her goodies . . . I would buy every piece of her clothing line if I could swing it!

    8. Very sweet! Looking forward to trying it out. Thank you for your tutorials. I have been using your paper flower tutorial this summer to make flowers for my mothers gravesite because it is just too hot and humid to do real flowers in the SC heat.

    9. So cute! I love that you can pick and choose which petal to put where! I’m anal like that! lol! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the template download!

    10. I love all of your flowers tuts. It really is super nice of you to give your time up writing these posts! My favorite flower is the bunched up material flower ( that you often put onto wreaths). Is there a post for that somewhere that I’m overlooking?

    11. So cute! I’ve never seen this type of fabric flower before. I will definitely have to try them out. Thanks for all of the great fabric flower tutorials-I appreciate them!

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