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sweater pillow {tutorial}

    I love a good project and when it is low cost, it is even better.

    Today I’ll show you how I made a cozy, classic and simple pillow using a thrift store sweater. I call it the


    Here is what you’ll need:


    :: a sweater

    :: down pillow form

    :: scissors, tape measure, pins

    :: sewing machine

    :: needle & thread

    STEP ONE: cut the arms off the sweater


    I found this Eddie Bauer turtleneck cable knit at Goodwill for $5.99. It was in great shape {barely worn} and I love that it is part angora. If you have an old sweater in your closet, this would be a great way to reuse it.


    STEP TWO: cut out the front and back of the pillow


    measure the insert to determine the size of the pillow adding 1/2 inch to each side for seam allowance {my pillow form was 16 inches, so I cut the sweater to 17 inches}


    measure and cut {I cut both front and back at one time being sure to keep the two pieces lined up}.


    You will have two identical pieces.


    STEP THREE: pin right sides together



    STEP FIVE: stitch around the perimeter of the pillow


    Using a regular stitch, be sure to leave an opening at the bottom of the pillow and back stitch several times to secure.

    STEP SIX: trim the edges


    cut the corners at a diagonal and trim excess material from the seam allowances

    STEP SEVEN: turn right side out



    STEP EIGHT: add the insert and hand-stitch close



    So cozy!


    5 thoughts on “sweater pillow {tutorial}”

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    2. Love this idea! Its great! Something i want to add on to this though… After you cut off the sleeves DONT THROW THEM AWAY! You can use them as legwarmers :D slip them on under your boots and they’ll peak out. SUPER CUTE <3

    3. I have not wanted to throw out my mom’s old sweaters. She is now in a nursing home and i used to spend everyday with her. Thanks so much for this idea! I’m making 5 pillows today because of your inspiring tutorial!

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